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How to Install a Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper on your 07-18 Wrangler Jeep JK; 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

Installation Time

1.5 hours

Tools Required
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • 18 millimeter Deepwell Socket
  • 3/8" or 1/2" Drive Ratchet
  • Breaker bar
  • Socket Swivel
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Torque Wrench
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Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the air dam by removing the four plastic plugs attached to the bottom of the bumper. Using a flat blade screwdriver, gently pry up on alternating sides of the plug to avoid damage.

2. After removing the four plastic plugs, the air dam will swing down.  Remove the two additional plastic plugs inside the air dam on the hinges.

3. Remove the factory fog light connections by pushing the tab in on the brown connector and gently pulling out.  

4. Remove the eight bumper attachment nuts using an 18 millimeter socket.  Break the bolts loose with a breaker bar and then finish removing with a ratchet.

5. The driver’s side inner bumper bolts may be hard to reach because the fuel pump is mounted nearby. Use a deep-well 18 mm socket, swivel and ratchet to remove these two bumper bolts. 

6. Set factory bumper bolts and backing plates aside.  You will not need these to install the new bumper. 

7. Grasping the top tow hooks, pull the factory bumper towards you to remove.  Place bumper out of the way.

8. Optional:  You may remove the bumper splash guard at this time but it is not necessary to fit the new bumper. To remove the splash guard, remove the two plastic Phillips head plugs on each side of the splash guard. Turn very gently as these are easy to strip out.  If you strip out the Phillips head plugs, you can still remove the splash guard by prying underneath with a flat screwdriver.

9. From inside the factory bumper, remove the factory fog lights by removing the 4 Phillips head screws. Repeat for other side.

10. Install the factory fog lights into the openings in the back of the new bumper using the small bolts and locking nuts supplied with the bumper. Ensure the lights are centered in the housing before tightening all bolts/nuts. (Warning - do not over-tighten the bolts or you may crack the plastic housing on the factory fog lights). 

11.  You will have to perform minor modification before mounting the new bumper: (a. For 2014 models) Enlarge two of the factory bumper mounting holes, and (b.) Add some wiring to the factory fog light harness so lights will reach the new bumper locations.  

12. FOR 2014 models:  The two upper outermost bolt holes on the 2014 factory bumper mounting plates are 1/2” diameter; the rest are all 9/16” diameters.  Drill out the two 1/2” bumper mounting holes using a 9/16” metal drill bit. 

13. To lengthen the factory fog light wiring harness, you will need: an electrical crimping tool/cutter, electrical tape, 2 feet of 16-gauge two-strand automotive electrical wire, and electrical connectors of choice (spade or bullet type connectors). **WARNING** Prior to modifying any electrical components, disconnect the negative battery terminal for safety, to eliminate the risk of electrocution.

14. Start by removing the electrical tape where the fog light wiring comes out of the main harness loom. Once the tape is removed, separate the plastic looms and pull the fog light wires out to expose them.

15. Cut the factory fog light wiring harness approximately mid way in the exposed wiring.  (Note: it is recommended that you disconnect the negative battery terminal for safety prior to cutting the wiring) 

16. Add approximately 10-12 inches of 16 gauge automotive grade wire to join the two halves of factory fog light wire harness.  Ensure that you join the wires so that the factory positive and negative wires do not get interchanged or the fog lights will not work.  Attach the wire extensions with your choice of wire connectors – bullet connectors, spade bits, soldering, etc.  Wrap all new connections with electrical tape.  Re-wrap the joint where the wire exits the loom with electrical tape as well.  (Repeat for other side).

17. Place the new Barricade bumper on the bumper mounting pads and temporarily fasten with one of the supplied nuts finger-tight on each side of the bumper.

18. Fasten the bumper with the supplied 18 millimeter nuts, flat washers and lock washers.  Note that each mounting pad requires 3 nuts with washers and one bolt that goes in the innermost upper bolt hole.  Place a lock washer and flat washer on the bolt before fastening.

19. Torque the bumper mounting nuts/bolts to 75 foot-pounds.

20. Run the extended fog light wiring harness to each fog light and attach the connectors to each light. 

21. If you previously removed the negative battery cable, reattach it at this time. 

22. Test operation of the factory fog lights by turning on the fog light switch located on the light stalk on the steering column. 

23. Attach the included D-rings by unscrewing the clevis pin and fastening to the D-Ring mount on each side of the bumper. 

Installation Instructions Written by ExtremeTerrain Customer Michael Stanley 09/07/2014