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How to Install Smittybilt 2-Piece Hard Top - Textured Black on your Wrangler

Installation Time

1 hours

Extreme Terrain
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Parts Included Qty 
Hardtop Rear Section 1

Rear section Top Bolt 2

Hardtop Front Section 1

Footman Loop 2

Rear Window 1

Flat Washer 6

Rear Window Hardware 1 (bag)

5/16 x 1”Mounting Bolt 6

Door Corner Seal 2

Mounting Nut 6

Step 1:

If your vehicle is/was equipped with a softop remove all associated hardware. (Bow assembly, tail gate bar, tailgate bar clamps, ect) Do not remove the front Mucket seals behind the door openings. ( Fig A)

Step 2:

With assistance carefully place the rear section of the top onto the vehicle lining up the holes in the top and the holes on the body. (3 per side) Attach using included hardware. (Fig B) Do not fully tighten at this time. NOTE: Nuts are included if your vehicle does not have the OEM nut plates.

Step 3:

Install the included front top bolt on the top front corner of the top (4 -Door Only) Fig C
Make sure top is aligned evenly on both sides of the vehicle and with the rear door opening. (Fig D) Secure all rear section (top and bottom) mounting bolts at this time. It may be helpful to have your assistant push from the outside of the top inwards to help align holes. NOTE: Due to variances in vehicle manufacturing if a hole is slightly off you can easily open the hole up with a drill bit.

Step 4:

With assistance install the rear window. While your assistant holds the window attach window hinge through the holes in the top with the included machine screws. (Fig E) Do not tighten completely.

Step 5:

Close window and make sure gap on each side of window between glass and top is even. (Fig F)

Step 6:

When proper placement is reached go back and securely tighten hinge bolts. Raise glass up and install gas struts. (Fig G)

Step 7:

Pull the sun visors back and remove the footman loop attached to the top of the windshield frame using a #25 torx bit. (Fig I)

Step 8:

Install the included footman loops using the previously removed hardware. (Fig J)

Step 9:

With assistance carefully place the front section on the vehicle. (Fig K)

Step 10:

IMPORTANT- When placing the front deck section on; make sure the rear fits into the OEM seals. (Fig L, M) Be sure to “Tuck” in the front OEM corner seals (Fig N, O, P)

NOTE: The instructions for installing this top must be followed and done every time as described when the top is removed and re-installed.

Step 12:

Secure front section of top to vehicle by attaching the latches to the rear footman loops first then the front latches to the front footman loops on the windshield frame. (Fig Q, R, S) NOTE: Do not over tighten, tighter does not always equal better. The clamp on the latch can be adjusted by turning the nut counter clockwise and the hook clockwise.

Do not over tighten latch, this could cause damages to your top and latch

Step 13:

Make sure seal between front section and rear section is evenly spaced and even. (Fig T, U, V) and the front portion runs evenly along top of windshield frame.

Step 14:

Pull back top rear corner seal from the front door. Making sure door is clean, peel back the paper from the seal and place on door. (Fig V)

Step 15:

Installation is now complete. (Fig A-D)