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How to Install a Raxiom Headlight LED Conversion Bulb Kit on your Jeep Wrangler

Installation Time

20 minutes

Tools Required
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • T15 start bit and bit wrench
  • Electrical Tape

Make sure the Vehicle engine is cold. Do not touch any electrical wires that may have current.

Installation Instructions:

1. Park the vehicle, turn of the ignition and open the Hood of the Jeep.

2. With the Hood open locate all 6 push pins on the Jeep grill and use the flat head screw driver to remove the plastic push pins by prying them out. Remove the pin holde.

3. Once all the 6 push pins and holders are removed, next the Jeep grill has to be pulled to detach the clips that hold the grill in place from the bottom section of the grill. Be careful not to pull the grill two  far as the turn signal lights are attached to the grill.  

4. Once the Grill clips have been detached place the grill on the bumper in a way that it doesn’t damage the wiring connected to the turn signal.  

5. Locate the four T15 star screws on the headlight assemble. Using the T15 bit take the screws out while holding the headlight assembly so it doesn’t fall.  

6. Next take the Headlight assembly out after all four screws have been takeout and twist the bulb out from the headlight assembly out.  

7. Then Push the red tab back on the wiring connect and using a flat had screw driver separate the plug  from the bulb.  

8. Next take the adapter that came with the conversion kit plug it in to the wire plug on the jeep, use electrical tape to cover the plug to prevent any mud or water from damaging the connection.  

9. Then Insert the New led bulb in to the Head assembly and twist lock it in to place.

10. Then take the male plug connected to the blub wire and insert it into the female plug on the adapter wire. Screw on the locking cap on the male plug to the female plug threads.  

11. Next install the headlight assembly back in to place using the T15 screws. All the wires behind the head light assembly will have to be pushed behind the assembly.  

12. Repeat steps 5 to 11 on the other side.

13. When completed with step 12 install the grill back by push the clips back into place and install the push pins.