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RedRock Stubby HD Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper with Light Bar Tabs (20-24 Jeep Gladiator JT)

Item JG1321
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys, I'm Eric with ExtremeTerrain. In this video, we're going to do a review and install of this RedRock 4x4 Stubby HD Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper with Light Bar Tabs that fits all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. You should really be checking this out for your Gladiator if you are looking for a front bumper that will give you the most off-road capability, but the least impact on your personal budget. Now, stubby bumpers are extremely popular with Jeep owners, both for their styling, but also for those that like to push the envelope out on the trails. With its naturally high clearance and a width that is about 20 inches shorter than stock, you can pretty much be assured that this bumper is never gonna get in your way when you're out there turning and flexing out on extreme trails.Now, just because this is one of the more affordable options that we have here at ExtremeTerrain doesn't mean it cuts corners in terms of quality construction and durability. You get the same solid steel construction in durable black powder coat that RedRock 4x4 is known for, plus you get a lot of upgraded off-road capability with this bumper. You can accommodate a winch up to a 12,000-pound capacity. You also have these two heavy-duty D-ring mounts with the included D-rings that come with the kit that are each rated at 9,500 pounds a piece. Now, speaking of a winch, I noticed that when we were working with this bumper during the installation, which you're about to see here in a moment, that this bumper would be very easy to mount first, and then you could add a winch later. You have a lot of access on the underside for bolting the winch to the bumper. You can do that quite easily and cleanly. Not every bumper is like that, some bumpers require you to mount the winch to the bumper first and then put the whole entire assembled unit onto the Jeep. That can sometimes be quite difficult with the heavy bumper and the addition of another 60 to 100 pounds worth of winch and winch line.And on the topic of weight, stubby bumpers are also quite a bit lighter than full-size, full-width bumpers simply because you're dealing with a lot less material that goes into the construction. Manufacturer tells me that this bumper comes in a little over 60 pounds. As far as the price goes, like I said, this is one of our more affordable options here at Currently, you can pick this bumper up for a little bit less than $400. That is gonna put it towards the lower end of the price spectrum compared to a lot of other stubby bumpers out there. The one drawback to this bumper I will tell you upfront here is you cannot transfer over your factory fog lighting to this bumper without a whole lot of extra work. However, if you have a sport model Gladiator like ours right here, you might not really be a fan of the halogen lighting that comes with the Jeep.I know a lot of Jeep owners that have the halogens and they don't really care for them either. So really this would be a good opportunity to upgrade to some lighting that you can mount up top on the overrider hoop or a light bar in the middle or both. It's an excellent opportunity to do that. And, of course, we have lots of options for you to choose from here at Now, as far as the installation goes, nothing crazy here. We're giving it a two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. I would put that towards the easy end of the two out of three wrenches. We do have several steps we have to go through here. And probably the most challenging part of this is getting it lined up on the frame rails. I would recommend a second set of hands just to kind of help you steady it. It is a little bit front-heavy with the overrider hoop and the D-rings kind of weighing it down on the front side.So setting it up there and letting it lay without any bolts securing it, you're not really gonna be able to do. So a second set of hands and some basic hand tools are all you're really gonna need to get this job done in about two hours. All right. So let's go ahead and get this thing installed on the Gladiator. All right, guys, tools you're gonna see in this install include an electric impact wrench, a trim removal tool, a swivel socket, 10, 16, and 18-millimeter sockets, and a 16 and 18-millimeter crescent wrenches. All right, guys, to begin our uninstall of our stock bumper to get ready for our new product, we're gonna remove a couple of pop clips up top here for the splash card that kind of tucks in behind the bumper and in front of the radiator grille. So in order to do that, we're gonna leave it on the ground, and then we're gonna put our truck up on a lift just to give you a better camera shot to show you the rest of the stock removal of this bumper.Okay. Go ahead and grab yourself a trim removal tool. If you don't have one of these, a wide blade flat-head screwdriver will probably work just as well. Just pull up on these pop clips. That's just to allow this piece to separate from the piece that's attached to the Jeep. All right, guys, now we have a series of these lock pins or lock clips in the underside as well. We're gonna remove these. All right, guys, now you're gonna have two bolts under here. They're gonna need an 8-millimeter socket to get these out. And make sure you're supporting it with an off-hand because once you get this last one out, it's gonna wanna come off. All right, guys, now we're gonna take our skid plate off here. You're going to have a 16-millimeter bolt, one on each side.All right, guys, now you're gonna wanna locate this connector right here. This connects the wiring from the Jeep to the wiring harness that runs the full length of your bumper to both fog lights if you have fog lights on your front bumper, which we do. Disconnect that one. That's good for both fog lights. All right, guys, next we're gonna be going after these bolts here. You've got four on each side or on each frame rail mount. We're gonna take these out using an 18-millimeter socket. I'm gonna leave that one on a couple of threads just to help secure the bumper and keep it on there while we have our Jeep up in the air.All right, guys, now we're doing the two on the inside of the frame rail on the passenger side of the Jeep here. This bottom one might be a little bit difficult for you to see with the camera angle, but we're gonna start with the top one here. Again, this is the 18-mill socket we're using. All right. Once you get all four of these started, do that on the driver side of your Jeep. All right, guys, once you have all eight nuts removed, including the one we left on there just a couple of threads just to keep it from falling off on us, go ahead and remove your bumper. All right, guys, now we have our stock bumper off. I wanted to set them here on the floor side by side with our new RedRock 4x4 stubby bumper. Now obviously not a whole lot to go over here. The differences are immediately apparent. As soon as you look at them, you're dealing with a stubby bumper that's at least 20 inches shorter than your factory bumper. You'll get a better clearance for your tires if you're out there in the trails and you're twisting over some uneven terrain, this bumper is not gonna hang you up at all. You got maximum clearance with this unit.The other nice thing I really like is this stylized overrider hoop right here that's gonna provide protection for your radiator and your grille. And you have two tabs right here for mounting off-road lighting. You also have this option here, this cutout in the middle that's gonna be another location where you could put in an LED light bar. You are gonna wanna find some option like that because the one downside to this bumper is you cannot transfer over your factory fog lighting. Other than that, you do have the other off-road capability enhancements of being able to mount a winch up to 12,000-pound capability, and you also have the heavy-duty D-ring mounts. So with that said, let's go ahead and get our new RedRock 4x4 on the Jeep.All right, guys, now I've got our new RedRock 4x4 bumper up here on the table. We're gonna do a little bit of assembly work before we go and put it on. You have to mount this overrider hoop to the bumper before you go putting it on. And that's because there's two bolts per side that are gonna attach it to the bumper. And those bolts come through right where the bumper attaches to the frame rail. So if you wait until after the bumper is already on the Jeep, you're not gonna be able to access the underside to be able to tighten up the nuts and bolts that hold this on. The other thing we're gonna attach is the mounting bracket for our fairlead. We'll do that next, but let's work on this overrider hoop right now.All right, guys, now for this step, go ahead and grab these larger gauge bolts out of your kit. You should have six of these, and we're gonna have flat washers and lock washers and regular nuts to go with these. So go ahead and feed them through up top here. All right. Now, grab a flat washer, lock washer, and a nut, and get it started by hand here. And then to tighten these up, you're gonna need 18-millimeter tool on both sides. So I have a crescent up top and we'll use a socket down below here. And go ahead and repeat that over on the other side. All right, guys, now we're gonna mount our bracket that will hold our fairlead if you are going to mount a winch on your bumper as well. And we're gonna use the same hardware we just used to mount the overrider hoop, these larger gauge bolts. So get them fed through the top, and then we'll get the rest of the hardware in on the underside. Again, use a flat washer, lock washer, and a nut. And again, to tighten these down, we're gonna use 18-millimeter tools on both sides.All right. Now we've got our assembly work done, we're gonna go ahead and set our bumper up in place. Now I'm gonna have a friend here to help me just kind of steady it. It is a little front-heavy, so you wouldn't be able to set it up there and leave it alone. You're gonna need to keep a hand on it and it's useful to have a second set of hands so you can get a bolt started in the backside just to kind of secure it up and keep the bumper from tipping over.All right, guys, right now you're looking at the passenger side frame rail on the outside. We're gonna get a bolt started in here. We left everything loose right now, and that's gonna allow us to just kind of manipulate the bumper like this as we need it so we can line up the holes. We're gonna get all these bolts started by hand first before we tighten anything down. All right. Now we're gonna go to the inside of the frame rail. All right, guys, now you're looking at the inside of the passenger frame rail. I'm just gonna thread more of this hardware in. All right. Now go ahead and get the hardware started on the driver side, then we can go ahead and tighten this up. All right. Now to tighten these up, guys, you're gonna need a 16-millimeter tool on both sides. It's a little bit tight in here, so I also grabbed a swivel socket for my impact gun. All right. Now we're gonna move to the outside of the frame rail. All right, guys, now repeat this same procedure on the driver side. All right. Just a finishing touch on our install here, guys, go ahead and put your D-rings on.All right, guys, that does it for this review and install of this RedRock 4x4 Stubby HD Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper with Light Bar Tabs, fitting all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. And, of course, for all things Gladiator, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Stubby Front Bumper
      • Grille Guard Bar Design
      • Provision for LED Light Bar
      • Built-in Winch Plate for up to 12,000-Pound Winch
      • High Strength D-Ring Mounts with D-Rings Included
      • Heavy-Duty 1/8-Inch Steel Construction - 2 x 0.120 Inch Steel Tubing
      • Two-Stage, Textured Black, Powder-Coat Finish
      • Simple Bolt-On Installation
      • Weight: 64 Pounds
      • Fits 2020-2024 Jeep Gladiator JT Models


      Ideal for Off-Road Use. If you are an avid off-roader you will want to upgrade your 2020-2024 Gladiator JT with a RedRock 4x4 Stubby HD Front Bumper. Seeing that this Stubby Bumper is much shorter than a standard full width bumper, it won't block your front wheels when trying to navigate over larger obstructions found on the trail. This Bumper also features 2 high-strength D-Ring mounts with .75-inch D-Rings and a built-in winch plate that is capable of supporting a 12,000-pound winch, making this RedRock 4x4 HD Front Bumper perfect for all sorts of off-road adventures. As an added bonus, there is a convenient provision that will let you easily mount an LED light bar.

      Heavy-Duty Construction. RedRock 4x4 manufactures its Stubby HD Front Bumper from 1/8-inch mild steel plating and 2 x 0.120 inch tubing for superior strength and rigidity. The D-Ring mounts are welded on both the inside and the outside for extra strength. This RedRock 4x4's Front Bumper is then completed in a 2-stage finish using epoxy pre-coating and high-grade, textured black powder coating for long-lasting durability.

      Easy, Bolt-On Installation. RedRock 4x4 engineered its Stubby Front Bumper to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the original stock bumper reusing the factory mounting points. There is no cutting or modifications required for a clean, straight forward install. Installation can be completed in about 2 hours with just basic hand tools and the help of a friend.

      Application. This RedRock 4x4 Stubby HD Pre-Runner Winch Front Bumper with Light Bar Tabs is designed for use on 2020-2024 Jeep Gladiator JT models.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here.

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