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Jeep Wrangler Hood Options: Essential Guide

Jeep Wrangler Hood Options: Essential Guide

While the hood may seem like the most insipid part of your Wrangler, there’s actually a range of customization options available to improve your Wrangler’s performance and aesthetic. From bullish heat-reduction hoods to chic hood bras, you can transform any plain looking Wrangler into a beast of nature. Let’s not forget the Wrangler is an off-road brute already, and the best way to hear it roar is with a ram air hood that will have those RPMs climbing faster than you’ve ever experienced. Yes, only on a Wrangler or a muscle car is a hood not just a hood; it adds to the performance. Here we’ll discuss a host of options to decorate your Wrangler’s hood and also improve its internal performance through new vent systems.

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Changing out your Wrangler's hood can be either style changes or both style and function. Some hoods feature vents to allow for greater cooling, and others have aggressive cowls for a meaner appearance.

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Jeep Wrangler Hoods by Generation

The Jeep Wrangler hood has always been stubby by nature because of the front fascia’s bull-faced design. The only major change to happen to the Wrangler’s front fascia occured in 2006 when the grille was redesigned with a sharper angle. In essence, this created a shorter hood and longer fenders. JK models have further increased the angle of the grilled resulting in a smaller hood over the years.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler will reportedly use aluminum for its hood as a lightweight alternative to steel. There are currently lightweight fiberglass hoods available over at ExtremeTerrain, which offer superior protection to stock hoods and use a lighter material.

New aftermarket hoods offer a sporty appearance and fresh look to the ordinary stock hood. Fortunately, aftermarket and replacement Jeep hoods aren't too expensive and usually require drill-less installation.

Why Upgrade your Wrangler’s Hood Vent System

Perhaps the best reason to upgrade to an aftermarket hood is to offer better ventilation to your engine. Choose from pre-designed cowl hood scoops and vent louvers that provide greater air circulation to your engine. This also serves the same purpose as a cold air intake system and offers many of the same benefits:

  • Provides greater airflow the engine
  • Reduces the internal temperature of the engine, allowing for cool air
  • Increases horsepower and torque as a result
  • Offers better fuel economy

If you choose to add a louver to an existing hood then you should seek out professional assistance. This will require heavy tools and cutting into the hood of your Wrangler. Some people find adding a hood scoop to their existing hood vent creates better airflow through greater forced induction.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in cooling performance, then the ram air scoop is ideal. With a carbon fiber top, this aggressive hood scoop is wide enough to let in huge amounts of air to cool your engine quickly on the road.

Wrangler Hood Accessories

Sometimes upgrades are not always about performance. If you’re looking to add a fresh and aggressive look to your Wrangler, then consider some of these popular accessories:

  • Hood catch kit
  • Cowl hood vent cover
  • LED hood lights
  • Hood bra
  • Hood dress up kit

If you’re looking to protect your internal engine components from being stolen or just want to reduce rattle on the highway, then you should invest in a secure hood lock. Bug deflectors serve to catch rocks and debris that could potentially damage your hood or its paint job. With simple bolt-on installation, many hood accessories don't require any drilling or cutting.

For convenience, a gas powered hood shock allows you to operate under the hood without the strut getting in the way. Ensure the hood strut matches the model and specifications of the Jeep hood so it fits properly. 

Choosing an Aftermarket Wrangler Hood

With so many options to choose from, how do you choose the right hood for your Wrangler? Here are four things to keep in mind when deciding on a new hood:

  • Cooling abilities
  • Size and model
  • Aesthetics
  • Cost

Heat dispersion and reduction hoods allow heat to escape, but they don't necessarily increase airflow to your engine. A fiberglass hood with a cowl vent can increase engine airflow, but a cold air filter can also do it at a slightly lower price.

Consider the materials of the hood itself. Steel hoods are incredibly susceptible to crack, chips, and corrosion from UV light and debris. Restoring a steel hood is also painstaking, and most times it’s cheaper to purchase a new hood.

Steel hoods are also heavier and don't allow for proper air release, putting greater stress on your engine. Hood louvers and manually installed vents can circumvent cooling issues, but there are greater performance options out there.

The ram air hood provides the best cooling abilities, but it also has a very aggressive appearance. For some Wrangler owners, a new hood provides a sporty and bullish appearance that’s missing from the factory Wrangler.

While still retaining its traditional appearance, a few upgrades can transform your Jeep into an armored vehicle. Whatever you choose, be sure to consult with our team to find a hood that matches the specifications of your Wrangler.

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