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How to Install a Rugged Ridge Bowless Top - Black Diamond on your Jeep Wrangler

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4-Door JK Bowless Top


1. Soft Top (1)
2. Side Window, RH (1)
3. Side Window, LH (1)
4. Support Bow (4)

NOTICE: These parts will needed for Bowless Top Installation: 

Summer Top Header: #13308.06
OE Tailgate Bar: 55395757AC
Tailgate Retainer, RH: 55395760AB
Tailgate Retainer, LH: 55395761AB
Factory Surrounds, Front RH: 5182824AF
Factory Surrounds, Front LH: 5182825AF
Factory Surrounds, Rear RH: 5182820AC
Factory Surrounds, Rear LH: 5182821AC
Mounting Knob, Long: 55397130AC
Mounting Knob, Short: 55397132AB

1. Soft Top Owners: Refer to owner’s manual for instructions on lowering factory top. Once open, unscrew shoulder bolts fastening it to vehicle’s roll bars.

Hard Top Owners: Refer to owner’s manual for instruction on removing factory hard top. 

2. Remove metal soft top mounting brackets attached to roll bar in cargo area. 

3 If applicable, install new Factory Surrounds at this time.

NOTICE: If using 2010-current surrounds, remove staples holding in outer extrusion and remove extrusion from surrounds

4. Begin installation of soft top to header by looping top over header channel and fastening with snaps on underside of header. 

5. Slide Soft Top Assembly to front of vehicle, placing top over rollbars.

6. Attach header tab to footman near windshield of vehicle, ensuring assembly is centered on vehicle (part #13308.06 shown in images; see proper header installation instructions for best fit).

NOTICE: Ensure J Hook is placed behind and through the footman loop as shown on right

7. Ensuring assembly sits flush with top of windshield of vehicle, tighten plastic knob into header. Repeat for both sides. 

8. Pull side plastic retainer over front door surround and hook into groove over front door. Repeat in ‘X’ pattern for front and rear door surrounds (front driver, rear passenger, front passenger, rear driver) for best tension results. 

NOTICE: If using 2010 Newer Door Surrounds, ensure modifications from Step 3 have been followed before continuing with installation.

9. Pull side plastic retainer over rear passenger door surround and hook into groove over front door. Repeat for front passenger and rear driver surrounds.

10. Pull two center straps on inside of vehicle around front sport bar.

11. Hook clip at end of strap to lip of circular cutout in sport bar. Tighten straps. 

12. Pull two rear straps around rear sport bar and through plastic buckle. Tighten both sides. 

13. Loop rear side strap around rear roll bar, moving toward outside of vehicle. 

14. Loop strap under seatbelt stud, then back around to outside of vehicle.

15. Loop strap through plastic buckle and pull strap to tighten. Repeat for both sides. 

16. Begin installing support bows by first inserting from front of vehicle over center roll bar.

17. Hook front end of support bow into pocket at front of vehicle. 

18. Hook second end of support bow into rear pocket of soft top. Repeat for both sides. 

To install windows:

19. Pull side plastic retainer of side window around door frame and hook into groove of front door surround. 

20. Zip top side window zipper. Repeat for both sides.

21. Pull bottom plastic retainer of side window into side groove of body tub. 

22. Zip rear window to side windows in rear of vehicle. Repeat for both sides. 

23. Loop top corner strap through plastic holder at rear corner of vehicle. Tighten strap and repeat for both sides. 

24. Fasten all velcro around side and rear windows

25. Insert remaining side window plastic retainers into groove of body tub. Repeat for both sides. 

26. Slide tailgate bar into bottom of rear window and attach to receiver on tailgate. 

27. Install metal hook on end of top rear strap into body tub through cutout in rear panel.

28. Tighten strap and repeat for both sides. 

29. If desired, rear window can be rolled upwards, secured with two rear straps, and fastened to top with snaps located under top flap.