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Top 6 Must Have Jeep Wrangler Interior Accessories

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Table of Contents
  1. Floor Liners and Floor Mats
  2. Dashboard Organizers
  3. Interior Security: Lock Boxes
  4. Interior Sound Bars
  5. Seat Covers

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most customizable vehicles on the road today. From the modern day JK all the way back to those old Willys Jeeps, people have been building these vehicles for their specific needs. With a basic setup from the factory, there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the Wrangler’s interior. We save you the effort and break down the top 6 interior accessories no Jeep owner should be without.

Floor Liners and Floor Mats

Wrangler floor liners cover the factory carpet to protect it from mud, water, and debris. Whether you utilize your Jeep for work, play or just as a daily driver, these will keep your interior nice and clean. When you dirty a set of floor mats, they are designed to be easily removed and cleaned with a spray of the garden hose. Floor mats are an essential accessory for every vehicle owner, especially Wrangler owners who use their vehicles in adverse weather.

Dashboard Organizers

If you have a 07-10 Jeep Wrangler JK then you may proceed to be jealous of the TJ and the 11+ Jeeps that came with storage on top of the dash. Aftermarket Wrangler dash organizers are a great solution for storing your items, especially for those who wheel their Jeeps or traverse rough terrain. Most dash organizers come with a special slot for your cell phone or MP3 player and separate trays for smaller items.

Interior Security: Lock Boxes

This is a great option for those who plan on storing valuables in your Jeep with the top off or those who roll with a soft top during the year. A concealed carry mounts securely under the seat, so it’s hidden and out of the way. It’s big enough to hold any valuables you may need to keep secure in your Jeep. Prevent your valuables from being stolen with a steel, lockable security box specifically designed for your Wrangler.

Interior Sound Bars

If you drive a Wrangler TJ or YJ, you’ll notice the radio is basically useless with the top off. This is why many Jeep owners upgrade or install a soundbar to enhance the volume and sound quality of a Jeep’s stereo. Adding a soundbar also will also give you the advantage of now having a dome light so you can see in your Jeep at night and avoid fumbling around for items.

Seat Covers

Seat covers for your factory seats do more than just protect from mud, dirt, and debris. The years of moisture that gets absorbed by your factory seats can destroy them. A good set of seat covers use their neoprene synthetic rubber to seal out moisture and keep your seats looking new as the day you bought your Jeep. If you use your Wrangler for work or take it wheeling you simply cannot go without a good set of seat covers. Those using their Jeep as a daily driver will also increase the life of their seats. This is just another one of those low-cost insurance upgrades that help keep your Jeep looking like it did when you first purchased it.