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Corbeau Trailcat Reclining Seats; Black Vinyl/Black Stitching; Pair (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

Item J107967
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. So today we're checking out the Corbeau Trailcat Reclining Seats in Black Vinyl with Black Stitching in a pair, fitting all 1987 to 2018 YJ, TJ, and JK Wranglers. So if you're in search of a sporty look and comfort to match for your interior, this option by Corbeau is something that you definitely need to check out.Now there's a number of reasons why you would want to upgrade the seats in your Wrangler, whether your factory seats are torn or worn out and showing their age, or you're just looking for an upgrade in a sporty look in the inside of your Wrangler. Now these are also gonna be great for you guys out there that are going off-road a lot, and you want something that is secure, can hold you in place while you're bouncing around on the trail and even for you guys that are looking to add a harness to your interior, again, to keep you in place while you're bouncing around. Now this option by Corbeau is going to do all of that. This will accept a three point harness and even a five point harness if you're looking to run that and install that in the future.These seats are gonna come with a unique diamond pattern in the back, as well as the bottom of the seat and they are gonna have black stitching. And I really liked that black on black because it gives it a very sleek look, again adding to the sportiness of the seats, but that diamond pattern is going to be very unique in comparison to some other options that you may be seeing on the category page. Now these are going to also have a very well proportioned bolster on the side as well as on the bottom. Now up on top, as you can see on the one-piece backing here, you do have a larger bolster and that's what's gonna hug you tight and keep you in place when you are bouncing around on the trail. Now that lower bolster is going to be a little bit smaller, but it is still going to be very comfortable. And what I really like about this design is that Corbeau really thought about putting these seats in a lifted vehicle, especially a Jeep. So those lower bolsters are gonna help you out when you're getting in and out of your Wrangler very easily, especially if your Jeep is lifted. Not to mention, you're gonna have injection-molded foam underneath, which is going to remain very comfortable, perfect for you guys that are taking long drives with your Jeep and want something that's gonna hold up for a very long time. And they have a strong tubular frame that is very lightweight.So as far as pricing goes for the pair, these are Corbeau sit at roughly at $900. And I personally think that set at a really good price point, considering that these are gonna be very high-quality seats and that they are of their own, they're very unique in comparison to some other choices that are on the page. Now, again, these are Corbeau be high-quality, Corbeau is a very trusted brand, you can ensure that you're getting a quality part when you are ordering from Corbeau and you can really see that down to at the design and all the little intimate features of this seat. Now I really do like the fact that this does come with a reclining feature that adds a little of the luxury from the factory but the overall look and the overall function of the seat is very sporty and going to be perfect for you guys that are either looking for that sporty look or you're looking for that sporty function when you are off-road.And I would like to mention it that this set just comes with both of the seats, the front passenger and the front driver, but you will need to order the brackets in order to mount them up in your Jeep separately. Now Corbeau does offer the brackets, we do have them available on our site for multiple generations. So I would keep that in mind when you are looking at the price of these as well as the generation. I would recommend to pay attention to that because there are a number of different seat brackets, and you want to make sure that you get the right ones for your Wrangler.Now speaking of the brackets in the seats themselves, they also are very easy to install. So this is gonna be a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, probably taking you an hour to get these in your Jeep with some very basic hand tools. So speaking of that install to jump into that now. The tools that I used for my install were an impact wrench, a 3-inch extension, 7/32-inch Allen key, a T45 Torx socket, an 18-millimeter and 16-millimeter socket and a 3/8-inch drive ratchet.So the first step to our install is to take out our factory seats. Before we take out the seat in the bracket, we want to make sure that the wiring harness underneath this seat is disconnected so we can protect those wires. I'm just gonna press down on that tab, pull back and disconnect the clip.Our next step is to disconnect our seat belt here. If you follow the seat belt down all the way to the seat and lift up the fabric, you'll see that there is a Torx bolt holding it on, I'm gonna be using a T45 Torx socket and a 3/8-inch drive ratchet in order to remove that. All right. You want to make sure that you save that bolt because we will be reusing it. Then we can disconnect our seat belt and put that to the side.Our next step is to disconnect our seat bracket, we're gonna start with the front. I'm gonna be using an 18-millimeter socket on my impact wrench to remove the two bolts on the front part of the bracket and then we'll move to the back. Again, we want to make sure that we're saving our bolts because we will be reusing them. Put that to the side. And then what we can do from here is just slide our seat all the way forward so we can access the rear bolts.So again, with that 18-millimeter socket, we can repeat that process for the back. Making sure that we save our factory bolts. Now that all of our hardware is disconnected what we can do is remove our seat from our Wrangler. Now this will take a little bit of finagling but we'll be able to get it out pretty easily. You may have to adjust the seat back and forth in order to remove it.So our next step to this install is to get our Trailcats here onto our Corbeau seat bracket. Now, again, this is not included in the kit, you will have to purchase it separately, but the Corbeau seat will have the pre-installed bolts down at the bottom in order to secure it to the bracket. So you will need a 7/32-inch Allen key as well as a hand ratchet in order to install them. What we're gonna do first with our seat is take out the bolts on each corner. So I'm again going to use that 7/32-inch Allen key and just loosen them up, they should come out pretty easily. And then we can put these to the side because we'll be securing down the bracket to the seat with these bolts.So, as you can tell here, I have the seat flipped upside down on the side of the table, this is just gonna make sure that it's easy for us to flip over the bracket and get it installed about the seat moving around a lot. So what I'm gonna do is grab our bracket, flip that upside down as well with the slider all the way forward, that way we can access the mounting points in the front, and then we'll be able to move it back to access the mounting points in the rear. So I'm gonna hold that there, grab the two Allen bolts for the front and mount that onto our seat.All right. So once you have a couple threads in, we can take that same 7/32-inch Allen socket, I'm also using an extension just to give myself a little clearance past this mounting point here and we're just gonna go ahead and tighten that down. Now with the front two installed and tightened down, what we can do is push down on our latch here that's going to release this so we can slide it forward and access those rear mounting holes.Now that our brackets all the way forward, we can take our bolts for the back and secure them down. I would like to mention, I did not completely tighten the front bolt just to make sure we had some wiggle room to line up the rear bolts here, and then we'll go back and tighten everything down at the end. Once all four bolts are in, what we can do is tighten them up. You can use a hand ratchet or an impact wrench and that 7/32-inch Allen key.Before we hop into installing our new Corbeau seat in our Wrangler, I wanted to stop down, tell you guys a little bit more about these new Trailcats in comparison to our factory seats. And right off the bat, you can tell that our factory seat has a seat cover on it and if you peel this up, you'll see that the leather on here is actually damaged and that's just one of the perfect examples why you would want to upgrade to a newer seat like this.Now speaking of that fabric, this one specifically has a leather material on the seat that's very common for a lot of Wranglers, but what's also more common is that fabric material. Now that can also wear out over time and rip over time and it can fade a lot. Now with this new Corbeau seat, you are getting a durable and premium of black vinyl material. I really like the look of it, it is very similar to leather, but it is gonna be pretty durable for what it is. Now you're also getting some black stitching. I really like the fact that it is black, considering that it makes this seat look very sleek with that all-black feature.Now the big thing about this seat that I really like is the fact that you're gonna have this diamond stitching or this diamond pattern in the middle, it adds some style and some uniqueness to the interior as to where these stock ones are pretty plain how they are. And there are gonna be some similarities between the two. You are getting that reclining feature for that luxury aspect and that comfortability just like you had on your factory seat and you're also getting a foam core.Now this seat is going to have injected foam, so it is going to remain pretty comfortable. However, at the same time, it's going to be pretty rigid, keeping you in place, especially for you guys that like to go out on the trail. Now speaking of keeping you in place on the trail, this is going to have a different bolster design than our factory setup. Now on our factory seat, you can see here that you're gonna have those side bolsters and bolsters down at the bottom. Those are going to be very comfortable, but they're not gonna do just as good of a job as this one at keeping you in place and keeping you in your seat while you're bouncing around on the trail.Now these side bolsters even up at the top are gonna come out a lot farther, that's gonna keep you secured, keep you stable while you're driving. Now the bottom ones are gonna be a little bit lower but that is a benefit, even though it may look like they are not gonna keep you in place, they definitely will. And it's going to allow you to get in and out of your Jeep a lot easier and a lot more comfortably. Now those low bolsters are especially good if your Jeep is lifted and even if it's not lifted, the Jeep is still pretty high, so that's gonna help you out in that department.Now there are a couple notable features on this seat besides the very sporty look. This is also going to be very lightweight with a light week tubular frame inside the seat itself. So I'm sure you'll see when you do replace the seats that your factory seat is actually pretty heavy. With this new one, it is lightweight, adding to the sportiness of it. And speaking of that sportiness, you're getting that harness up at the top or that harness slot. And I do like the fact that it is conjoined in comparison to some other options that have their individual slots, I think it adds to a sleekness and sportiness of the seat. You're also getting the Corbeau stamp up at the top and you guys can't see it right now, but you're also getting an embroidered emblem over at the back just adding to that Corbeau in that very sleek look. So overall again, you are getting a lot of upgrades within this seat and you also are getting a lot of style and comfortability at that over your factory setup. So what do you say we go install these new seats?Before we put our new Corbeau seat in our Wrangler, we do want to make sure that we take the seat belt buckle and transfer it over so we are able to use our seat belt. So we do have to unbolt it, but there is a wiring harness here that we will have to unplug, so we're gonna do that first. All we have to do is follow this wiring harness down. There is gonna be a small gray connector that we can just unplug here, making sure that that red locking tab is unlocked, gonna go ahead and press down on that, pull back, and then now that is disconnected and we can unbolt it and transfer it over.So if you follow the buckle down, you'll see that this is connected at the bottom with a bolt. I'm gonna take a 16-millimeter socket and remove that bolt. Making sure that we are keeping our bolt for re-install on our new seat, we can grab our buckle and guide our harness out. Making sure that we're on the correct side, we're gonna take our seat belt buckle, put the buckle on our bracket here. There is a location to put the pin to make sure it aligns, and we'll be able to move up and down. You can take our factory bolt and actually thread that into the bracket, there are gonna be threads there, take our 16-millimeter socket and tighten that up.Now we will not be able to do anything with this harness considering that this seat does not have an airbag, so we are just gonna tuck this up and out of the way. What we can do now is install our seat. So we are just gonna position this over the factory mounting points. Like I said, it is pretty light in comparison to the factory seat so you really shouldn't have that many issues getting it in. Put it down in place. So once the seat is in what we can do is grab our factory hardware and secure it down.Now again, I'm not gonna tighten everything down at first, I am going to get them threaded in and snugged up but I want to make sure that we are able to adjust this and line up all the holes perfectly. I'm gonna take that 18-millimeter socket that we used before and just snug these up. So I do have to push a little bit on the seat just because this bracket for the buckle is pushing up against the center console, that is completely normal. So just gonna give a little push, just to line up the bracket. All right. Now that the front is secure, what we can do is move the seat up and work on the back. So now with the seat forward, we can secure the back, same factory bolts. And then once all four bolts are in and the seat is sitting in the correct spot, we can tighten them all down with that 18-millimeter socket.Last but not least making sure that the seat belt is not twisted at all, we are going to resecure it to our new bracket here. Like on the other side for our buckle, there is a threaded hole and a slot for the pin down at the bottom. So I'm just going put that in there, take our battery bolt, thread that into place. Then we can take our T45 Torx socket that we use to remove this bolt and tighten that up. All right. After that is secured down, all you have to do is repeat that process on the other side, and you're all set to go. That's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. Again, make sure to like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this, always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Sporty Black Diamond Pattern
      • Low Thigh Bolsters for Ease of Getting In/Out
      • Supportive Kidney Bolsters
      • Lightweight Tubular Frame with Injection Molded Foam Padding
      • Premium Black Vinyl Material with Black Stitching
      • Fully Recline-able for Maximum Comfort
      • Harness Pass-Through Opening
      • Standard Size - for Up to a 38-40" Waist
      • Sold as a Pair 
      • One-Year Warranty
      • Requires Corbeau Seat Brackets for Installation
      • Fits 1966-2023 Jeep CJ and Wrangler Models


      Unique Seat Design. You can enhance the interior styling of your Jeep Wrangler with the Corbeau Trailcat Diamond Pattern Seat with Black Stitching. These unique seats have a universal design for Jeep models. The strategically-placed kidney and low thigh bolsters mean that you'll stay securely in place and won't have any problems getting in and out of your seat. Best of all these Seats are fully recline-able for maximum comfort and convenience.

      Harness-ready. These Corbeau Seats not only add impressive good looks to your Wrangler's interior, but they are functional as well. Corbeau designed their Trailcat Seats with a pass-through for your racing harness, making them ideal for Jeep Wranglers that see extreme off road use.

      Standard Size. These Corbeau Trailcat Seats are the standard size option for drivers with a waist size of 38" to 40 inches.

      Superior Construction. Corbeau constructs their Trailcat Seats using a strong lightweight tubular frame for superior strength and rigidity. The Seats injection molded foam padding is covered in a high quality, vinyl material that features a diamond pattern in black stitching. These upholstered seats not only look great, but they will be able to take the abuse from everyday use.

      Straight Forward Installation. Corbeau Seats are straight forward to install. Using just basic hand tools, installation can be completed in about 3 hours’ time.

      Required Upgrade. Installation of these Corbeau Racing Seats will require the use of new seat brackets – sold separately. Please note seat brackets are year-specific. Select your application from the options listed above.

      One-Year Warranty. The superior craftsmanship from Corbeau comes with a one-year limited warranty against materials and workmanship. Corbeau is the last word in amazing seating for your Wrangler, so they will replace any problems found in the limited one-year period.

      Application. These Corbeau Trailcat Diamond Pattern Seats with black stitching are designed to fit all 1966-2023 Jeep CJ and Wrangler models. These Corbeau Seats are sold as a pair - one driver's side seat and one passenger's seat.

      Technical Notes. Aftermarket seats may not be compatible with modern SRS airbag systems.

      Corbeau 44901BPR

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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