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Best Jeep Wheel Spacers

XT Staff

XT Staff

 / Feb 21 2020

2017 Wrangler 4-Door with Coyote Wheel Spacers

Table of Contents
  1. What do Jeep Wheel Spacers Do?
  2. Complimentary Mods to Wheel Spacers

What do Jeep Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers serve a variety of purposes depending on what you’re trying to get out of your Jeep. From serving as an adapter and changing your existing lug pattern, to adjusting the stance of your Jeep, wheel spacers have a direct impact on performance and aesthetics. You won’t find yourself changing lug pattern unless there’s a specific non-Jeep wheel you want to run. You also don’t need to be using aftermarket wheels to make use of wheel spacers. Pushing out your existing wheels (assuming you have the room) stabilizes your Jeep at higher speeds. If you do elect for wider wheels, spacers may be necessary to make sure you have room, especially at the front where you need the turning radius.

Complimentary Mods to Wheel Spacers

If you’re going for the biggest wheels and tires you can fit under your rig, the best Jeep wheel spacers can only do so much. Flat fenders provide more room on top of wheel spacers. Rather than having a lip on the side, flat fenders have a sharp cut off to reduce tire interference while flexing on the trail. Another consideration is lug nuts. Some aftermarket wheels have inset mounting holes, requiring longer lug nuts. While you’re at it, upgrading to a set of locking wheel lug nuts will protect your investment. The last thing you’d want after shelling out for a new wheel and tire combo is for a thief to render it all moot.