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How to Install Smittybilt GEAR Overhead Console - Coyote Tan (07-17 Wrangler JK) on your Jeep Wrangler

Installation Time

10 minutes

Extreme Terrain
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NOTE: Carefully read the entire instructions thoroughly before attempting to install this product.

NOTE: It will be necessary to have the soft top folded down or hardtop removed when installing this product.

Step 1: Carefully remove top center windshield interior trim piece. (Fig A) Note: pull carefully or use some type of panel puller. (Fig A)

Step 2: Remove center footman loop. On some models it can be un-bolted using a #25 torx on others you will need to drill out the rivets using a drill and 1/8” drill bit. (Fig B) Note: Use caution when drilling. Drill the hole out using a ¼” drill bit.

Step 3: If your footman loop was bolted on, attach the front adapter bracket to the same holes using the factory bolts you previously removed. Do not tighten completely at this time. (Fig C) Proceed to Step 7 now.

Step 4: If your footman loop was riveted on you will need to use the windshield frame nut plate. To the left of where the footman loop was mounted there is a slot in the windshield frame. Simply hold the rod connected to the nut plate and slide the nut plate through the slot into the windshield frame. (Fig D)

Step 5: Once you have inserted the nut plate into the windshield frame slide it down until the two threaded holes in the nut plate line up with the two holes in the windshield frame that the footman loop was bolted too. (Fig E) It may be necessary to bend the rod on the nut plate in order to get the correct and easiest angle to line the holes up.

Step 6: When the holes are lined up, you may now attach the front windshield adapter bracket to the windshield frame using the included allen head machine screws as shown in Fig C.

Step 7: Install the main plate now by first setting the back portion on top of your center sport bar. (Fig F) Then attach the front portion to the previously installed windshield adapter bracket with included 10 mm hardware. (Fig G) Do not tighten completely at this time.

Step 8: Install the 2 sport bar clamp rings on the rear section. Do so, by sliding them around the sport bar. (Between the sound bar and sport bar) Line them up with the notch in the plate. Do not fully tighten at this time. (Fig H)

Step 9: Tighten the front windshield adapter bracket to the windshield completely at this time. (Fig C)

Step 10: Now re-install the front windshield trim piece you removed in Step 1. (Fig I)

Step 11: Make sure main plate is centered and or parallel with the vehicle and then proceed to tighten the front bolt and rear sport bar clamp rings completely.

Step 12: Now place the cover over your frame and secure by fastening the top Velcro straps (Fig J, K)

Step 13: The pouches can be installed in a variety of places, by sliding the pouch straps through the webbing on the overhead (Fig L) then fold the strap back up and place it through the webbing on the back of the pouch.(Fig M) Then slide the pouch strap through the next row of webbing on the overhead (Fig N) and then secure by fastening the snaps. (Fig O)

Step 14: Installation is now complete. (Fig P)

Make sure all pouches are secure and do not obstruct view before operating vehicle.

Step 15: (If Applicable) If you’re using a standard top/bikini and want to utilize the center strap, attach the included footman loop to the overhead. First determine the best location; depending on the style it may in the front or the rear. Once you have determined the best location, hold the footman loop up and mark the two holes. Then drill the two holes using a ¼ drill bit and attach with included screw and cap-nut. You can either install it over the G.E.A.R. cover or drill through both the cover and frame, or drill through the frame and carefully make a small cut in the cover to expose the footman loop. (Fig Q, R)