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Roush Parts

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Roush Parts

Improve the performance and sound of your car using Roush performance parts such as a Roush supercharger or Roush axle-back exhaust kit. Roush is a well-known name in the aftermarket parts community, and the company is known for producing components that increase performance style and more for your ride. Whether you’re interested in giving your vehicle a more aggressive sound, or you want more power from your engine, you can get all those things and more from Roush performance parts for your car.

Using Roush Exhaust Enhancements for Sound and Power

Upgrading to new exhaust components in your vehicle is an excellent way to change the sound of your ride and to get more power out of an existing engine. Exhaust parts direct the flow of exhaust fumes out of your engine and away from your vehicle. The better your exhaust system functions, the more power your engine can produce overall. This is why it makes sense to invest in different exhaust components and why so many car owners opt for exhaust upgrades. Adding Roush performance parts can offer some or all of the following benefits:

  • Increased engine torque and power output
  • Transform the sound of your vehicle
  • Enhance the drive-feel of your ride
  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of your ride
  • Help cool the engine effectively
  • Replace worn or damaged components

A Roush Axle-Back exhaust system is an affordable enhancement that allows you to change the sound of your ride substantially. It also gives you a way to improve the style and durability of your system. If you want to gain the most performance benefits as possible as well from your exhaust improvements, you may want to consider a Roush cat-back system instead. These systems are more expensive, but they offer a wider range of benefits and are excellent for boosting the performance of an existing engine too. In order to get these benefits from your vehicle upgrades, you must properly match the new components to the vehicle year and style that you have. When this is done properly, the parts will install as easily as possible and give you the greatest level of benefits overall. There are so many different parts to choose from, but we separate and organize the parts based on vehicle type and year to make things easier and faster.

Make the Ultimate Power Upgrade with a Roush Supercharger

A supercharger is a system that pushes compressed air into your car’s engine to make it produce more power. Roush offers a selection of these kits and makes them readily available for buyers that want to produce the highest level of power from their existing engines. IF you want to gain more power from your car’s engine without replacing it with a larger engine, you should consider one of the supercharger or turbocharger enhancements. These kits are complicated to use and expensive, but they offer some of the greatest power benefits that can be attained today without replacing the engine. Combine these improvements with intake enhancements and fuel-delivery improvements, and you could see substantial performance gains overall. There are dozens of different upgrade parts and kits available from Roush today. Each kit offers some real performance gains when compared to stock parts, but some will meet your needs better than others do. Consider the budget you have available, as well as the performance boost you want to achieve to help you choose the product that will meet your needs best overall. When you take the time to really consider which options are best for you, you can maximize the performance gains to your vehicle overall.

Add power to your ride’s engine and help it perform at a higher level using a Roush cold air intake. This upgrade increases the amount of air that goes to your ride’s engine and boosts the combustion process. The end result of adding a cold air intake is slightly more horsepower and torque than before. This upgrade is simple to install, it’s low cost, and it’s a good modification that most should at least consider making. Not to mention that a good cold air intake will help protect the integrity of your engine as well, thanks to the upgraded air filter that’s included with most.

Increase Power with a Roush Cold Air Intake

Adding a Roush cold air intake to your engine will boost the power of your vehicle by increasing the amount of oxygen that gets burnt during combustion. A cold air intake funnels colder air to your engine, and cold air has more oxygen than hot air, which is why this part works so well. A simple intake is a long tube with a high-flow air filter attached that helps bring more oxygen to your engine. These upgrades are simple to install and can be put on with basic hand tools in a short period of time. Whether you want to dress up your engine or you want to make it more capable than before, adding a cold air intake is a good upgrade that will help your ride stand out.

  • Improve the performance of your vehicle
  • High-quality filter protects your engine
  • Advanced engineering for improved exhaust flow
  • Reduces engine backpressure
  • Mandrel-bent corners
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for long-term performance

A Roush cold air intake performs better than stock intakes and many other aftermarket products, thanks to advanced engineering. This part is designed to have the most efficient pathway for the exhaust in your vehicle. When this cold air intake is equipped on your vehicle, the exhaust will move through the wide pathways and mandrel-bent corners faster, and engine backpressure will be reduced as a result. By lowering the backpressure that your engine experiences, a cold air intake will raise the horsepower and torque, your engine generates during operation slightly. This is just one of the many different engine upgrades you can add to your vehicle to make it more powerful and enjoyable to drive.

Additional Upgrades to Pair with a Roush Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake from Roush is a low-cost upgrade that adds some additional power to your engine, but it’s just one of the many different upgrade options that are available today. You should also consider investing in different tuner chips to boost the power and efficiency of your engine even more. A good tuner chip can improve shift timing, acceleration, and much more without actually replacing any components in the vehicle. Many also replace things like the intercooler, the intake manifold, the exhaust system, and many other components to make their vehicles as fast as possible. If you want your engine to perform at the highest level, you will have to make some improvements to it. Consider making upgrades to your ride to help it stand out and to make it more useful to you. There are more than enough upgrades for you to get the results you want, but you will have to consider which improvements offer the largest benefits and which are worth avoiding for now.