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Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation Unit with Smartphone Link (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK)

Item J138942
ExtremeTerrain no longer carries the Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation Unit with Smartphone Link (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK). Please check out Jeep CJ7 Audio & CB Equipment (1976-1986) for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Merideth: Hey, guys. So today, we're checking out the Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation Unit with the Smartphone Link, fitting all 2007 to 2018 JK Wranglers. Now, if you have the old head unit inside of your JK and you're looking for a big upgrade when it comes to your head unit, you're looking for a navigation system that's gonna provide a lot of benefits and you're also just looking for an upgraded look to your interior, then this is going to be a great choice to take a look into. Now, this is gonna have a large nine-inch display, which is going to be a big upgrade from that little teeny-tiny display that you have on that old factory system. This is also going to keep the buttons over on the side and the dials down at the bottom.Now, like it says in the name, it is going to be an OE-style unit. So the later Wranglers are going to have this or something like this in the Jeep. So if you are a fan of that, you're a fan of that factory styling and all the features that this comes with, then this is going to be a great addition to your interior. Now, this is going to come with really everything that you need. As you can see, there's a lot of things on the table here, but this is mainly going to be a plug-and-play bolt-in unit, so you can ensure that it's going to be a very easy upgrade as well as a big upgrade when it comes to the features inside your JK.Now hopping into the construction and a little bit more of the specs of this thing, this is going to have a nine-inch display with an LCD touchscreen that has a 1024 by 600 resolution. That is going to make it a little bit easier to read because it is higher than some other systems which gives us a one-up. This will also have a navigation system with the iGO Primo software which is preloaded into this SD card that you can pop into your navigation unit, and it will include North American maps. Now the iGO software will also provide voice and visual turn-by-turn directions while having the map map out 3D and 2D modes, which will depend on your preference, but I like the fact that this gives you an option. Now this will work with sync and non-sync Wranglers and will include an external mic for voice commands, and this will activate Siri or Okay Google via the steering wheel buttons. So I do like the fact that you still will be able to retain some steering wheel function in addition to the functions over on the side here.Now this will also feature a multimedia player via USB. You have some extensions over here, and it is also going to have an SD card reader. It's also going to have a built-in AM-FM RDS tuner with DSP and noise-making. So all of the main features that you would get out of a radio you're also going to get over here. Now, speaking of radio, if you use SiriusXM, this will be compatible with their satellite radio. However, it is only gonna be compatible when installed with a plug-and-play SXV300 tuner. Now the tuner is not included in this, so if you do use SiriusXM, I would just keep that in mind. Now this will include Parrot Bluetooth that is compatible with Android and Apple. And speaking of smartphones, this will also include the Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto features and will work with most Apple products including the iPod and the iPad in addition to the iPhone. Now this will also have a reverse hookup here for a backup camera. This will be a plug-and-play ready-to-install system. So if you do have a backup camera in your Jeep, this will work with most of those cameras. And if you don't, the camera is not gonna be included in this, but if you are looking to add one, you can definitely do so in this system. Makes it incredibly easy to do so.Now, this is also gonna come with a couple of other different things. You do have a GPS antenna, you have input and output RCA cables here. This will have two main harnesses, one to work with a factory amplifier and one that does not have a factory amplifier. You will also get the CAN bus decoder here which does need to be installed with the Jeep, and you also have the iLink Pro here for your smartphone. I also do like the fact that this also gives you a nice little wiring diagram up on top of the unit so you know exactly where to plug everything in when it comes to install. Overall, this is a substantial upgrade to your factory system, especially if you have that older factory system. This is gonna offer a number of different benefits, and again, come with really everything that you need to provide a lot of convenience and comfort in your JK.Now hopping into price. This is going to save you a couple of bucks in comparison to some other options available in the category, coming in at roughly $775. Now you are getting a ton of basic and added functions out of this navigation unit. I personally think that it's not over-the-top when it comes to styling. It has that OE styling. It's going to give you a very factory look and feel into the inside of your Wrangler, in comparison to some other choices where they're a little bit more flashy. So if you're not necessarily looking for that, you're looking for something that's going to give you that factory look, then this is gonna be it. Now some other more expensive options may just be a little bit more expensive because they have some added bells and whistles. This has a lot of the basic features as well as a lot of added features, especially from your factory head unit. Some other more expensive choices may have added plugins for different things, including an OBD plugin that will allow you to track and datalog your Jeep's information from the computer. This is not gonna have that. And I personally think if you're not looking for a system that's going to give you some tuner and program or features, you're just looking for something that's gonna get the job done when it comes to a navigation unit, be smartphone-compatible, give you an upgraded look and feel to the inside of your Jeep, this is going to be right up your alley and you get to save a couple of bucks when doing so.So this is going to be pretty easy to get inside of your JK. However, I am gonna give it a light two out of three on the difficulty meter just because it is going to be a little bit of a lengthy process, especially with all of the things that you have here that you have to route like the GPS antenna and the mic as well as just getting everything set up and familiar with the navigation unit. So light two out of three there. You're gonna need some basic hand tools to get the job done. So speaking of the install, one of our installers here is going to walk you right through that process. So that's going to wrap it up for my review. Let's go ahead and hop into the install.Male: Tools used for this installation, plastic clip removal tool, a 1/4-inch drive ratchet, a 1/4-inch drive extension, and 7-millimeter socket. Hey, guys, I'm gonna show you how to install our head unit on our JL today. We're gonna start by removing our centerpiece here and then removing our radio. Let's get started. So the first thing we're gonna do to remove our centerpiece here is we're gonna remove this tray up top here. And then underneath there, back up in here, I'm gonna take my 7-millimeter on my 1/4-inch drive. There's a 7-millimeter bolt up here. I'm gonna take that out. Now, once I have that removed, then we're gonna remove our window switch here. I'm gonna take my plastic pry tool. I'm gonna get in here, get underneath it, try to pop it out, just like that. Get back behind here, the electrical connector. I'm just gonna push the clip in and pull the switch off of that and remove that. Once we have that done, and back inside here, right down in here, there is another 7-millimeter. I'm gonna take my 1/4-inch drive again with my 7-millimeter and remove that screw. Now, once we have those two out, and I'm gonna lightly pull my dash here and this whole piece is going to come out. You might have to lower your steering column down a little bit. So now I have the dash loose all up top.Now what we're gonna do is pull this plastic panel back here. There's gonna be a 7-millimeter right in here. I'm gonna take my 1/4-inch drive with my 7-millimeter. Once I get this out...We have that out. Now we should be able to move our plastic cover. Now we have all our screws out, we're gonna be able to remove our plastic cover. I'm gonna lay it to the side for now, and that's gonna give us access to our head unit. There's four 7-millimeters right here. I'm gonna take my 7-millimeter and my 1/4-inch drive. Now once I have these all out, I'm just gonna be able to slide the factory head unit out. I'm going to disconnect the factory harness. I'm gonna push in on these clips and remove these factory harness. And that is how you remove the head unit.So now we got our old head unit out of our Jeep. We're gonna look at what comes in this kit with this new head unit. We have a lot of wires here. I'm gonna go through them with you to get some of them installed before we put our new head unit into the Jeep. So first, I'm gonna show you that this unit has a port here for a memory card. We give that in a kit. You can stick that in. We're not gonna do that because we're not doing anything as far as that goes with that. It also has two different harnesses here when you hook up to your factory harness, one with an amp, one without an amp. We don't have an amp so we're going to use the one without an amp. So what I'm gonna do next is we'll turn this to the back here and start looking at some of our connectors. The one without an amp, I'm going to connect first. I'm going to install. They give this decoder here that plugs into our harness. You'll see it plugs right into the new harness as far as that goes. And then what we're gonna do is start installing our connectors in the back here. So we're gonna take our connectors, install them in the back. You can look into the manufacturer's directions to know which one goes where. We're gonna plug these in, get those installed.Next, we'll install our mic. When we get this into the vehicle, we're going to take it and then route it somewhere in the vehicle wherever you want so we can hear you if you talk on the phone because this has that option. And you're gonna see the port for that right here, the plugin for the mic. Next, we'll use some of our accessories that we have. We're gonna plug them in a while, and you're gonna see that each connector is big or small. So each one, it's pretty simple to put it on. You'll know when it fits. It'll just plug right in. And these are gonna be for accessories as far as auxiliary ins, left, right, subwoofers, all that kind of stuff. Also, there is another option for a camera, a backup camera. That would be this one here. We're gonna plug. That's gonna go right into there. So we'll plug this one in. We don't have that option with ours. Last will be our last connector here. Now once we have those all done, we have some other things here that we're going to use.Our GPS, we're gonna have to mount this in the vehicle then on a flat spot to pick up our GPS signal. That's gonna go on this connector right here and plug into that, and then we'll route these wires once we get it into the vehicle. Now we have two other plugs here that have connectors, one is for media, one is for iLink Pro. What we're gonna do with these is I'm gonna attach these and put them in and then feed them into the glove box of the vehicle. That way, if you need to use this function of the radio, you'll be able to connect right to them and just grab the wires out of the glove box and do what you have to do. So I'm just going to plug them in for now. And then when we get this unit in the car, we'll fish them into the glove box. This is the media one. I'm gonna leave that one like that. This is the iLink one.So now that we have those all installed, we're going to go and start installing our head unit into our vehicle. So the first thing we're going to do is look at our factory wires. This one here, it doesn't look like we use this on this unit, so I'm just gonna tuck that back inside there and get it out of the way. I'm going to start by installing our main harness and get our main harness installed. Just click in place. This is our heater harness. That'll stay out of the way. These are our antenna. We're gonna hook them up later. Next, what I'm gonna do is start fishing wires that we have. We're gonna try to fish them down into the glove box area. The first one I'm gonna fish down in there is going to be the satellite radio one. There is a little hole right there where I can bring it through, and then we'll finish feeding that when I get it in place. The next wires that I'm gonna fish in there are the media wires that we installed on the table. I'm gonna put them and put them all in the glove box too and try to get them to go through this little slot here. I'm gonna fish that one through, and then we'll just end up rolling these up and putting them in the glove box then. And you wanna keep them up over top of the heater vent so it doesn't get caught.Next, we're going to take our mic. I'm gonna drop that and fish that down through and, hopefully, that'll come out down underneath the dash and we can pull that. So I just fished the mic through here. I tried to get it to go down through the dash there. It was a little tight, so it's better off just going back in here and we'll come out by the steering column here. And I gave it plenty of wire so you can put it wherever you want. For our demonstration purposes, I'm just going to end up mounting it right here. But, again, they give you so much wire you could run it to the back if you wanted. So now the last thing we're going to install is our GPS unit. Okay. We're gonna find a piece of metal. There is one right up here. I'm gonna stick it up and I put the GPS unit up in there. So now what we're going to do is we're going to grab our unit. I'm gonna take all the excess wires, push them to the back. They're gonna sit down inside here. Now all these auxiliary wires that we hooked up, we're not using. But if you go through them, you can see different options of what you can do with them. I'm gonna put the wires all back inside here. And then I'm going to install our antenna. That just plugs in. Clips like that.Once we have all the wires underneath here, tuck them down inside this spot here. There's some metal brackets back here you got to watch because that's what was going on. They get caught on them and then it's hard to push it back. Now once I get it to that point, we'll put our screws in and install our head unit. So now we have all our wires back there pushed down inside. I'm gonna start our 7-millimeter screws, I should say. I'll start them in here, all four corners, snug them up. Now before I put this back in, I did plug it in just to make sure it came on. It's always a good idea because it would suck to get it all in and it don't work.So now all the auxiliary wires are in the back. If you're going to use them, you can hook them up at that time before you do this and plug everything in if you're using it. If you have an amp, if you have a backup camera, you have to wire that all in. We don't have any of that so that's why the auxiliary wires are just down in the back there. So now once we have the head unit in, I have my mic wire fished here, we're going to start with installing our plastic dash pad back in place and we'll take and tuck our other wires into our glove box. So I'm just gonna tuck our auxiliary wires into here, for now. That's if you need them. That's why I ran them through there and then shut our glove box. That got them out of the way in case you ever need them. So now we're gonna install our plastic dash piece here. I'm gonna take that, drop it down into place, get it lined up, and get that back in.Now we'll reinstall our 7-millimeter down here. Take my 7-millimeter socket and a 1/4-inch drive ratchet, tighten this one up. Put our 7-millimeter up top here. Put our cup tray back in place. We'll install our window controller. Just plug that in. It's gonna go up in first, push down in the bottom. And we have one more screw on this side to put in. Now we'll put in our 7-millimeter right here. I'm just gonna get it started. Use my 7-millimeter socket and 1/4-inch drive ratchet and tighten this up. Once that's in place, push our clips back in. I think the bottom clip that we have here is broke so this is not gonna...yeah, the clip is busted so we're gonna let that go. And now we'll hook our mic up. And now that I tucked my wires back in there, I'm gonna just pull the adhesive off on our mic. I'm gonna put this mic right here for now. Again, they give you plenty of wire so you can run it anywhere you want.And with that, that wraps up this install. So now I'm just gonna go through some functions with you of our new head unit. You're gonna have your radio, your menu, your navigation, mute over here, your bands, whether you want FM, AM. You'll just be able to push it because it's touchscreen. You can go into your Setup page here. That gives you the Radio Text option. I'm gonna go back. I'll go into menu then it gives you and brings up all your different options that you can use on this. You have Info, Navigation path, File, Camera, which would be the backup camera. We don't have that hooked up, Audio, the System, and these are some of your other options that we had in the back that we didn't hook up, your SD card which goes in here if you pull from there, an iPod, your AV input. I'm gonna go back here. Like I said, you'd have your Navigation, your Radio, your Phone, and your Media and all that. All these links are right here. And then you can just go to your radio, which will bring up your stereo. It's also touchscreen as far as that goes. You set your stations. You can just touch into whatever station you wanna listen to, pretty much simply just like that. It knows it. And you can also manually adjust your station right here and you can turn it with the dial too. So it gives you a lot of different options as far as this goes to use compared to the factory unit.That wraps up this review and install of our Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation Unit with Smartphone Link for '07 to '18 Jeep Wrangler JKs. Thanks for watching, and for all things Jeep, keep it right here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • OE-Style Touch Screen Navigation/Entertainment System
    • See Notes Below Regarding SYNC Compatibility
    • Nine-inch 16:9 LCD Touch-Screen - 1024 x 600 Resolution
    • Navigation System with IGO Primo Software Preloaded
    • North American Maps Included
    • Multimedia Player via USB or SD Card Reader
    • Built in AM/FM RDS Tuner with DSP Noise Masking
    • Parrot Bluetooth - Android and Apple Compatible
    • Reverse/Back-up Camera Ready
    • SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatible
    • Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad Ready
    • Includes External Microphone
    • Factory Style Dash Bezel Included
    • SXV300 Tuner Required for Satellite Radio Integration- Sold Separately
    • Fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKs


    GPS Touch Screen Navigation. Upgrade the factory radio found in your Jeep Wrangler to a state-of-the-art touch screen navigation/entertainment system with a Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation System. This Navos Navigation System features a 9-inch touch-screen LCD display with a factory style dash bezel that maintains an OE-Style appearance. This navigation/entertainment system is not just a larger display, it also includes iGO Primo Navigation Software, AM/FM Tuner, Multimedia Player and Bluetooth capability. You get all these great features in 1 unit.

    iGO Primo Navigation. The Navos Navigation System is pre-loaded with state of the art iGO Primo software. iGO Primo provides voice and visual turn-by-turn directions to any destination in North America with easy to follow graphics. In addition iGO includes 2D and 3D modes, as well as topography and 3D building views for major cities. As an added bonus the iGO Primo is loaded with more than 17 million points of interest across the US and Canada.

    Entertainment System. This is not just a GPS Navigation Unit. This is a complete Multi-Media Entertainment System that plays all your MP3, AAC, and WMA files via USB connectivity and SD card reader. The Navos GPS Navigation System also features a high performance AM/FM RDS Tuner with DSP Noise Masking so you can listen to all of your favorite local AM and FM stations.

    SYNC Compatibility. While the unit will work with SYNC and non-SYNC cars, it does not retain the SYNC functionality. Instead it replaces SYNC with ability to activate your phone's voice activation features like Siri and OK Google via the talk button on the steering wheel or the on screen button. Using this, you can make calls, play music, dictate text messages and emails, or any other functions that your phone can do via voice control. Compatible phone required (Android/iPhone).

    Nine-Inch Touch-screen Display. The original factory equipped navigation screen is small and can be hard to read. To fix this embarrassing issue Navos includes a significantly larger 9-inch 16:9 LCD capacitive anti-glare Touch-Screen display with a much higher 1024 x 600 resolution making it much easier to read at a quick glance.

    Built-In Bluetooth. Featuring Parrot Bluetooth technology, the Navos Navigation Unit is both Android and Apple compatible so you can pair your mobile phone or device wirelessly to the navigation system. This enables you to have hands free control for making calls or streaming music over your car's stereo.

    Smartphone Link. Built in functionality allows for a smarter, safer way to use your iOS and Android Phone in your Wrangler. By utilizing the USB dongle provided with your Navos navigation system, Smartphone Link lets you operate your iOS and Android Phone right on your Navos display so you can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road. All you have to do is connect your phone and go!

    SiriusXM Ready. Navos designed its OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation System to be SiriusXM Satellite Radio compatible when installed along with a plug-and-play SXV300 Tuner (not included - sold separately). With the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle tuner installed you will be able to listen to your SiriusXM subscription at anytime, anywhere. SiriusXM subscription not included.

    Back-up Camera Ready. For safety and convenience, Navos includes the input needed to install most universal back-up cameras (not included). The camera will operate the same as a factory camera and will automatically activate when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. The only difference is your view will be on a much larger and easier to see 9-inch display.

    Application. This Navos OE-Style Touchscreen Navigation fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKs. Please note that you will lose the use of your CD player with this Navigation System installed.

    Technical Note. Please note that a Lightning Cable (not included) will be required to play music from and to charge your Apple brand device.

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Installation & What's in the Box

    Installation Info

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    • Navigation Unit
    • Dash Bezel Panel
    • External Microphone
    • Installation Hardware

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