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How to Install Rugged Ridge A/T Flat Fender Flare Kit, w/ liners on your Wrangler

Installation Time

4 hours

Extreme Terrain
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Contents: QTY
1. All Terrain Wheel Liners (4)
2. Side Marker Retainer (2)
3. Push Rivet (28)
4. M6 Flange Bolt (8)
5. M6 Flange Nut (8)

NOTE: This product is intended to be used with Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Flat Flares (P/N 11620.10). Instructions for the removal of OE ares and installation of Flat Flares can be found online at

1. Install OE side marker into the mounting location of the front Wheel Liner and secure it using the Side Marker Retainer. NOTE: If Flat Fares were previously installed, disconnect electrical connector and remove OE side marker from the Side Marker Relocation Bracket. Side Marker Relocation Bracket should be removed from the vehicle. Note: For ease of installation of the side marker retainer, it may be necessary to make slight bends on the four tabs of the Side Marker Retainer with pliers as shown below.

2. If Flat Flares were previously installed, remove all bolts securing the front Flat Flare except for the top 2 bolts. Reconnect electrical connector to the side marker. Use supplied Push Rivets to loosely secure fender liner to the mounting holes previously occupied by the Flat Flare mounting bolts.

3. Loosely secure the Wheel Liner with the 4 factory bolts used to mount the factory wheel liner to the vehicle. Once all holes are lined up, fully engage push rivets and tighten all bolts. NOTICE: Do not overtighten bolts as this could cause damage to the Liners.

4. If Flat Flares were previously installed, remove all bolts securing the rear Flat Flare except for the top 2 bolts. Position Wheel Liner and loosely install Push Rivets. Using the supplied M6 hardware, loosely fasten the wheel liner to the vehicle using the mounting locations provided in the Wheel Liner. Once all holes are lined up, fully engage push rivets and tighten all bolts. NOTICE: Do not overtighten bolts as this could cause damage to the Liners.

5. Secure the axle vent hose with the Wheel Liner mounting hardware on the rear passenger side. There is a hole in the plastic clip attached to the hose for making the attachment. The hose should be secured to the rear most mounting hole in the Wheel Liner just above the frame rail.

1. All Terrain Flat Flares (4)
2. M6 Mounting bolt (22)
3. M6 Mounting Nut (22)
4. Push Rivet (20)
5. Side Marker Relocation Bracket (2)
6. Side Marker Retainer (2)
7. Rubber Bumper (2)
8. M8 Flange Bolt (2)
9. M8 Flange Bolt (2)
10. M8 Flat Washer (6)
11. M8 Lock Nut (2)

1. Remove the factory wiring harness connectors that are connected to the side marker lights. Press the small release tab on the on the connector and pull straight back. Use caution not to damage the connector as it will be reused on the Side Marker Relocation Brackets.

2. Remove the inner fender liners. To do this you will need to use a pointed punch to press in the center of the plastic rivets. The rivets hold the outer flare to the inner liner. You will need to press the center pin inward approximately 1/2” to 3/4”. Once you have pushed in the center, the outer piece of the rivet will need to be removed from the flare. Repeat these steps for all four flares.

3. Remove the factory bolts and plastic push retainers located in the inner fender well. These are the retainers that hold the inner liner to the body. Once these are removed, pull the inner liner out of each wheel well. One of the factory bolts removed will be reused to install the side marker bracket.

4. Install the rubber bumper to the bracket that comes out from under the front driver side fender using the supplied M8 bolt, M8 standard nut, M8 lock nut and 3 flat washers. Repeat for passenger side.

5. Mount the front driver side flare using the supplied M6 bolts, flat washers and flange nuts. Keep fasteners loose until all mounting bolts are installed. Tighten bolts to secure the flares into position. Repeat for passenger side flare.

6. Place factory side marker into supplied plastic light bracket. Place the metal retainer on the back of the side marker and push downward to secure the side marker into the bracket as shown. Repeat for RH side marker.

7. Install the LH side marker bracket under the front driver flare using one factory bolt removed in step 3 and one supplied M6 bolt, flat washer and flange nut. Repeat for RH side bracket.

8. Install the rear flares by lining the holes in the flare up with the holes in the rear fenders. In the top 2 hole locations, hand tighten 2 M6 bolts, flat washers and flange nuts to secure the rear flares. Insert plastic push rivets into the remaining hole locations. Once all the push rivets are installed, go back and tighten the M6 bolts.

Optional Painting Instructions

NOTICE: Do not use any harsh chemicals on flares. Use only plastic approved cleaning chemicals.

Pain Preparation:

1. Lightly sand flares with 320 grid sandpaper.

2. Remove all surface contaminants from flares using an approved grease and wax remover.

3. Wipe flares with a tack rag to remove any dust or dirt.


1. Apply two even coats of adhesion promoter to flares. Allow recommended flash time between coats. Let second coat dry for 15 minutes before primer application.

2. Apply an even coat of primer to flare surface. (A high build primer is recommended)

3. Paint flares with a automotive grade paint. (A flex additive must be added to paint)