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How to Install Bestop Trektop NX (07-17 Wrangler JK 4 Door) on your Jeep Wrangler

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife
  • 13mm Socket
Extreme Terrain
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Pre-Installation notes (only when needed)

Install when temperature is atleast 72 °F.
Leave the top and windows in the sun to stretch and loosen the fabric while you are working.

Installation Instructions:

1. Install Cable Brackets
a. Unzip the roll bar cover all the way to the end past the rear seats till you see a bolt.
b. Make a small slit using the utility knife over the head of the bolt so that the bolt can stick out of it.
c. Unscrew the bolt using a 13mm socket and take the cable bracket and use the factory bolt to screw the cable bracket down. Do this on both sides.

2. Install Rear Bow Brackets
a. As shown in the picture above, unzip the zipper on the angled roll bar, unscrew the bolt with a 13mm socket and install rear bow bracket.
b. Once installed, pull the roll bar cover over and with a utility knife cut at the base of the rear bow bracket. Feed the rear bow bracket through the cut and zip the roll bar cover. Repeat on both sides.

3. Install Rear Door Surrounds
a. Line up the pin on the rear door surround to jeep and slide the top in place.
b. Use the long M8x75mm Knob to hold the rear door surround in place. Repeat on both sides.

4. Install Front Door Surrounds.
a. Line up the holes on the front door surround. The back hole on the front door surround will sit on top of the rear door surround. Use the long M8x75mm Knob on the first hole closer to the windshield. Place the sunrider bracket (see pic below) on the second hole (where the door surrounds overlap) and tighten with the short M8x30mm Knob. Repeat on both sides.

5. Install Front and Top Arch
a. Install front and rear arches into the grooves that are in the door surround. You will need to bend the arches a little bit to get them in place.

6. Install Tailgate Bar Mounts
a. Hook the Tailgate bar Mounts in the back and snap into place. Repeat on both sides.

7. Attach Side Bows to Header/Fabric Assembly
a. Unscrew the metal plate on the sunrider top and insert the side bow.

b. Slide the side bow (Pivot Knuckle faces in) into the opening and align the holes. Use the #8 screws provided to screw the side bow in.

c. Turn the side bow over and screw the two more screws. (Its 4 screws per bow. Screws are on top and bottom of the bow). Repeat for both sides.

d. Once done, install the metal plate back. Repeat for both sides.

e. Use the foam seams to cover the metal plate. Install the foam tape strips on the front edge of the sunrider top. Foam seals have a cutout that should face the bow and a notch for the tab on the side of the top. Repeat for both sides.

8. Mount Header Assembly to Sunrider Bracket
a. Lay the top upside down on the hood. Take the pivot knuckle and pull on the knob to install it in place.

9. Install Middle Bow and Bow Clip
a. Take center bow, slide it through the fabric and install the bow clip in the middle to hold it in place.

b. Pull the middle bow into position and move the rest of the fabric assembly to the back.

c. Use the web strap and snap hook and install it in place in the sports bar. Move the rest of the fabric assembly to the back.

10. Open the sunrider and install rear bow.

a. Open the sunroof top to make it easier to install. Install the rear bow (make sure the bend is facing down) by sliding it into the sleeve at the rear of the deck. Install it into the rear bow brackets and snap the plastic clip to hold it in place.

11. Secure Cable Spring
a. Pull the spring by going under the screw and inside the cable bracket channel into the first hole.

12. Close Sunrider and Secure Header Latch
a. Close the sunroof and secure the header latch. Set the hook but do not lock the latch.

13. Install Rear Window
a. At the top of the rear window is a plastic retainer that matches the retainer on the sunrider top. Line it up and slide it across.

14. Install Side Window
a. Zip just two inches on the quarter window.
b. Start the rear window and only zip about 2 inches.
c. Repeat on both sides.
d. Install retainer inside the channel on the door rail. You will have to roll the quarter window to get it inside the channel.

15. Install Side Window (cont.)
a. Tuck the retainers under the belt rail of the jeep.

16. Install and Secure Tailgate Bar
a. Slide the rear tailgate through the rear window. Center the tailgate bar into the openings and roll it into place.
b. Zip the windows and slide the retainers in place.
c. Push down on the Velcro at the top.

Installation Instructions Written by ExtremeTerrain Customer Indy Parmar 6/14/15