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How to Install Rugged Ridge Rear Half Door - Pair on your 2007-2013 Wrangler

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
Extreme Terrain
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1Half Door2
2Door Hinge4
3M8 Countersunk Bolt8
5Grab Handle (not shown)2
6Grab Handle Mount (not shown)4
7M6 Bolt (not shown)4
8Nylon Door Strap (not shown)2

WARNING: This product is intended to provide added “off-road” convenience and utility to your vehicle. This product is not intended to provide occupant containment or protection in the event of an accident or rollover. Further, “on road” use may involve increased risk of serious injury in the event of side-impact accidents. To reduce risk from these types of injuries: Always wear seat belt and shoulder harness for all vehicle occupants. Keep arms and body inside vehicle. Drive safely, read and understand all manufacturers warnings and product instructions before installation.

1. Disconnect wiring harness before removing door. Remove plastic cover at the base of the B-pillar to access the electrical connector. Release the red locking tab and pull down on the connector. Next, remove the strap from the hook located inside the vehicle. NOTICE! Door can swing freely once the strap is released potentially causing damage to your vehicle. Do not let go of door when strap is disconnected.

2. Remove the torx nut from the bottom of each factory hinge pin. Set these nuts aside to be re-installed on the Half Doors. To remove the factory doors, carefully lift the door upward until the hinge pins completely clear the hinges. It will be helpful to have someone else assist with this step.

3. Remove (4) temporary bolts from the two hinge locations of each Half Door. Install supplied Door Hinges with the hinge pins pointing downward using the supplied M8 Countersunk Bolts. Tighten to 15 ft-lbs.

4. Attach the Grab Handle to the door using Grab Handle Mount Plates and M6 Bolts by carefully aligning with threaded hole locations on door.

5. Install doors by aligning the door hinge to the holes of the vehicle hinges. Do not force the alignment. It may be necessary to carefully swing the door back and forth several times to allow the hinges to properly seat. Install torx nuts removed in step 3. Tighten to 7 ft-lbs. NOTICE! Do not attempt to close door before making adjustments detailed in the next step.

CAUTION! To avoid risk of injury, latch mechanism must be properly adjusted before use. Inspect and adjust as necessary should latch or striker become misaligned. Do not use if door or latch is damaged or dose not function properly. 6. With the door open and its weight supported, loosen the 4 door hinge bolts and adjust position of the door for proper latch alignment with the vehicle striker bar. Carefully close door with door hinge bolts still loose. Check for a consistent gap around the entire perimeter of the door and adjust if necessary. Tighten door hinge bolts to 15 ft-lbs. NOTICE! Help from a partner is strongly recommended for proper door adjustment.

7. Only if necessary adjust the position of the vehicle striker bar for proper latch engagement. Locate the vehicle striker bar in the door jamb on the B-pillar. Loosen bolts and adjust as necessary. Tighten to 19 ft-lbs. NOTICE! Any adjustments made to the vehicle striker bar will need to be repositioned upon re-installation of factory doors.

8. Attach Nylon Door Strap to the door hook located at the lower front corner of the inner Half Door. Loop the other end around the factory hook inside the vehicle floor compartment. Replace plastic cover.

10. Apply Logo to the oval recess located in the lower rear corner of the door. Be sure the surface of the door is cleaned thoroughly and dry before Logo is applied. NOTICE! If doors will be painted, do not attach Logo until the last coat is applied and fully cured.

Rugged Ridge Soft Upper Doors Front (part number 13711.15)
Rugged Ridge Soft Upper Doors Rear (part number 13712.15)
Rugged Ridge replacement JK Mirrors (part number 11002.21)

Rugged Ridge Half Doors are designed to be painted or used as is. Painting will enhance the look of the doors while increasing the life of the product. Follow the instructions below for proper painting technique.

1. Remove door hinges before painting. Using painters tape, cover sections of door that should not be painted including the inner door panel and door latch.

2. Wet sand the surface of the exterior door panel with 400 grit wet sand paper to smooth the surface and remove any imperfections.

3. Use a mild detergent and clean cloth to clean and remove surface contaminants from the door panel. Be sure all cleaning agents have fully dried from the surface of the door before proceeding. Thorough cleaning of the entire surface of the exterior door panel is imperative to achieving a quality finish.

4. Apply adhesion promoter to the clean dry surface of the door. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application and allow product to fully cure before proceeding.

5. Prime the surface using a primer formulated for plastics. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and allow primer to fully dry.

6. Wet sand the door panel with 1000 grit wet sand paper until surface is smooth.

7. Wipe the door panel down with a wax and grease remover to remove any surface contaminants and let door panel dry completely.

8. Wipe clean dry surface of the door panel with a tack rag to remove any dust particles before applying top coat.

9. Apply top coat using automotive grade paint. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply multiple coats if necessary. Note: Applying a clear coat will improve finish and protect against wear and tear.

10. Let top coats dry completely. Wet sand the painted surface with 1500 grit wet sand paper followed by 3000 grit wet sand paper. Note: Polish and wax after wet sanding for optimum surface finish.