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How to Install a Flowmaster Force II Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust on your 2000-2006 Wrangler TJ

Installation Time

3 hours

Extreme Terrain
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Packing List

Qty   Description   Part #
1   Mufflers   
1   Tailpipe Assembly   
1   Flanged Inlet Pipe Assembly   
1   Hardware Kit   
2   2-1/2” Clamp   
2   7/16” Hanger Keepers   
2   10 x 1.5 Hex Nuts   
2   3/8” Flat Washers   


1) Apply a penetrating lubricant to the two nuts at the flanged connection behind the catalytic converter as well as the two rubber hangers that support the tailpipe.

2) Using a hacksaw or sawsall, cut the stock tailpipe where it exits the muffler.

3) Separate the tailpipe hanger rod from the rubber mounts. A pry bar works well for this. Once the hangers are free, remove the tailpipe by working it out over the axle to the rear.

​4) The two 15mm nuts at the flanged connection in front of the muffler are very difficult to reach due to the large transmission skid plate. In most cases you can use a long extension and flex adapter to reach the left nut from the front of the skid plate. The right nut can be reached with a flex head ratchet and a deep socket from the rear of the skid plate. If the nuts are severely rusted or frozen and you can’t get them loose, it may be necessary to remove the skid plate to gain better access. Because it also acts as the transmission crossmember, you will have to support the transmission before removal. 


1) Place the flanged inlet pipe up into position behind the cat and attach using the new nuts and washers provided. The adapter needs to be oriented so that it angles slightly to the right side of the vehicle.

2) Place a clamp onto each of the muffler necks, and then slide the muffler onto the inlet pipe.

3) Work the tailpipe up over the axle from the rear, and insert into the muffler outlet. Connect the two hanger rods with the rubber mounts to support the tailpipe.

​4) Check for proper fit and clearance around the system. Then securely tighten down all connections. Install the two push-on hanger keepers onto the tailpipe hanger rods to prevent them from slipping out.