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How to Install Rugged Ridge Polished Aluminum Air Intake on your 1987-1995 Wrangler

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
Extreme Terrain
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1. Intake Tube Front (1)
2. Intake Tube Rear (1)
3. Heat Shield (1)
4. Air Filter (1)
5. Rubber Hose Elbow (1)
6. Rubber Tube Coupler (1)
7. Breather Hose (1)
8. Power Steering Hose (1)
9. Rubber Isolator Mount (1)
10. M8 Washer (2)
11. M8 Nut (2)
12. M6 Bolt (2)
13. M6 Nut (2)
14. M6 Flat Washer (2)
15. Edge Trim (1)
16. #56 Hose Clamp (2)
17. #48 Hose Clamps (2)
18. #40 Hose Clamp (1)

19. Spacer (2)
20. 1-1/16” Hose Clamp (4)
21. 1/4-20x3/4” Bolt
22. 1/4-20 Nut
23. 1/4” Flat Washer
24. Zip Tie (2)

1. Remove original air intake system including air filter housing, air filter, breather hoses, and inlet duct.

2. Remove rubber grommets from the air filter housing bracket. Remove (2) Phillips head screws from radiator fan shroud. If vehicle has power steering remove the flat head screw securing power steering fluid reservoir in place. For easier installation, unbolt front end of radiator support rod and rotate out of engine compartment.

3. Remove hose connecting the power steering fluid reservoir to the steering box. Replace it with the longer Power Steering Hose supplied and secure with 1/16” Hose Clamps. Install Edge Trim onto Heat Shield and trim to length. Install Rubber Isolator Mount into slot in the Heat Shield using supplied M8 hardware.

4. Install Heat Shield by inserting the two tabs behind the radiator shroud. Use the factory Phillips head screws removed in step 2 to reinstall the shroud and Heat Shield. Secure the bottom of the Heat Shield to original air filter housing bracket using the provided M6 hardware. Relocate the power steering fluid reservoir to the provided mounting location on the heat shield. Check all hoses for clearance around Heat Shield. Use provided 1/4-20 hardware and metal (2) Spacers for installation.

5. Install small end of Rubber Elbow onto throttle body using supplied #40 Hose Clamp. The Rear Intake Tube can than be installed onto the large end of the Rubber Elbow using a #48 Hose Clamp. On the end of the rear intake tube, install the Rubber Tube Coupler using a #48 Hose Clamp. Place the #56 Hose Clamp on the large end of the Rubber Tube Coupler to prepare for the installation of the Front Intake Tube.

6. Prepare Front Intake Tube for installation by attaching the Air Filter to the end with the slotted bracket using # 56 Hose Clamp. Attach Front Intake Tube to the Rubber Tube Coupler with the #56 Hose Clamp installed in step 5. Use M8 Nut to secure bracket of Front Intake Tube to the Rubber Isolator Mount. Adjust Air Filter attachment for clearance if necessary. Note: This filter is polyester synthetic and never needs to be oiled. It can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent dish soap.

7. Attach the breather hose to the Rear Intake Tube and to the valve cover using 1-1/16” Hose Clamps. Attach charcoal box breather hose to Front Intake Tube. Also, reattach radiator support rod to its original location and use supplied Zip Tie to attach tab of Heat Shield to radiator support rod.

8. Congratulations on the purchase and installation of another quality Rugged Ridge product.