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Teraflex HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit (18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL)

Item J132206-JL
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. Today, I'm here with the Teraflex HD Spare Tire Mounting Kit, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So, if you've upgraded to larger wheels and tires, and you are looking for a spare tire carrier that's going to accommodate for that extra weight, while also being adjustable, this option by Teraflex is going to be a great choice to take a look at.So, there are a number of different solutions when it comes to mounting up an oversized tire. There are bumper-mounted solutions, as well as tub mounted solutions. And this often by Teraflex is going to replace just the factory spare tire carrier mounting in the factory location. This is also gonna carry over some of those factory features, including the backup camera, as well as the third brake light. And they're going to relocate the third brake light into the center of that spare tire. Now, I personally think that that's gonna give a very unique look in comparison to some other options on the page and it's going to give a more premium look with that aluminum construction and the Teraflex branding. Not to mention, this is going to be incredibly easy to use when you do have to utilize that spare tire. This is connected by a clamp here. You can pull this off and very easily get to your spare tire. And it's also going to be double adjustable so you can adjust where the stud location is for the diameter of the tire. And for the offset of your wheels, you can pull this out or push this in as much as you want and really fine-tune where that tire is going to sit on the back of your tailgate.With all that being said, this is gonna be roughly $300 and I personally think that that's a pretty good price for this. This is going to have a premium construction. I think this is a very solid build. It's going to be very easy to use and it's going to look good while doing it. Like I mentioned before, there are gonna be a number of different solutions for mounting up an oversized tire. Now, usually, with how involved they are, the price is going to fluctuate. So, with something like this, this is just gonna mount in the factory location and not cause a lot of fuss as far as other components go. So, when we take a look at some more expensive options that are similar to this, those are usually going to include some extra components, like reinforcement for the tailgate hinges for those very oversized tires. Now, on the other hand, the bumper-mounted solutions, those are usually gonna be the most expensive option when it comes to spare tire mounting solutions, considering that you do have to get a bumper to mount up the spare tire carrier. Now, with something like this, you are getting a premium construction. Teraflex is a very reputable brand. And this is going to have a lot of thought into the build. So, for $300, I definitely think that that price is worth it. Now, I would like to mention, if you are gonna be mounting up a 37, 38, 39-inch tire, that is gonna be a lot of extra weight on the tailgate. So, I would check out some hinge reinforcement options, in addition to this carrier. Nonetheless, you are gonna be on the safer side with a 33 or a 35. I would just keep that in mind if you are looking into the spare tire carrier.So, install is actually gonna be pretty easy at a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. You're gonna need some pretty basic hand tools and probably about two hours worth of your time to get the job done. So, speaking of that install, let's jump into that now. The tools that I used for my install were a tape measure, an adjustable wrench, a dead blow, two trim removal tools, a 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench, 3/8-inch drive, and quarter-inch drive ratchet, the ratchet, and the T40 Torx bit from the JL toolkit, a 1.5-millimeter and 3-millimeter Allen key, a 13-millimeter deep socket, a 16-millimeter, and 21-millimeter shallow impact socket, a 4-millimeter Allen socket, a T25, and a T8 Torx socket, and an impact wrench.So, our first step is to take off our tire but we have to take off the cover to our backup camera first. You can use the T40 Torx bit and the ratchet out of the JL toolkit to go ahead and unlock that cover. All we have to do is just flip it, then we'll be able to pull straight back and take it off. So, now we can take off our tire. The tool you'll need is gonna depend on what lug nuts you have. If you have stock lug nuts, you're gonna need a 22-millimeter deep socket. I have a six spline lug nut here so I'm gonna use the key and a 21-millimeter socket. Once the lug nuts are removed, we can grab the tire and pull it off.So, before we take off our actual carrier, what we need to do is open up our tailgate. And we need to take off this back cover to disconnect our backup camera as well as our third brake light. So, I'm just gonna use a trim removal tool and just pry around the edges. This is held in by a number of clips. We can pull that back. Set that aside. Then we can disconnect the white connector by pressing down and pulling back as well as the black connector directly below it. And we can close our tailgate back up. After our tailgate's closed, we can grab this grommet and pull back on our connectors.Next, we can fully disconnect our tire carrier using a 13-millimeter socket. There are eight bolts around the carrier that are holding it in. I'm using a deep socket with my impact wrench just to give myself a little bit of room. You could also use a shallow socket with an extension. Keep in mind, with the last bolt, the tire is going to be completely disconnected so make sure you have a grip on it. Then we can fully disconnect it.Before we go ahead and put our new carrier together, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit more about the benefits that you're gonna get out of this, especially in comparison to your stock setup. Now, right off the bat, the construction is going to be a world of difference. The stock carrier is made of a hardened plastic material that's perfect for the stock application and that stock spare tire size. However, if you move up to an oversized tire, especially if you're bouncing around on the trail and there's a lot of vibration, this does have the potential to wear out over time just because it's simply not made for that extra weight. Moving over to the Teraflex option, this is going to be a lot stronger made of a premium T6 cast aluminum so you can ensure that this is going to hold up. This also has a double black powder coat finish on it, which is gonna give it a pretty sleek look to the carrier but it's also going to protect that aluminum underneath from any corrosion or any weathering on the surface. Not to mention, this is going to be double adjustable as well so you can adjust for the diameter. You do have a number of different locations for the studs that we're gonna be installing in just a second. And we can adjust this to the offset so you can pair a different wheel and tire with this as well. So, the factory carrier, you just have one location. It's stationary and you really can adjust it to however you want it to sit on the back of your Jeep.Now, this is gonna carry up to a 39-inch tire on the plastic OEM rear bumper. On the OEM metal rear bumper, you will be able to fit up to a 38-inch tire. And as for aftermarket rear bumpers, it does depend on the bottom cutout for that spare tire but you potentially can go up to a 40-inch tire on this carrier. Now, not to mention, this is going to retain all the factories features on the back of your tailgate. You do get to keep your backup camera as well as your third brake light. Speaking of that third brake light, we are gonna be relocating that to the center of the spare tire, which I personally think gives it a very unique and upgraded look to the back of the Wrangler. Now, this is going to also come with a clamp on it to make sure that it's very easily removable if you do have to utilize your spare and the housing itself for that backup camera is gonna give it a very premium look. I do really like the look of this carrier. It's going to be very unique in comparison to some other options, and especially that factory carrier.. So enough about the factory carrier, next to our new one, let's put our new one together.Before we can put our Teraflex carrier together, we do have to take out our factory third brake light, as well as our factory backup camera. So, for this, you're gonna need a T8 Torx bit or torque socket, as well as a T25 Torx bit or torque socket. I'm gonna start by using our T25 Torx socket and removing the Torx bolts that are surrounding the carrier. We're also gonna have to take off two up at the top and hammer our studs out. So, I'm gonna start on the back here. There's just going to be a number of screws that are holding this together. So, after all of those screws surrounding the carrier are taken off, we can wiggle out our harness. This harness is going to have two wires, one to our third brake light and one to our backup camera. We wanna make sure that that is not being stressed out while we're taking this apart, then we can pry up and separate these two pieces. Move this to the side. And what we can do is take out these two screws. Those are also gonna be a T25. Then we can disconnect our harness, put this to the side. We'll be reusing that. And then we can put this to the side as well and work on our backup camera.So, for our backup camera, again, we're gonna have two T25 Torx screws on either side. Now, we have taken this out before so it is a little bit looser than it normally is the first time when you take it out. So, these studs are seeming to come through just fine, but you may need to take a deadblow and just hammer those out. Now, you can move the carrier to the side and start by taking off our backup camera from the actual mount here. And there are gonna be three very small screws. These are going to have a T8 Torx head. So, I'm gonna use that T8 Torx socket and carefully remove the backup camera. Once that third screw is removed, we can pull this forward and we can pull back and disconnect that wiring harness. So, we can pull the camera off, put that to the side with our third brake light. And then the last thing we have to disconnect is this little clip on the side. I'm just gonna use a trim removal tool. I'm just using a pry tool. Once that's disconnected, we can put this aside as well. We won't be reusing that. Now, we can grab our new Teraflex carrier and start to assemble it.So, what we can do now, while we're on the table is mount up our backup camera. We're gonna do that first then we can mount up our third brake light. So, first, we're gonna feed our backup camera wire through the mount, then we can grab our backup camera. We can plug that back in and set this down in place. So, once our camera is set in place, what we can do now is take our Allen head screws and a 1.5-millimeter Allen key, and we can mount this up with the hardware. Now, this might be a little challenging just because this hardware is very small, but we are going to have three for mounting the camera and then we're going to have two for mounting the camera cover. After the camera is in place and tightened down, we can attach our cover. This is gonna go around and we're gonna have two mounting points up at the top corners. And then now that that is mounted up, we can move over to our clamp and our third brake light. Now, this is just going to sit in place just like this and we can secure it down with the factory hardware, and then tighten it up with that T25 Torx bit. And then essentially, what this is going to do is slide over this like a sleeve. We're going to pull our wiring harness through for our third brake light through the back here. We'll go ahead, plug that in. We can slide this over and tuck our wiring harness down into there. Then we will have to tighten up this clamp with a 3-millimeter Allen key. Now, that we have our clamp over our carrier, we can tighten this up with a 3-millimeter Allen key. Once that bolt is tightened up, we can adjust to the clamp So, right now the clamp is open so we might have to loosen it up a little bit. We just need to make sure that this is easy to take off whenever we need to if we do have to access that spare tire. Go ahead and close it up. Great. Seems pretty good. So, once this is together, now we can attach our studs and start adjusting for the specific tire that we are mounting up.So, now we can install our studs into our carrier and this is going to depend on what tire size that you have or are looking to put on this new carrier. Now, the bottom mounting location, that's gonna be perfect for a stock to up to a 33-inch tire on a factory plastic bumper. The second mounting location is gonna be perfect for a 34 to a 36 on that same plastic bumper. And then this top location is going to be for a 37 to a 39-inch tire size diameter. For the OEM metal bumper, it is going to differ about an inch. It will go down an inch, so this top location is going to go up to a 38-inch tire. And the middle location will go up to a 35-inch tire. You're really not gonna be able to use that bottom location. You can mount that up with a stock spare tire but you're really just gonna be utilizing the top two mounting locations. Now, we are going to mount up a 35-inch tire so we're gonna use this second location. And what you need to do is grab your studs. We are going to be threading in the smaller portion of the stud into our carrier. We're gonna use some Loctite. I have two jam nuts here that are going to allow us to tighten the studs down into our carrier and then an adjustable wrench to make sure that those are completely tightened down, for when we can mount it up to our jeep.So, what we can do is take our first stud and apply the provided blue lock Loctite. We can thread it into the second mounting location. I'm just gonna hand thread it in all the way, we can tighten it down in just a second. And we can do the same thing for the other two studs. Now, this blue Loctite is just gonna keep this in place. If you do upgrade your tire size, you are gonna be able to switch up the location if you need to. So, now what we can do is tighten down our stud. So, I am going to thread on one of the jam nuts about halfway on, then we can take our other nut and tighten that up against our jam nut here, and then we can tighten down this top nut. So, essentially what this bottom nut is doing is just keeping this in place to make sure that only the stud is turning and then when we take this off, the stud will not come out with it. I'm just using my adjustable wrench. We're just going to tighten this down. Now, we can continue to tighten it down once it's on the carrier but now we can loosen this up. Thread both the nuts off, we can repeat that for the other two studs. So, once we get this on car and have the whole carrier stationary, we can torque it down. I just wanted to make sure that they were pre-installed. So, then we can head over to the Jeep and completely mount this up.Now, we can mount this up to our tailgate with our factory hardware. Just gonna line this up with our factory mounting location with our bolts and start to thread them in. Once you have the first few bolts in, you can kind of let it sit there, and we can thread in the rest. What I do like about this carrier in comparison to others is that this is offset to accommodate those vents there. A lot of carriers will have a flat plate that covers that and this one will have a little step. Now we can take a 13-millimeter socket and tighten that up, making sure that this is sitting where you want it.Before we tighten up our spare tire carrier mount, what we need to do is measure our wheels offset, first, to make sure that it is adjusted correctly and sitting correctly on our Wrangler. So, what we're gonna do is take a straight edge. I just have a scrap piece of metal here. You wanna make sure that it sits flat on the tire and is not really touching the wheel or dipping down in any way. And then we can grab a tape measure and measure from the mounting location on the actual wheel itself to the bottom of our straight edge. So, it looks like this is about six and a quarter-inch, then we can go over to our tire carrier and measure that out, and then tighten it down. So, right now, the carrier is all the way in. We will be able to adjust it out to this point, but we only need six and a quarter of an inch. So, right about there, it should be the perfect location, and then we can go ahead and tighten that down on the side as well as underneath here. So now, we can tighten this up using a 16-millimeter socket for this bottom bolt. Then we can tighten up the two on either side with a 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench. These are gonna be a 12 point bolt so a 6 point socket will not fit on these but it is going to be a 10-millimeter. All right, now, we can mount up our brake light and our backup camera.So, what we can do first is unhook this clamp and slide this off of our mount here, and route this, and thread this on to our studs. Now, for the time being, just so we don't damage the harness, we can unplug this, just set this clamp aside. What we can do now is install our provided Allen head bolts, making sure that this is tightened up in stationary up against our mounting surface here. Then we can tighten them up with a 4-millimeter Allen key or Allen socket. Before we mount up our tire, what we can do is route our wiring harness back through our tailgate, plug it in, and reinstall that panel. So, you can tuck this through this little hole here then we can feed that back into our tailgate. Reinstall that grommet, pop our tailgate open. What we can do now is plug our wiring harnesses back in and pop our panel back on. Make sure you line up your pins, then you can just give it a hard press. Now, we can close up our tailgate and mount up our spare tire.So, our last step is just the amount of our spare tire. What I did was tuck our wiring harness in there, just to make sure that it's not getting caught up in our wheel here. But, we can go ahead and mount this up. Wiggle that out, leave that to the side really quick. Reinstall our factory lug nuts or your aftermarket lug nuts, tighten those up. Then we can put on our clamp with our third brake light. First, we can plug it in, making sure that we're going over this opening because this has to slide over our backup camera. Then we can tuck that into there, slide this over, make sure it's straight, then clamp it down, and you're all set to go.So, now, that everything is all together, if you do have to utilize your spare tire, all you have to do is pull down this clamp, pull forward on your third brake light. We can depress that tab and disconnect that harness. You can tuck that back in there, then you have full access to your spare. When you want to put it back on, all you have to do is pull out the wiring harness, plug it back in, tuck that harness back in, slide it back on, and then clip it back down.So, that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this, always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Tailgate Mounted Tire Carrier
      • Designed for Storing Over-Sized Tires
      • Premium A356.2 T6 Cast Aluminum Construction
      • Durable Black Powdercoat Finish
      • Accommodates Up to 39-inch Tire Sizes
      • Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
      • Fits All 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL Models


      Perfect for Oversized Tires. Never worry about having a flat tire while you’re out and about in your Jeep. The Teraflex HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit features an impressive build quality that’s designed to keep and secure your spare tire, no matter how oversized it is or how rough the ride gets. It also sports an aluminum camera mount to accommodate the Jeep Wrangler JL’s factory backup camera. This allows you to easily relocate it without having to invest in any costly aftermarket mounts.

      Heavy Duty Construction. Teraflex makes their tire mounting kit products with only the toughest A356.2 T6 cast aluminum. This allows them to sport sharp mechanical details as well as the heavy-duty durability to withstand extreme driving conditions. What’s more, the tire mount itself is formed and welded from premium CNC laser cut steel, adding even more to the dependability of this Teraflex HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit.

      Bolt-On Installation. The Teraflex HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit is designed to give you an easy time when it comes to installation. No cutting, drilling, or welding required - everything can be mounted onto your Jeep using basic hand tools. Done properly, the installation process should take a little over an hour to do.

      Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. All TeraFlex products are warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the products were originally installed. Limitations do apply, so please check the manufacturer’s website for the full details.

      Application. The Teraflex HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit is designed to fit all 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL models.


      Teraflex 4838910

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Wheel Mount
      • (1) Main Plate
      • (4) 12 Point Bolts
      • (2) Bolt Plates
      • (1) Hex Flange Bolt
      • (1) Nut Plate
      • (1) Turbo-Lock Green Thread Locker
      • (2) Jam Nuts
      • (3) Studs
      • (1) Backup Camera Trim Ring
      • (3) Flat Socket Cap Screws
      • (5) Button Socket Cap Screws

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