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Securing Your Valuables with Aftermarket Tacoma Center Consoles

Securing Your Valuables with Aftermarket Tacoma Center Consoles

The thing about your Tacoma is almost all of the modifications you make will be in the bed or to the exterior. You will be spending almost all of your time behind the wheel, and it’s a shame that the interior will see very little upgrades. A set of Weathertech floor liners and some Covercraft seat covers will help keep the soft goods safe, but they do very little for the security of the things you will be keeping in the truck or organizing your gear as you travel. Don’t worry; we got you covered here.

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The center console is a place to store a number of junk as well as valuables. Making the center console in your Tacoma more useful can be as simple as adding a divider, but you can go further and replace the stock unit with a locking unit.

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The Center Console and the Things You Tend to Keep/Forget There

The center console is a hub for all sorts of personal belongings. It’s very easy to toss valuable information in the center console and forget it. This can be dangerous considering thieves understand this, and if the vehicle is unlocked they are an easy target.

Wallet: Having a wallet in your back pocket while you’re driving is bad for your posture and is uncomfortable. Because of this wallets often wind up in the center console during adventuring. The problem is they can easily be forgotten there. This is the biggest target to be left behind.

Spare Change: Spare change rattling around in your pockets is annoying, and rooting around for it while fighting your seat belt at the tolls is beyond frustrating. Between stops, many motorists will wind up tossing their loose coins in the center console. It is out of sight and out of mind for the vehicle owner but thieves know this and will reach in there to scoop up whatever they can.

Miscellaneous: So many other valuables can wind up in the center console. Cell phones, personal information, and even firearms are regularly kept in this compartment and are the common reason for someone to want to break into a vehicle in the first place.

Why Upgrade Your Tacoma’s Center Console?

The obvious reason to upgrade the center console is to protect valuable belongings from thieves. The next reason to make upgrades to the center console is because the center console itself will not need to be replaced in all cases. There are aftermarket companies that offer glove box inserts that provide the security needed.

Lock up: The inserts that are fitted to center consoles provide locking doors that fit underneath the cover of the center console itself. This effectively provides two storage areas: 

  • The top area is not locked and is good for immediate access items.
  • The storage area underneath is lockable and is where the more valuable things can be stored.

This secondary door is usually constructed of thick steel making breaking and entering that much harder.

Installation: Security modifications to the center console are convenient but installation can be quite involved. For proper installation, the center console may need to be torn down and reconfigured to accept the addition. This is still a job that can easily be done with basic hand tools and about an hour’s time.

Additional Tacoma Center Console Accessories

Security isn’t on everyone’s agenda. There are many owners of Tacomas who don’t live in high-risk areas or are diligent with their valuables. This isn’t to say that the modifications to the center console or the rest of the truck for storage isn’t worthwhile. 

Back Seat Organizers: Tacomas are excellent work, play, and commute trucks. The owners of these trucks are sure to bring along equipment, supplies, and miscellaneous goods that are too big for the center console and glove department and are too valuable to be tossed in the bed of the truck.

This is how the back seat becomes cluttered with all sorts of goods. Organizers can be purchased specifically to keep this clutter well organized and stored neatly beneath the rear seats.

Center Console Dividers: The center console is a wide open space and even the neatest of owners will find themselves rustling through receipts, documents, and spare change to find their wallet that somehow managed to work its way to the very bottom of all of the clutter. Dividers are available to help organize the clutter and keep things where they should be at all times.

Glove Box Dividers: The glove box is also a fantastic place for general storage. Some of the most common things kept in the glove box are owner’s manuals, spare bulbs, and other potential valuables including personal information and documents.

Whenever the glove box is opened the person searching for stuff is usually pulling everything stored within out as they search. Dividers are available to produce organized storage compartments within the glove box itself. This makes quick work of searching for things, such as vehicle information, with ease.

Center Console Covers: As work trucks and play toys the inside of Toyota Tacomas are sure to take a beating. Protecting the floors and seats will be one of the first upgrades made. The center console doesn’t need to be left out. The same suppliers that develop seat covers for these trucks are also potential sources for covers for the center console.

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