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Best Batteries for Your Jeep Wrangler

Written By: XT Staff

Table of Contents
  1. Types of Jeep Batteries
  2. Which Battery is Best for You?

2013 2-Door Jeep Wrangler Fitted with a Yellow Optima Battery

Types of Jeep Batteries

The standard battery is a liquid filled battery with several cells, conventionally called a lead acid battery. Deep cycle batteries of this type are capable of recharging even after spending 98% of their charge, making them desirable for cold weather and for rigs that see occasional use. Right in the middle are AGM batteries, or absorbed glass mat batteries. These house fiberglass mat plates soaked in acid. The main benefit of these is they aren’t as prone to heat soak and vibration. The last type is a gel battery which mixes the battery acid with a silica substance to create a gel. These batteries can be configured every which way including upside down and not leak unlike flooded/wet cell batteries.

Which Battery is Best for You?

The best battery for your Jeep might be having two batteries. If you’re concerned about powering a winch in a recovery situation or any other secondary systems, having a second in line battery will help prevent draining the system dry in an emergency. Your other option is upgrading from the standard lead acid battery to a more stable AGM or gel battery. With either of those, your battery won’t suffer as much getting jounced along the trails. That being said, a proper tie down will go a long way into keeping any battery safe. Be sure to keep your needs in mind as you nail down the best battery.