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Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Storage

Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Storage

Your Jeep Wrangler opens new opportunities to explore frontiers and off-road adventures nearly impossible to any other vehicle. Jeeps carried U.S. soldiers through the plains of World Wars in Europe, and now they carry us through untamed terrains to carry out our own manifest destinies. Beyond their power and off-road capacity, modern Jeep Wranglers such as the YJ, TJ and JK series are somewhat roomy and comfortable, offering the storage space to go travel on a weeklong hike or take the family camping for the weekend. But for those longer trips, or just needing to take more stuff with us, we can always use more.

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Looking for ways to improve your Jeep Wrangler’s storage capacity? There are plenty of aftermarket accessories Jeep owners can use to improve their off-road storage capacity and open some room for their passengers.

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Packing Emergency Supplies

There are plenty of modifications and mounts that will safely carry all your equipment on your next road trip. Fuel, water, starter fluid, and oil: check! But what’s exactly the safest way to store these items.

It’s always ideal to carry an extra gallon of gas in case you veer too far from the road. Extra water and fuel is required as well. A jerry can is a safe and inexpensive storage container for your gas and lock-tight cam cans can provide safe, durable storage for any extra liquid you bring with you.

There are several mounts available to carry your jerry or cam cans on your Wrangler’s exterior:

  • Drill-less side mount trays for both sides of the vehicle
  • Spare tire excursion racks with ratchet straps
  • Mounted jerry can tray right on your spare tire

There’s plenty of benefits to investing in an organized cam can kit:

  • Color coded cam cans to identify materials in low light conditions
  • Durable, rotational molded polyurethane to protect cans against UV light and debris
  • Convenient tire and side bracket mounts to protect interior equipment, in case of spills

You’ll be happy you did in case any emergency ever arises.

There’s even options to secure flashlights and fire extinguishers during travel. The rollbar is the ideal place to hold flashlights and fire extinguishers so you're always prepared in case of an emergency.

There’s even dash organizers to put emergency supplies including tweezers, knives, and a first aid kit. Best of all, all materials are durable and mounts are available for easy installation of all items. No professional assembly required!

Jerry Can Tray Mount

Hauling Large Equipment With Your Jeep

If you’re looking to go mountain biking through the forest than there are plenty of rear cargo racks and mounts you can hook right up to your Wrangler. Bike racks and mounts are available and require very little installation. Roof racks are also ideal if you're hauling multiple bikes or a canoe for that next whitewater rafting adventure.

Hitch mounted racks and tailgate brackets are perfect for family trips when your cargo space is full. Hitch mounted racks are designed to provide some space between the bumper and are designed to hold larger aftermarket tires.

Do Roof Racks Fit Any Roof? Here are some quick answers:

  • Roof rack mounts will fit most Wrangler models and roof types
  • Bikini and soft tops should only use an expedition roof rack with a basket to protect passengers from unfastened items falling
  • Roof racks are only ideal for large objects that can’t fit in a hitch mounted rack
  • Consult rack materials to assess durability and vibration during vehicle operation

Roof Rack

Securing Valuables

We've all heard the story; somebody parks their Wrangler at a campground only to find their extra storage robbed. Fortunately, there are rear cargo storage containers and cam can mounts with secure locks to secure your valuables.

Have no fear of someone stealing from your extra storage containers the next time you make a pit stop. Ratchet straps can also be clipped onto hitch mounted racks to protect extra storage from dislodging during travel or anyone try to pry open your storage containers.

Cam Can

Jeep Wrangler Gun Mounts

There are plenty of areas a gun mount can be installed for your next hunting trip in your Jeep Wrangler:

  • Side door pistol mount clips
  • Rifle door mounts for a single gun
  • Overhead gun rack

Gun mounts allow for safe storage and concealment during vehicle operation. They also open up more space for other items so you don’t have to stuff your carry case in your passenger seat during your next hunting expedition. You can even carry ammo boxes in flush rear cargo storage containers or lockers. 

Gun Rack Mount

Additional Storage Ideas

Make the most of your Jeep Wrangler’s interior space for all of your outdoor needs. Duffle bags, storage lockers, tents, canopies, food, and other supplies can make for a cramped and uncomfortable ride. Beyond this, it’s not safe to carry hazardous equipment or guns in your trunk without properly storing them.

  • Security deck enclosures add more trunk space to separate and organize items
  • Cargo and rear seat storage bins allow you to store items out of sight from strangers and give you more trunk space
  • Cargo containment mounts prevent spills and secure items during transport
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