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How to Install RedRock 4x4 Pinnacle Oval Side Step w/Bent Ends - Textured Black on your Wrangler

Installation Time

2 hours

Extreme Terrain
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2. Start installation toward the front of the passenger side of the vehicle. Locate the (3) pairs of factory mounting holes along the pinch weld, (Figure 1).  

3. Select (1) Passenger/right Support Bracket. Attach the top of the Support Bracket to the back of the pinch weld with (2) 6mm x 25mm Hex Bolts, (4) 6mm Flat Washers and (2) 6mm Nylon Lock Nuts, (Figures 2, 8 & 13). Leave loose at this time.  

4. Determine if the vehicle has an open floor panel, (Figure 3), or a threaded hole in the floor panel at the passenger front mounting location, (Figure 5). Remove any insulation that may be covering the mounting locations. NOTE: The top mounting location will be between the two factory holes in the pinch weld, (Figure 3).  

5. Select the passenger side front Bracket, (Figures 6 & 7). VERY IMPORTANT: The 6 Mounting Brackets look very similar. Use the instructions to properly identify the unique front, (Figure 6), center, (Figure 9), and rear Brackets, (Figure 11), for either side of the vehicle.  

Vehicles with open mounting location: Insert (1) 10mm Nut Plate into the large square opening in the floor panel, (Figures 4A & 4B). Attach the front Bracket to the Nut Plate with (1) 10mm x 35mm Hex Bolt, (1) 10mm Lock Washer and (1) 10mm Flat Washer, (Figures 7 & 13). Leave loose.  

Vehicles with factory threaded hole in floor panel: Attach the Bracket to the threaded hole in the floor panel with (1) 8mm x 35mm Hex Bolt, (1) 8mm Lock Washer and (1) 8mm x 28mm OD Large Flat Washer, (Figures 5, 7 & 13). Do not tighten hardware.  

6. Line up the mounting tab on the Support Bracket with the back of the Mounting Bracket. Attach the Support Bracket to the Mounting Bracket with (1) 10mm x 30mm Hex Bolt, (2) 10mm Flat Washers, (1) 10mm Lock Washer and (1) 10mm Hex Nut, (Figures 8 & 13). Do not tighten hardware.  

7. Repeat Steps 2-6 to install the longer Center Bracket and Support Bracket, (Figures 9, 10 & 14).  

8. Repeat Steps 2-6 to install the rear Bracket and Support Bracket. NOTE: Top mounting tab on rear Bracket features a radius on the corner to help identify. Use the instructions to correctly identify the Brackets, (Figures 11, 12 & 15).  

9. Select the passenger/right sidebar. Carefully position the Sidebar onto the (3) Mounting Brackets. IMPORTANT: Do not slide, (front to back or rotate), the Sidebar on the Brackets or damage to the finish on the Sidebar may result. Attach the Sidebar to the Mounting Brackets with (6) 8mm x 25mm Combination Hex Bolts, (Figures 13-15). Do not tighten hardware. NOTE: Mounting cradles on Brackets should be inline and pointing toward the rear of the vehicle for proper installation. Snug all hardware but do not tighten at this time.  

10. Adjust and level the Sidebar and tighten all hardware.  

11. Repeat Steps 1-10 for driver/left Sidebar installation.  

12. Do periodic inspections to the installation to make sure that all hardware is secure and tight.  

To protect your investment, wax this product after installing. Regular waxing is recommended to add a protective layer over the finish. Do not use any type of polish or wax that may contain abrasives that could damage the finish.  

For stainless steel: Aluminum polish may be used to polish small scratches and scuffs on the finish. Mild soap may be used to clean the Side Step.  

For gloss black finishes: Mild soap may be used to clean Side Step. 

Passenger Side Installation Pictured