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Superchips Flashcal F5 (20-21 3.6L Jeep Gladiator JT)

Item JG2356
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys, I'm Eric with ExtremeTerrain. In this video, we're gonna do a quick review and install of the Superchips Flashcal F5 for all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. Now a lot of you old-school jeepers out there were simply happy if you turned the key and it fired up and you could hit the trails and your Jeep would do what you ask it to do. But with modern Jeeps, a lot more is computer controlled and things are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. Now, this Superchips Flashcal, you should really be checking out if you wanna have complete control over your modern Jeep. Now, very few groups of vehicle owners out there personalize or customize their vehicles as much as Jeep owners do. Now, the more you modify your Jeep, the more potential you have to kind of have things kind of go out of whack on you. And that's because with the more parts and settings you change on your Jeep, the more we're moving away from a factory standard.Now, for example, what I'm talking about here is if you go like this Jeep Gladiator came from the dealer with 31-inch stock tires on it. Now, if you upgrade to a 35-inch tire, all of a sudden, your speedometer is not gonna be reading correctly. And with that much of a change, entire diameter, your speedometer could be off as much as 5 to 10 miles per hour. Now, in addition to having your speedometer be thrown off, what if you get aftermarket tires and wheels and they don't have TPMS sensors in them? You're gonna constantly have that yellow warning light on the dashboard. Me personally, I like having a clean dash, no warning lights whatsoever. But if you do have that come up, you have the ability to switch that off with a setting that you can change right in the programming of this Flashcal.And not only can you activate or deactivate the TPMS function, you can also fine-tune it so that you can adjust the threshold at which it warns you. And that's really for safety's sake, as well as to know what's going on with your vehicle, especially if you're out there on the terrain. And let's say you hit the trail, you air down your tires from say 30 PSI down to 15 for better traction, a little bit smoother ride out there, so when you do that, you're gonna have a TPMS warning come on. Now, at that point, you basically lose the functionality of that system. If your tire all of a sudden springs a leak and you start losing more air from there, how are you gonna know? Your TPMS is already warning you about low tire pressure. So you can adjust that down to the threshold of 15 so that the TPMS light goes off, which is nice, clean dashboard, but then if you start losing air from there, now you're gonna get a warning and now that's actually telling you some information you can use.Now, some of the other features you off-roaders are gonna appreciate is you can also calibrate your Jeep if you change gear ratio size. Let's say you put bigger tires on and you find that you just don't have enough oomph to get going, so you wanna put in a lower gear to give you more torque. So when you do that, that also is gonna throw off the calibration of your speedometer. You have a way within the settings of the Flashcal to change that to the proper gear ratio that you have installed, and that'll keep your speedometer calibrated appropriately as well. Another neat feature is if you have your vehicle loaded down with a lot of electronics, things that are gonna draw amperage off your battery and off your engine, let's say you're running a winch at night with all your lighting operational, and maybe you have a refrigerator in the back, all that's pulling amperage off your electrical system. You can adjust the base engine idle speed in the Flashcal. So let's say your vehicle normally idles at 700, you can adjust that up to 1,000, 1,200, 1,500. And that makes sure that your alternator is keeping up and making the electricity that you need to power all your gear.Now, we have a Sport model Gladiator here as part of our fleet, but for you Rubicon owners out there, there are a couple of adjustments you can make with this Flashcal that are really useful, such as the sway bar disconnect. You can do that in too high by changing a setting in this Flashcal. Normally, you wouldn't be able to do that. And you can also adjust when you can lock your front and rear differentials. I know you're restricted on that, when you can do that with your Rubicons. This will allow you to adjust that for different settings and different conditions and give you a little bit more freedom than you otherwise would have in your stock Rubicon. So without making you guys listen to me talk too much about all the features, just two more things I wanna mention that I personally like. One is you can disable the auto stop-start feature. That's something that when you come to a red light and you're sitting there with your foot on the brake and you're not moving, it'll cut your engine off. You can disable that feature. I personally don't like that, especially if you're in stop-and-go traffic, your engine constantly cutting off, coming back on. I personally think that puts undue wear and tear on your starter motor in your vehicle. And I just like disabling that all together.The other thing I like is that modern Jeeps have that auto-park feature, so that when your vehicle's in drive and you pop a door open at low speed or when you're stopped, the vehicle as a safety feature will automatically put your vehicle in park. Now, if you're out on a trail, and let's say you just wanna pop the door open and look back and see where your tire is or see where you're at, check your line, that kind of thing, you really don't want it going into park in that scenario because then you have to move the selector into park and then back into drive to get going again. You can disable that feature as well with this Flashcal.Speaking of price, it comes in right around $300. That's really pretty reasonable considering all the different things you can do wrapped up into one unit here with this Superchips Flashcal. You can also check check engine light trouble codes, diagnose those, get information on that. You can log data and download that to a laptop to examine and go over in the comfort of your own home and check out what's really going on in-depth with all the different types of data that your engine computer normally locks. So with that said, let's talk installation. Now installation, so to speak, takes about 15 minutes to get it all plugged in. And so we're giving it a very basic one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. You're really gonna spend more time than that playing around with all the various settings that you have with this Superchips Flashcal. So without me talking anymore about it, let's go ahead, plug it into our Gladiator here, and take a look at what we got.All right, guys, now out of the kit, go ahead and grab your Flashcal and your bypass jumper module. We're gonna plug this in first. I'm gonna show you how to do that. It's a little tight underneath there. We're gonna have a small GoPro underneath the dash. Hopefully, get a good camera angle. I'm gonna show you exactly what you're gonna unplug. There's basically two plugs we're gonna pull out from a harness that's behind the dashboard and plug them into the back of this. Then we will plug this into our OBD-II port and then we'll go from there. We'll go through the menu and go over some of the options that you get with your Superchips Flashcal.All right, guys, the plugs we're looking at are these two right here. They're directly above the OBD-II port. Just pinch the clip on the backside, pull them out. Now we have them down. Plug them into your jumper module.Now each plug is unique in its shape, so you're not gonna plug it in the wrong port. Don't worry about that. Now we have them both plugged in, we're gonna plug in the Flashcal to the OBD-II port. All right, guys, now we have the OBD-II plug here on the other end of the cable from our Flashcal, just plug it in. And as soon as you do that, it's gonna start powering up. All right, guys, now I just plugged it in, and as you can see, it just went through a little startup sequence there and it brings you right to the menu. Now it's really easy navigation. You have the arrow buttons here, and if we wanna select Options, we can go right into that right now. And it's telling us to turn our ignition on, but don't start the engine. So if you have a push-button start, just go ahead and hit it twice without having your foot on the brake. That way the engine won't start.Now, our Quick Options here, we have Running Options. And that basically means when the engine is running, there are certain settings that you can change. Like I mentioned before, you can set the engine idle. Normally, it comes in at right around 700 RPMs, but if you want to change that up to maybe 1,000 or 1,200 RPMs because you need more electrical discharge from your alternator, you can do that. The Line Lock option refers to locking the brakes, just your front end brakes. And that's if you wanna maybe do a burnout, they talk about. I don't know who wants to do a burnout in a Gladiator. Maybe you do. I don't know. Rock Crawl Lock refers to locking the brakes on all four tires. And that's if you're out on the trail, you can set that and it's gonna provide you with a lot more stability if you need to hop out of your truck. Maybe you're winching, maybe you're doing some other type of operation and you're in and out of your vehicle.And Auto Park, like I mentioned before, that disables the safety feature that basically if you're in drive and you pop your door open at low speed, or when you're stopped, the truck will automatically go to put the transmission in park. This will disable that. So you can hop in and out of your vehicle or pop your door open without that happening.Now Vehicle Settings, there are a ton of those. Like I said, tire size. Currently, we have it set at 30 and actually, that's incorrect for our truck. We actually have 33-inch tires on our truck. So we can go ahead and set that up. It goes in 1/4-inch increments. It'll give you some instructions to finish. And you can see it modified the tire size. Now what that's gonna do, it's gonna calibrate our speedometer so it reads accurately for the fact that we have 33-inch tires on this Jeep. You can do similar type of calibration changes for Gear Ratio. And with your transfer case, if you change the ratios in your transfer case, you can adjust that as well. Ours are stock, so we're gonna leave it there. Now, if you wanna adjust your TPMS warning threshold, gives you a couple of warning statements here letting you know that you're changing this and it affects the safety of your vehicle.Now, right now, it's set at 36 PSI. So if we start dropping too far below that, that's when we're gonna get the TPMS warning light. But let's say you want to air down. Like I said, you're out on the trails, you wanna air down to 20 PSI. You just adjust it down using the arrows or adjust it back up. As you can see here, you can do that relatively quickly. And that way, let's say we'll drop it down to 25. That's where we're gonna set our tire pressure at when we're out on the trail. That way, if all of a sudden one of our tires starts losing more pressure than that, now we're gonna get the warning light. And that's obviously some information you're gonna wanna have if you're out there in the trails and one of your tire starts going flat on you. Or you can turn your TPMS warning off altogether. That's something that would be useful for our Gladiator here because in our aftermarket wheels, we did not have sensors put on. So we constantly get a warning light. You can switch that off if you'd like.You can adjust your Daytime Running Light options, as well as Fog Light Dropout. You can enable and disable that as well. One Touch Lane Change refers to if you just tap your turn signal lever once, it'll give you three flashes automatically. If for whatever reason you don't like that, you can disable that as well. The Seat Belt Minder is nice if you're out on the trails again, and you're going at low speed and you don't have your seatbelt on because, you know, you don't really need it at low speed. You can disable that if you'd like, just remember to turn it back on when you hit the road. And then the Auto Start-Stop feature we talked about earlier, that'd probably be one of the first things I would disable in my own personal Jeep.Under the Service Options menu, talking about resetting the module, we're not gonna mess with that right now, but the are other more advanced features here like ABS Initialization, Brake Pedal Calibration, Cam/Crank Calibration, as well as changing some other factory settings regarding your engine. I'm not gonna mess with any of those. In this Add/Remove Modules section here, your Superchips Flashcal is pretty much a calibration device for altering all kinds of settings like we've been talking about. You can, however, go to the Superchips website and download additional modules if you wanna turn this into a tuner and now you want to tune your engine for greater performance, this device is capable of that as well with just an additional charge and the download of some additional firmware for your Superchips Flashcal.You also have the Scan tool here. You can check this. We can read and see if there are any diagnostic trouble codes with our Jeep. And as you can see, that went through pretty quickly. And you can clear them just as fast. You can check Battery Voltage, and this is the datalog feature and there are all kinds of options here as far as what types of data you can save and create logs for, and then ultimately, download to say your laptop if you wanna check them out and see exactly how your engine's performing. You have Vehicle Information here, Device Information. And there you have it. Pretty capable device, you can change a lot of things on it. I really like it and I'm considering getting one for myself.All right, guys, that wraps up this review and install of the Superchips Flashcal F5 for all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. And, of course, for all things Gladiator, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Optimizes Aftermarket Upgrades
      • Compact Handheld Design
      • High-Resolution Full-Color Display
      • Easy to Use Navigation Controls
      • DTC Rear and Clear
      • Speedometer Calibration to Axle/Gear and Tire Size Upgrades
      • TPMS Adjustment
      • DRL Adjustment
      • Sway Bar Disconnect (in 2HI Setting)
      • Data Acquisition Feature
      • Updates Via Computer
      • Fits All 2020-2022 3.6L Jeep Gladiator JT Models


      Make the Most Out of Your Upgrades. Now that you’ve given your Gladiator JT a bunch of upgrades, it’s time to make the most of these with the Superchips Flashcal F5. This handheld calibration unit is designed to sync your upgrades like wider off-road tires or axle/gear swaps to your vehicle. This ensures you’re able to get the full performance benefit of all these upgrades.

      Compact, Handheld Design. This Flashcal calibrator is designed to be completely handheld. Its controls are laid out in a manner that makes 1-handed use not only possible, but comfortable. Meanwhile, its full-color high-res display means that all readouts and instructions are easy to read, making its use extremely efficient. This means you spend less time setting up your vehicle and more time on the road.

      Read and Clear Trouble Codes. Apart from its many calibration features, this unit also enables you to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. This means any flashing “check engine lights” you may encounter can be quickly deactivated. Just remember that a persistent check engine light may mean your Jeep is experiencing a malfunction, and you should have this checked as soon as possible.

      Complete Speedometer Adjustment. One of the most important features of this handheld calibrator is its capability to correct your speedometer readout to wider off-road tires. Specifically, this unit can recalibrate your speedometer to tires between 26-40 inches wide, ensuring you get an accurate readout all the time. This is particularly helpful in monitoring fuel efficiency. Additionally, this calibrator will also adjust your speedometer to work with axle/gear upgrades of up to 5.38 gear ratio.

      Data Acquisition and Logging. Another great way to get the best performance out of your Gladiator is to analyze its data. To this end, this calibrator allows you to download any data available from your vehicle, and log it onto your computer or laptop. This gives you the opportunity to analyze this data at a future date, enabling you to further tweak your vehicle’s performance.

      Adjustable Parameters Include:

      • DTC Read and Clear
      • Speedometer Recalibration for Axle/Gear Swaps
      • Speedometer Correction for Tire Upgrades
      • TPMS Threshold Adjustment
      • DRL Adjustment
      • Backup Camera Control
      • Sway Bar Disconnect Control
      • Auto Start/Stop
      • Engine Idle Up

      Computer Updateable. This Superchips calibration device is designed for easy updating via your laptop or PC, ensuring you’re always up to date with any new software versions. Simply connect to your device using the included USB cable, and log onto the internet.

      Application. The Superchips Flashcal F5 fits all 2020-2022 3.6L Jeep Gladiator JT models.

      Application Notes. This Superchips Flashcal does not affect your Jeep’s emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations. This makes this product’s use completely street legal.



      Superchips 3571-JT

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Tuner
      • (1) OBD II Cable
      • (1) Mini USB Cable
      • (1) Bypass Jumper Module

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