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How to Install a McGard Chrome Hex Lug Nut Kit with Wheel Locks, 13/16 in. on your 1987-2015 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & JK

Installation Time

30 minutes

Extreme Terrain
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1 Verify that lug nuts/bolts are the correct style as recommended by the wheel manufacturer, including the spare tire (i.e. flat seat, cone seat, radius seat, shank, cone-shank).

2 For nut installations install one new fastener onto the front and rear wheel by hand. Tighten fasteners to the recommended torque specification.

3 Remove both fasteners. Look at the seating surface of the fasteners. If the seating surface is not marked by the wheel, the lug nut may have bottomed out on the wheel stud. This means the lug nuts are not the proper ones for your vehicle.

4 If installing bolts, make sure the shank length matches your current lug bolt. Too short a length could cause thread damage. Too long a length can extend beyond the rotor and cause damage to other vehicle parts.


1 If studs are rusty, clean with a wire brush prior to installing lug nuts/bolts. Do not lubricate threads.

2 Start fasteners by hand.

3 Minimum thread engagement must be equal to the thread diameter of the wheel stud/bolt, if there are any questions regarding this call Technical Support at 1-800-444-5847.

4 Tighten fasteners in a progressive crisscross pattern to the recommended installation torque found in your vehicle owner’s manual. For best results, use a torque wrench and socket for final tightening. Fasteners should be retorqued after 25 miles of driving.

5 It is not recommended to use an impact wrench. Use of an impact wrench can result in uneven or over tightening of fasteners, which could damage wheels or distort brake rotors.

SplineDrive Tips:

1 SplineDrive lug nuts are for use on alloy wheels only, not for use on steel wheels.

2 Care must be taken not to dent or scratch SplineDrive lugs with colored caps or rings.

3 When removing the lug nut, do not drop. Carefully place down with aluminum cap up.

4 To install SplineDrive® Lug Nuts you will need to use the installation tool that came with the lug nuts. Insert tool carefully and apply inward pressure when tightening and loosening to keep the tool in place. (see figure 3*).

Helpful Hint:

Be sure to save enough Original Equipment Manufacturer fasteners for use with the O.E.M. spare tire/wheel.

Questions? call McGard Customer Service M–F,
8AM–5PM Eastern time,
800-444-5847 or


This McGard® product is to be used only in accordance with the specific instructions on this package. McGard assumes no responsibity for misapplication or misuse of the information contained within its printed literature. The user must verify with the vehicle manufacturer and wheel manufacturer the correct lug nut thread size, length and shape of seat (cone or flat seat) before installing lug nuts. Use of the wrong size or type of lug nut will damage the receiving thread and may cause failure or loss of the wheel which may result in serious injury. McGard is not responsible for clearance problems with hubcaps or wheel covers. 

Limited Warranty:

To the original purchaser McGard LLC warrants its chrome plated lug nuts against defects of workmanship and materials for life. Chrome plating on lug nuts is warranted for life not to chip, peel or rust under normal use and care. Open-ended, non-decorative lug nuts are warranted against defects of workmanship and materials for a period of one year. Individual parts suspected of defects must be returned prepaid and adequately packaged to McGard and after inspection will be replaced without charge if found to be defective. This is the only warranty on McGard® products and no other express warranty will be binding on the manufacturer. Corrosion on parts and/or discoloration of anodized color rings and caps due to neglect, prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light, adverse weather or chemicals is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any item that has been damaged, mutilated, altered, misused or abused. McGard reserves the right to make changes in specification and design. The product in this package is designed for sale in North & South America only. Replacement key service and warranty for this product can only be performed through the headquarters location in the USA. Product owner is responsible for all shipping and handling charges outside of North America.


McGard's liability shall be limited exclusively to repairing or replacing individual parts under the conditions as aforesaid, and in no event will McGard be liable for consequential damages