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Raxiom Axial Series Multi-Color Underbody Rock Light Kit with Bluetooth Remote (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

Item J139331
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      Video Review & Installation

      Merideth: If you're looking to turn some heads at the Jeep Show by adding a bunch of underbody style to your Wrangler, this Axial Multi-Color Underbody Rock Light Kit with Bluetooth Remote will be the kit to take a look at. Now, this kit will come with four LED rock lights to create an eye-catching look to your Wrangler with the ability to change the color and the modes on the fly.Now, not only will this be a great choice for styling, but will also be a useful tool if you're ever off-roading at night to quite literally light up the trail beneath you to assist in your visibility. Now, these lights will be pretty tough made of OEM-grade materials and they're going to be weather sealed to prevent any dirt or moisture from harming the LEDs inside. These will also be completely customizable via the Bluetooth remote, making it very easy to switch the style, the color, the modes, or even the speed of the modes on the fly, like I mentioned before.You're gonna get strobing and pulsing sequences as well as a couple other modes that you can completely control on this device here, making sure that you can put a personal touch on your Wrangler whenever you want to. Now, this kit will also include flat as well as curved mount so you can install these wherever you'd like, however you'd like to your own personal preference, really being able to customize this kit. Now, with all of that being said, this kit will also be affordable coming in at roughly $125.Now, in comparing it to other choices on the page, again, this will come with four lights in the kit as to where some other choices may come with six or eight, which will up the lighting but also up the price at the same time. Some kits may also have some different features including a compatible app on your phone instead of the remote that you're getting here. They may have different modes that may be a little bit more than what this offers, or they may have a circular build compared to this option, which takes the traditional route of a rock light. However, if you're not necessarily concerned with those extra bells and whistles, you're just looking for a very easy and affordable way to turn some heads, then this kit will be the one to take a look at.Now, when it comes to the install, this is going to be again a universal kit so you can install these wherever or however you'd like. But it is going to be very straightforward, so I'm gonna still give it a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you about two hours to get everything wired up and tucked and installed properly. And one of our guys in this shop is gonna show you a detailed breakdown of what that looks like. So, that wraps it up for me. Let's go ahead and get into the install.Man: The tools you'll need for this installation include a ratchet, electric and/or regular, 3-millimeter hex head socket, a 7-millimeter and 10-millimeter socket, a pop clip removal tool, trim removal tool, diagonal cutters, wire strippers/crimpers, a razor blade, zip ties, a drill with 5/32 and 3/8-inch drill bits, double-sided tape, and wire terminals.How's it going, everybody? Today we have a set of rock lights that we're gonna install on our Wrangler JL. I'm gonna show you how to do it step by step and we're gonna get started at the fender liners to see where we're gonna mount these up. So, we're gonna start here at the rear fender. And now there is several ways you can mount and wire this kid up. I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna do it. This is a pretty good way to do it.We're actually gonna mount directly to the fender liner since it is sturdy enough to hold these small lights in place. So, what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna remove one Christmas tree clip right here and we're gonna pop the fender liner out, we're not gonna take it all the way off. We're just gonna pop it out so that we can take a peek behind and make sure that there's nothing interfering with us drilling through the fender liner so that we can route our wires through here and then run 'em to the front of the car.There's one Christmas tree clip that we have to remove, and that's this guy right here. And we're gonna use our pop clip removal tool to take it out. Right. Now we're gonna go to the top of the fender and use our trim tool to take the fender liner or the fender itself off the body and take a peek behind. So, we're gonna grab here and pull. As you can see, pop clips came out pretty easily.Now if you are worried, I would say be mindful of the white clips that hold this in place. They may break. So, if you do break a couple, you may wanna have a couple of spares on hand so you can replace them. But you can also use your trim removal tool to just pry gently to remove the rest of the clips. So, once we have all the clips out of the b0ody, got a couple more over here actually, there you go.Now, we can move the fender down just far enough so that we can take a look under here. Now, there's nothing under here, no wires or anything that we have to worry about drilling through. So, I'm just gonna mark a spot on top of the fender liner where I'm gonna drill through and then just poke a little hole through here so that I know where I'm gonna drill from the bottom.All right. So, I'm gonna try to keep my rock light pretty much center with the fender, so right in this general location. And I like this concaved section that it's concaved from the bottom. It's just a nice spot where your wire can sit. So, I'm gonna poke a hole right about here using my razor. If you have a pick or something else, that'll also work.All right. Now, I'm gonna go through the bottom and actually drill a bigger hole so that my wires will fit through. Right. Let's put our fender back up temporarily. We don't have to clip it all the way into place, but if you get a couple of the clips in just to hold it while we're drilling, that'll work. All right. So, now let's grab our drill. And I'm using a 3/8-inch drill bit. This will probably be big enough. You can probably go a little bigger if you'd like, but 3/8s should do.All right. So, we're gonna put the drill behind the tire just to give us enough space. We will be drilling at a little bit of an angle, but once we locate our hole, which is right about here, should be good to go. Just be careful you're not drilling into the body. All right. Now, let's grab our first light and start routing the wire.We're gonna start here at our driver's rear fender. And there is several ways that you can mount and wire this kid up. I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna do it. It's a pretty decent way to do it. We're gonna mount directly to the fender liners since these are sturdy enough to hold our light in place. They are just small lights.So, what we're gonna do is there's a couple of Christmas trees we have to remove, and then we're going to pop the fender out just enough so that we can peek behind it and make sure that there's nothing that we're gonna drill into so that we can drill through here for a place to route our wires and also mount the light. So, let's start right here at this Christmas tree with our pop clip removal tool.All right. We're gonna start here towards the back of the fender liner, removing this Christmas tree. All right. And then there's one more towards the front that we have to remove as well. All right. Now, we're gonna grab our plastic trim removal tool so that we can pry the fender off and take a look behind. Right. Before we put our wire through the fender liner, let's grab one of the flat mounts out of our kit. We're gonna put the wire through this hole first, then we'll put the wire through the hole in our fender liner, and then we'll go to the top and pull the rest of the wire through.All right. Once we pull the mount down, just a couple of feet on our wire, we then put our wire through our fender liner, start putting that up through. All right. Now, we'll go to the top and pull the rest through. All right. Let's go ahead and pull our fender back down. All right. There's our cord. Let's pull the rest through. Just making sure my mount is in the right position because what we're gonna do next is go back under and then drill our holes so that we can mount this permanently to the fender liner.So, now what we're gonna do is just make sure that our mount and light are positioned correctly. So, if you notice on the mount, there's little grooves for your wire to run through. So, that'll kind of dictate how your mount is gonna be laid out. Once you have that figured out, go ahead and position your light and mount. And at this point, what we're gonna do, I'm gonna pull the light down and just use the mount holes like so.I'm gonna grab a pen, anything you have, a pen, or just anything pointy to just poke a little hole or make a little indent so that we know where to drill for our mounting hardware. Try to keep this in position as good as possible without moving it so you get both indents. Now, we can pull our mount down and I'm gonna use a 5/32-inch drill bit to drill the holes for the hardware.All right. Now we can grab our hardware, start mounting this up by hand. So, the kit comes with bolts, washers, and nuts. So, I'm just gonna put a bolt through the light and the mount. I'll put this through the fender, the fender liner. And then on the top, I'll put the washer and the nuts. And to tighten these down the rest of the way, I'm using a 6-millimeter socket on the nut and then a 3-millimeter hex tool on the bolt.All right. Now, just make sure that your wire is run along the fender liner till it comes out by your frame. And now we can put our fender back up and start routing our wire the rest of the way towards the front of the car. Also, we're gonna go ahead and put our Christmas tree clips back in.So, we have our wires coming through the bottom of our fender now, and what we're gonna do from here is just route it along the frame here. And we're gonna find a couple of good places to zip-tie it and we're just gonna follow that all the way till we get to the front fender, run it up there, into the engine bay, and from there, I'll show you how to connect everything.All right. So, from the fender liner, I'm gonna go along this frame as I was saying, and I'm actually gonna take my wire behind these body mounts here, and I'm gonna actually join a couple of zip ties together and just kind of loosely zip-tying around the body mounts as well. All right. I'm just gonna keep following the frame and zip-tying around these body mounts, and then, I'll meet you up at the front fender.All right. We reached the front fender now and what we're gonna do is just lift up the fender liner here. So, if you have to take out a couple of push clips or whatnot, go ahead and take care of that just so we have enough room to take this wire and put it up into the engine bay. Then we'll go to the top, open up the hood and pull the rest of the wire through, making sure we got all the slack out, find a good place to zip tie it tight, and then we'll continue from there.So, we're under the hood now in the engine bay. And I found the end of my wire here, so I'm just gonna pull the rest of the slack through and I'm gonna find a good place to route this till we reach over to the battery. So, I'm actually gonna go under the brake booster and around the lines here and go back to the firewall and run it along the top of the firewall.Let's see. So, I'm gonna go over top of the coolant reservoir, this first bracket here, show you in a second. I'm gonna go above this bracket. But I'm actually gonna go under this bracket because it's a good place, a nice place to zip tie to. So, I'm just making sure that this will reach the module and I'm thinking right now that this will be a good spot for the module. So, this is where I'm gonna route all my wires too.All right. Now, we're gonna go back to the front fender and start mounting that light up and routing that wire over here to the same spot. We are now at the front driver's fender and we're going to mount and route this light and wire very similar to the back one. The only difference with this one is to pull this fender off, you know, slightly from the body so that we can take a peak up and find our drilling points is that, for this one, we're gonna remove three 10-millimeter bolts using our 10-millimeter socket. And those three bolts are one, two, and then you can't see this one over here, but it is through this hole directly up will be your third bolt.Once we do that, once we remove the bolts and pull the fender off, I'm gonna mark all the mounting locations and drilling locations and go ahead and drill through for my light. All right. So, now that we have our fender pulled out, we can clearly see, there's not much here in the way. Now, of course, yours might be a little different, so just find a clear spot where you know that you're not gonna interfere with anything, pick your spot to mount the light.I do like this area right around here, like, right around the star or Daimler emblem here. And I'm gonna put it, like, right about here. So, I'm gonna mark, just put a little hole with my razor blade and I'm gonna go ahead and drill through from the top. And then, I'll bring the mount over and I can also drill the mounting point hardware through from the top as well.So, I'm just making a little starting point for my drill bit here. And then, this is where my light wire is gonna go. Just be careful not to go too far down and drill into your tire. All right. Let me bring the mount over, and we'll see where we're gonna drill those holes for the hardware. All right. And then I'm gonna center my mount up with the holes, the center hole on the hole I just drilled and eyeball it, make sure it's kind of square, square to the eye at least.And then I'm gonna put little indentations in the fender liner using my pen through the two mounting holes. I might have to put some pressure on from the bottom just so you can get enough force to make an indent. Okay. Just make sure you're still centered with your hole there and mark the other one and then we'll drill through.All right. We got the bolts in place. So from the top, we're gonna put on the washer and the nuts and tighten it down. Now, that our light is mounted, we can start routing the wire. And I just wanted to point out that this bracket right here is something you want to consider. Now, if you're gonna keep it above the bracket, there is a nice place to zip tie. There's a hole right here in the very back where you can zip-tie the wire to. Otherwise, you kind of wanna avoid it so you're...because it is kind of a pinch point.So, if that's the case and you're kind of worried about it, go under it, and then, we're gonna come up right here right next to the ABS module and route the wire the same path that we routed the last wire. Also, make sure you're not getting twisted up with our fender light harness here. Make sure you're not touching anything that could get hot or that's sharp or could be moving. Always a good practice.All right. So, I am actually gonna go up on top of this bracket. As long as you keep it all the way to the back of the bracket, you'll be good. Nice place to zip-tie right here as well. Right. Once you have all your wire pulled out of the fender area up into your engine bay, at this point, we can go ahead and remount our fender.All right. Now, we're gonna put the three bolts on the bottom. All right. Now that we have all our wire up into the engine bay, go ahead and route this wire along the same path that we routed our rear light wire. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna throw a couple zip ties around both wires to keep them nice and tidy and keep them together. All right. Let's continue on over to the battery.All right. And as you can see, we have plenty of wire here. So, what we're gonna do is once we have the module installed and we have everything connected, we'll just wrap up all the excess of wire and zip tie it and tuck it into place down here. So, that's the install for the driver's side rock lights. For the passenger-side rock lights, you're gonna repeat the same exact steps.All right. Now that we have all of our wires routed towards the battery here, now we can hook up our module here, and this is where our wires are gonna get connected to on this other end. These two wires we're gonna connect to our battery, red to the positive side, black to the negative side. Now, the kit doesn't come with terminal ends. And there's different ways you could hook this up, but you will have to source your own terminals or something to hook up to power and ground.I'm gonna be using these eyelet terminals. And what I'm gonna do is just strip this insulation down a bit so I can get more wire out of here so I'm able to connect to both sides. Now, I'll strip a little bit of insulation off the wires individually and connect the terminals and then connect to the battery. So, to strip the outermost insulation here, I'm gonna use my razor blade and very carefully cut into it.Most importantly, don't cut your fingers or yourself, try to cut away from yourself. And then, secondly, try not to go too deep to where you're cutting into the wires. So, once you have a little bit sliced, you can use the wires to pull the rest of the way through, and it kind of tears the insulation for you.So, we're gonna go be going to these terminal ends here on the battery. So, it's a 10-millimeter nut here, 10-millimeter nut here. That's where I'll be connecting to ultimately. So, just make sure that you have enough wire to reach both of those. Looks good right about there. We're gonna trim the rest of this stuff away. So, this yellow wire is just a shield of sorts, so it's okay to trim that as well as the insulation.All right. Now let's trim the individual wires. Not trim them, but strip the insulation just a bit so we can connect our terminals. I'm using my wire crimper to strip and crimp my wires and terminals. All right. Now that we have our terminals on, we can go ahead and connect to the battery. We're gonna connect positive first and then negative. The reason we do that is if it does for any reason create an arc, it's gonna create less of a arc and less potential damage to anything on the negative side.All right. Now that our battery wires are connected, we can go ahead and connect our lights to the ends of the harness here of our module. And you'll notice that there's little sleeves so these will screw on afterwards to seal everything. But these are also keyed, so make sure your key is lined up with the keyway on the other end of the plug. So, I'll show you for instance.So, there's a little tab in here. Might be hard to see, but it is at the very top of our connector right here as I'm holding it. That tab lines up with the keyway, which is the slot you can see here on this end. So, line those up and then push 'em all the way down to seat them together like so. And then the sleeve goes over top, screws together and seals it for our weather-tight seal.And we're gonna do all four of our lights that way and we're gonna find a nice place to mount our module. Probably some double-sided tape right here would be good. And then, also, if we have any excess wire like we do here, we're just gonna bunch that up, you know, coil it up nicely, zip tie it, and put it into this space right here.That's gonna wrap up this review and install of the Axial Multi-Color Underbody Rock Light Kit with Bluetooth Remote. And this is universal so some adaptation may be required. Thank you for watching, and for all things Wrangler, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Illuminate Your Vehicle’s Underbody
      • Better Visibility of Off-Road Obstacles
      • Four LED Pods with Multi-Color RGB LEDs
      • Weather Sealed Construction
      • Includes Remote Control
      • Universal Design Fits all Makes and Models


      Custom Rock Lighting. Negotiating trails and rocks at night, or in poor weather conditions, can be very challenging. However, by installing an Axial Bluetooth Multi-Color Underbody Rock Light Kit you will be able to light up your wheel wells and undercarriage allowing for better visibility of the situation. This Underbody Rock Light Kit not only aids in off-road excrusions, but it also adds unique custom lighting effects to your vehicles exterior. Lighting options include a full array of colors, as well as strobe, pulsating and a solid modes.

      Quality Construction. Manufactured from OEM grade materials, these Under Body Rock Light Pods are assembled to precise standards for long lasting quality. Featuring 4 light pods with (3) super bright surface mounted, RGB LEDs per pod. Each light pod is weather-sealed to prevent dirt and moisture from harming the state of the art electronics found inside. These Rock Lights can take what ever mother nature throws at them.

      Straight Forward Installation. Each Light Pod is designed to be mounted using either the flat surface or rounded surface pads. Connectors between each unit allows flexibility for a custom install, minor wiring is required for installation. A remote controll is included.

      Application. This Axial Bluetooth Multi-Color Underbody Rock Light Kit features a universal design so it will fit all makes and models of vehicles. Not intended for highway use.

      Raxiom U5456

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (4) LED Rock Lights
      • (1) Power Module
      • (1) Remote
      • (8) Mounting Pads
      • (8) Allen Bolts
      • (8) Flat Washers
      • (8) Nuts

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