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How to Install Putco Luminix High Power LED Fog Lamps w/ H10 Harness on your Wrangler

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Fog Lamp Removal

Note: the installation of this product requires removal of the front bumper

1. Remove plastic skid plate cover between radiator support and bumper. Use a plastic pry bar or flat bladed screwdriver to remove all six plastic rivets attaching it to the vehicle. Refer to Figure 1

2. Remove eight bolts attach the bumper to the vehicle with an 18mm socket and ratchet wrench. Refer to Figure 2 for outer and inner bolt locations.

3. Remove the 4 clamping plates and disconnect the wiring harness before pulling off the bumper.

4. With the bumper removed unscrew the four Phillips screws that hold each fog lamp bracket to the bumper.

5. Remove fog lamp assembly and set aside for next step as some parts are reused.

Fog Lamp Assembly

6. Remove Putco fog lamps from packaging. Check to see if all parts from Table 1.0 are included.

7. Remove the two stainless screws and lock washers on each fog lamp.

8. Place Mounting brackets on back side of fog lamps matching the holes and the curved outer profile.

9. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver until tight. Note: Start screws by hand to avoid cross threading.

10. Disassemble original fog lamps from housing. The mounting bracket and adjusting screw are reused with the kit. Refer to Figure 3 for the highlighted parts that get reused

11. Install adjuster screw assembly so that it faces the wiring harness side of the fog lamp. Refer to Figure 3

12. Thread wiring harness through center of plastic mounting bracket. Orient fog lamp so that the adjusting screw is on the correct side of the plastic mounting bracket.

13. Squeeze top and bottom of plastic mounting bracket to expand enough to clip fog lamp and mounting bracket together.

14. Loosen adjusting screw if necessary to place the screw head into its original location on the plastic mounting bracket

Fog lamp Installation


1. Place fog lamps in bumper, oriented with the adjuster screw pointed towards the bottom of the bumper.

2. Screw the fog lamps into the bumper using the existing screws.

3. Bolt the bumper to the vehicle in the reverse order it was taken off

4. Connect the factory wiring harness to the fog lamp harness. Ensure that the connectors are fully engaged and snaps together without pulling off.

5. Test that the fog lamps turn on and off properly.

6. Adjust the fog lamps with a Phillips screwdriver so that they shine at the desired angle. Refer to Figure 4

7. Reinstall the plastic skid plate in reverse order of its removal.