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How to Install Smittybilt Seat Adapters on your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
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NOTE: Carefully read entire instructions and product information thoroughly before attempting to install/use this part.

Step 1: Remove the 4 bolts (3-Hex, 1-Torx) that hold the seat riser to the floor.

Step 2: In order to remove the seat from the riser you need to unhook the two cables on the inside of the seat. The bottom cable pulls off, the other cable may need to have some tension relieved on it in order to detach. You can do this by pushing the lever backwards. The driver side should only have a seat belt sensor wire that can be disconnect by unplugging it underneath the seat.

Step 3: Remove the cables from the cable bracket on the inside rear section on the passenger seat.

Step 4: Remove the female end seat belt and bracket from the rear inside of the seats. (Save the bolt, it will be used later)

Step 5: To remove the seat from the riser, you will need to remove the two front and two rear side bolts that attach to the seat cushion Now you can gain access and remove the bolts that hold the seat to the riser.

Step 6: Remove the cable with the black end completely that you disconnected from the rear side bracket on the passenger side in Step 3.

Step 7: Re-route the other cable with the white end to the opposite side on the passenger side bracket. (from right to left side) (Fig A)

Step 8: Install the four 8mm threaded studs into the factory seat riser. (The short end of the stud goes into the riser) (Fig B)

Step 9: DRIVER SIDE- place three spacers over the threaded rods and the seat belt bracket (threaded hole on top) on the rear inner rod.(Fig C,E) PASSENGER SIDE- place three spacers over the threaded rods and the seat belt bracket (threaded hole on top) on the rear inner rod. On the rear outer rod, you will place a spacer, the one nylon ring then the tilt lever and the second nylon ring. (Fig C, D, E) Connect tilt cable to end hole in lever.

Note: If you are not using the factory seat belt, and instead some kind of harness, you can replace the seat belt bracket with another round spacer.

Always wear/use your seat belt.

Step 10: Place seat on frame, lining up the holes/slots on the brackets on the bottom of the seat with the threaded rods. Secure with the included washers and nut. (Fig F)

Step 11: Re-install the seat belt bracket you previously removed using the OEM hardware. (Fig G)

Step 12: Install seat back in vehicle and secure with the previously removed hardware. Make sure all hardware is secure. Installation is now complete.

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