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How to Install Daystar 1 in. Polyurethane Body Mount Lift Kit (07-17 Wrangler JK w/ Automatic Transmission) on your Jeep Wrangler

Installation Time

3 hours

Tools Required
  • 5/8 wrench
  • 16 mm socket
  • 18 mm socket
  • Extension
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Torque wrench
  • Floor jack x 1
  • 2 x 4 block of wood 12” x 1
  • 4 x 4 block of wood 8” x 1
Extreme Terrain
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Torque Specification

• Isolator nuts 40 ft lbs.
• Mounting bolts 80 ft lbs.


M03763 x 12 body lift
S11082 x 24 stud extenders
P11153 x 1 thread lock

Installation steps

1. The tools needed for installation are on the back cover. A list of parts in the
kit are under the tool listing. Make sure have all of the proper tools and understand these directions before proceeding. Torque specs are on back cover.

2. If working on a 2dr module jeep, you will have 2 extra mounts and 4 extra
stud extenders.

3. Place Jeep on a level ground. Open the hood and use a Phillips screw driver
to twist the center of the push pin insert to release and remove the six push
pin fasteners(1), release the lower clips( 3 ) and separate the grille from the
Jeep and disconnect the electrical connectors ( 4).

4. With a 16mm socket loosen the two nuts at each of the body mounts, with a
18mm socket loosen the one bolt at each of the body mount. DO NOT remove at this time. 2dr 10 mount / 4 door 12 mount locations.

5. Place the floor jack under the Jeep tub between the front and rear wheel. Rise
up the jack with the 2x4 block of wood on top of the jack and remove only
one side of the bolt and nuts from the Jeep.

6. Slowly raise up the jeep with the block of wood between the jack and the tub
of the jeep, about 4” off the body mounts and place 4x6 piece of wood between
the frame and the jeep tub. Remove one mount at a time.

7. Place thread lock on the stud extenders.( 2 at a time ) Using a 5/8 wrench install the extenders on the body mount and tighten down.

8. With the extenders tight install the body mount spacer over the stock mount.

9. With the spacer mount installed. Install the mount into the fame support. ( Note) When installing the front grill mount put the 2 studs in grill frame first, using the 2 studs and nut to hold the mount in the grill.

10. Repeat steps 7 to 9 with the remainder of the mounts on this side.

11. After you have installed on one side remove the 4x6 block of wood and lower
down the Jeep tub onto the body mounts and install the 2 nuts and 1 bolt per
mount and had tighten down and move the floor jack over to the other side and
repeat steps 5 threw 10. If all the mounts have been installed, remove the 4x6
block of wood and lower jeep tub onto the body mounts.

12. With all the body mount spacers installed remove the floor jack. use a 16mm
socket and tighten all the 2 nuts per mount down to 40 ft lbs. Using a 18mm
socket tighten down the 1 bolt per mount down to 80ft lbs.

13. Connect the electrical connectors(4) and position the grill(2) onto the front
end of the grill support and seat the clips(3) fully. Install the push pin fasteners(1).

14. Close the hood down. 

15. Check that all the bolts and nuts are tighten down to spec.

16. If a 2 door Jeep there will have lift over body mounts and stud extenders.

17. Check all bolt and nuts after 500 miles.

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