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Alpine 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle Mech-Less System (11-18 Jeep Wrangler JK)

Item J126081
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys. So, today I'm here with the Alpine 9-inch In-Dash Restyle mech-less system, fitting all 2007 to 2018 JK Wranglers. So this is gonna be for the JK owner who's looking to step up their game with a multimedia unit that is going to completely change the look, the feel, and the function of the interior of their Wrangler. So this is gonna have a laundry list of different benefits, including being able to hook up to Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto. This will have navigation, this will have audio being compatible with SiriusXM, as well as Uconnect, and the list continues.So what I do really like about this is the fact that this comes with everything that you need to install it, and not only is it everything that you need, it's everything you need and more. So, not only are you getting this huge 9-inch display, you are also getting this trim piece or bezel around this side, which is gonna be perfect for that JK owner who's looking for a really modernized and even aggressive-looking feel without having to sacrifice any of the factory features, including your vents as well as your window-control units.So, as far as price goes, this is gonna be roughly $2,000 making this one of the more pricier options on the page for a multimedia-head unit. Now, in comparison to some other choices, this is going to come with a little bit more. So you are getting the interior aspect of the Alpine head unit, as well as the actual head unit. This is gonna have a couple more features than other options are going to allow. This does come with everything that you need and, not only is this just going to be a very capable head unit, but it is going to be a little bit bigger than some other options that still retain the factory dash. And even some other options are gonna be for a floating head unit as to where this retains all the factory features and is gonna be mounted a little bit differently. So some of it comes down to style, but a lot of it comes down to features. And I think, if you're looking for a lot of features, you're looking for everything that you would want or need in a head unit, that this is going to be a perfect option for you.So install is gonna be a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, there is a little bit of wiring and cutting involved in order to get this thing mounted up. So, speaking of the install, let's jump into that now.The tools that I used for this install were a couple trim removal tools, a 1/4-inch drive ratchet, a 3-inch extension, a 7-millimeter socket, and a Phillips-head screwdriver.So, our first step is to take out this plastic cover that's in our dash. So we can put that to the side. And then, we can take a 7-millimeter socket and a ratchet and remove the bolt that's sitting in the middle of our dash.So our next step is to remove our window-control unit. I'm gonna use a trim removal tool and go around the side and we can just pop that out of place. Once that pops out, we can wiggle it out and disconnect the harness on the back by depressing that clip and pulling forward. We can put this aside. So after that's out, we can take that same 7-millimeter socket and remove the 7-millimeter screw that's holding on our dash. You can put that aside.So our next step is to pull this trim piece underneath the steering wheel off. I'm gonna use that same trim removal tool to pop that out. And that's gonna expose two 7-millimeter screws that we'll need to remove. There's gonna be one on either side of our steering wheel up at the top here. I'm also using a 3-inch extension just to give myself a little bit of room. Then we can do the same thing to the other side of our steering wheel.So what we can do at this point, since all of our screws are removed, is start to pull up on this top dash trim piece and pull it out. So it's held in by a couple of retainer clips. You might have to put down your steering wheel in order to wiggle this out. So, after we put that to the side, what we can do is remove the 4 7-millimeter screws around our head unit. So I'm gonna use that same 7-millimeter socket and we're gonna remove all 4 of those screws. So now that those four screws are removed, what we can do now is wiggle out our head unit and disconnect the harnesses in the back. Then we can take this out and get our dash ready for our new head unit.So our next step is to remove this centerpiece so we can fit our Alpine unit in. So I'm gonna take a body saw and just trim this middle piece out. All right. So then we can head to the table and assemble everything and cut our dash.So after we've cut the dash inside the Jeep, what we have to do is cut this part of the dash. So we are gonna be using this panel over here, however, this part is going to be replaced by our Alpine unit. So we do have to remove our vents first so what I'm gonna do is flip this over and we can twist out our vents and remove those. So there is going to be a little tab that you need to press back. First one came out pretty smooth, however, this one was stuck a little bit. After those are out, we can set those aside because we'll be reusing them. And then, we can cut this part of the dash off.So what we can do now is cut off this part of the dash. Now, this bezel is gonna be replaced so what we're gonna do is cut along this body line with the same body saw that we used inside the Jeep. So I'm gonna grab a pair of safety glasses and we can start cutting.So before we go ahead and put together our new Alpine unit, I did wanna tell you guys a little bit more about the features and the benefits that you're gonna gain out of this unit and whole system collectively in comparison to your factory setup. Now, right off the bat, you can tell that this is a lot larger and has a full touchscreen display. So this is gonna be about 9 inches and it's going to be very user-friendly in comparison to your factory unit which has a bunch of tactile buttons on the front, a very small screen, and a total size of 7 inches. So you are gaining size as well as a full system that is going to be very user-friendly and look a lot more modernized than the factory system.So, the other thing about this is that it has a laundry list of different features within the actual device. So I will explain a lot more detail about all those different features in a little bit. However, this is going to incorporate Bluetooth connectivity, you are gonna be able to control all of your steering wheel buttons within this, you are going to have Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto, and a couple of different other features. You'll be able to hook up a backup camera, you will be able to hook up or read and clear trouble codes via your OBD2 port. So you will be able to see a lot within this device and that's a lot that your factory setup is really unable to give you.So the other thing that I do really like about this is the fact that it is IP53-rated so you can trust that this is dust and waterproof. So if you're out on the trail on a dusty trail and you get a lot of dust inside your Wrangler, this is gonna be okay. Or if you're just hosing down your Jeep after a muddy ride and you accidentally splash this, this is going to be completely okay and still operate perfectly.So the last thing that I really like about this unit is the fact that it comes with a completely new bezel. So, not only is the actual head unit going to modernize the interior of your Wrangler, you do get a very aggressive-looking bezel that retains all of the factory features as well as a bunch of other buttons and features on the side. So you will be able to control your head unit via these buttons and this is still gonna keep the storage compartment on top. This is going to house the factory vents and it's also going to house the factory window-control unit. So you are able to swap everything over very quickly and it's also just gonna be a really big upgrade to your interior giving it a more aggressive and modernized look. So enough about these two on the table, let's get rid of our factory unit and go ahead and put together our new one.So with our display screen facing down on a soft surface, making sure that we're not scratching the display screen, we're gonna grab our brackets and place those on top. Now, you wanna make sure that the two holes down on the wings here are on the outside of the unit and that the tab is on the back of our unit. Then we can take our Phillips-head screws and screw them into place. Now they are gonna be side-specific and have left and right actually imprinted on the bracket. But these are what's going to hold the display screen to the mounting brackets. I'm just using a Phillips-head screwdriver to secure these down.So now we can mount up our side brackets to our source unit. This is actually the bracket that's gonna be holding it into our mounting location on our Wrangler. So we are going to take the same Philips-head screws and tighten those all down. Now, there are gonna be little tabs on the inside, those are gonna sit under the source unit. Gonna flip this the other way. Do the same thing for the other side.So what we can do next is take this foam piece and put it on the front, making sure that this doesn't scratch up the back of our display unit, and we can grab our display unit, place this down on top, line up the holes on the sides, grab the same Phillips-head screws, and we can mount this up. Same thing for the other side. And after that is on, what we can do is then wire up our unit.So before we go ahead and mount up the wiring harness to our main head unit, what we're gonna do is mount it up to our Maestro. So this is going to be your data controller or just your overall controller, this is going to provide all of the information to your head unit via this harness. So what we have to do is connect all of the plugs that we need to into our Maestro. So, on this side, you'll see a couple of connectors. There is going to be a micro USB port and you will have to actually set this up with the online instructions. It's basically going to flash this device in order to get it to work properly. So, after you've done that, what we can do is wire it up. So you're gonna have a couple of connectors on the back, we're going to take our 3-pin black connector first, plug that in. Then we can take our green 10-pin connector, plug that in. Then we can take our 3-pin black connector, this is gonna be our power. And then, our 4-pin black connector. So that will be this one. And we can flip the device over and we have a couple of pins over on the other side as well.So, on this side, we're going to take the 18-pin connector, plug that in. And then, lastly, we can put in this black 10-pin connector, and then we'll be ready to hook this up to our head unit. So we have a couple of things that we have to plug in. So this is going to be our camera, aux and data. Can plug that into the back here up at the top.So, after we have our Maestro plugged in, what we can do is take our antenna connector, plug that into back here. Then we can grab our display in and out, plug that in to the back of our source unit, and then into the back of our display unit.So, we have a couple more wires to hook up. We have our external key right here, this is what is going to be plugged into the bezel and make the buttons operate. Then, we also have a pre-out. Now, this is going to be for someone who is hooking up a sub. So, as you can tell, we do have sub connections and wires from an Alpine sub unit in, so we are going to hook that up to a pre-out.So, then there is the wireless remote. Now, if you are using a DVD player with this unit, it is sold separately, you would be hooking this up from the source unit into your display unit, but we are not using that at the moment. Then, we can hook up our power. This is going to be from the main harness. Once that's plugged in, the last thing that we need to do is hook up SiriusXM. Now, if you have a module, this is the time that you'll be using that and that's gonna be this external cord, so we'll be plugging that into the back of our SiriusXM module. And then, you do have an adapter cord that comes with the kit and that's gonna go on the actual module itself. All right. So, after that is finished, we still have a couple more things to hook up. We have to hook up our USB for our Uconnect and we also have to hook up our GPS and a couple more things. But we need to do that while we're inside the Wrangler, so let's go ahead and do that now.So, what we can do now is mount up our microphone. Now, you are gonna have a little mount that you can stick wherever you'd like, and then you are gonna have the microphone with the wire at the end. So, what I'm gonna do is take some wire and run it behind our dash into the area where we have our head unit. So this should be pretty easy. My mounting location is gonna be right up next to the speaker here. Just gonna run it behind the dash and just let the microphone wire hang. Peel back this sticky tape. Mount the mic up and place it right next to our speaker. Then, we can just hide this extra wiring inside of our dash, and then move on to our GPS module.So we can take our GPS module and mount this up as well. You can really mount this wherever you'd like, I'm just gonna mount it right next to our speaker and kind of have the same wire path that we have going on here. So, just like we did with our speaker or our mic, we're just gonna run it right through. We can actually pull all of our wire through and then tuck a majority of it through the dash. I would recommend to zip tie all of this, make sure it's really clean. Peel back the sticky tape, mount that right on the window there, kind of hide all this extra wiring.So next we can take our OBD2 wiring harness and plug the one connector into our OBD2 port. This is going to read everything from our computer and send it to our head unit. Once that's clicked in, we can take the other side and run that up behind our dash here and over to where our head unit's gonna be mounted. So, after that is through, what we can do is hook up our Alpine unit to all of our harnesses that are in our dash, and then go ahead and mount it up.So we have a couple of things out of the dash after we're done with our pre-out. What we can do is take, first, our display power harness. And this is going to go from the source unit into the display unit. What we can do next is plug in our backup camera, considering that we have one on this Wrangler already. This is not included in the kit, this is just available to plug in. Then, we can plug in our OBD2 port, that is going to be a connector in your Maestro. It's gonna be a 2-pin connector. After that's plugged in, we can plug in our mic and our GPS. So our GPS unit is gonna go in the back of our source unit, and then our mic is going to be attached to our external key that's gonna be plugged into our bezel, so we can just plug that in. And then, the last two things that we have to plug in are the antenna, SiriusXM, as well as our regular factory wiring harness.So the last couple of wires are going to include your USB that you have with your head unit. So this is going to plug into the back of the source unit. And then, we'll be able to run this into the glovebox and this will allow you to hook up anything via USB. So we're just going to put that to the side. Now we can mount up our SiriusXM and our antenna. So this is going to be your antenna adapter. We are going to put that on the end of our antenna here, that is the USB. So once that clicks into place, then we can hook that up to our red and white antenna connector. So if you are going to be using SiriusXM, you will have to outsource for another adapter, so we can use the second adapter and plug that into our SiriusXM connector.So what we can do next is plug in our two main wiring harnesses. You're gonna have a large and a small gray connector. We can plug that into the main harness on a Wrangler. And then, before we go ahead and mount this up, I would highly recommend to clean this up with some zip ties and organize this as best as you can. So I'm gonna do that, and then we can go ahead and mount it up to our mounting location right here.So, after all of our wiring is attached and cleaned up with a couple of zip ties, what we can do is put this up into place, into our factory mounting location. Now, you wanna make sure that your external key wiring harness is on the outside, we're going to be attaching this to the bezel and we're gonna take our factory screws and secure this down. So I'm gonna use my 7-millimeter socket.So, before we pop on our bezel, what we're gonna do is pop on this trim piece that we removed so the bezel kind of covers up this edge here. And this is just going to clip into place. Then we have two screws at the bottom to secure it but we'll get back to that in a second. Then we can grab our bezel and our vents and pop those in. So, on the back of our bezel, we are going to plug in our external key that's gonna operate all of our buttons, plug that in. And what we can do is pop this into place. So then we can pop in our window-control module connecting that harness. Then we can pop that into our bezel. So, next we just have to secure down this part of our dash, and then put on the bottom trim piece. So, after you've done the other side, what we can do is just pop this back into place and we're all set to go.So that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install, make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos like this, always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Oversized 9-inch In-Dash System
      • With Touch Screen And 4-Way Swipe Functionality
      • Includes Multiple Camera Inputs
      • Offers Apple Car Play and Android Auto System Upgrade
      • With Direct Hard Key Access To Smartphone Maps
      • Features Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling
      • With HD Radio and optional SiriusXM Satellite Radio
      • Mechless System (No CD/DVD Slot)
      • Splash-Proof And Rust-Proof Dash Kit
      • With Stunning Rugged Dash Bezel
      • Play and Play Wiring Installation
      • Will Require Cutting and Modification to Install
      • One-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
      • Fits All 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Models


      Innovative Dashboard Upgrade. The Alpine 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle Mechless System is engineered for convenience and to provide a matching fit for your Jeep Wrangler. This in-dash stereo system features a weather-resistant system and remains as one of the largest aftermarket screens for your Jeep. It is designed with a rugged dash bezel that perfectly suits an off-road Wrangler. Though mechless, this in-dash system features enough entertainment options to keep a long journey more convenient and enjoyable.

      Apple Car Play Or Android Auto Integration. This in-dash system upgrade can be used with either Apple Car Play or Android Auto. It is designed for use with iPhone 5 and later. With this, you can access music, maps, make phone calls, and use other apps with the touchscreen functionality. Even though this system does not have an integrated navigation, it allows for navigation guidance provided through the maps feature on your phone.

      Superior Quality. This 9-inch in-dash system is designed and engineered using high-quality materials for long-lasting service. And with a weather-resistant design, it can withstand dirt, dust, and light rain, which makes it the perfect in-dash companion for your off-road adventures. This stereo upgrade features an IP rating of 53 and is protected against limited ingress and fresh water spray from up to 60-degrees vertical.

      Easy Installation. Getting this in-dash upgrade installed to your Jeep Wrangler is simple and straightforward. This is made possible by the inclusion of a fitted dash kit and a fully-loaded wiring harness. This installation will require for some cutting and modification to the factory dashboard bezel for proper installation. This system also comes with a harness for future upgrades as well as all the necessary hardware you will need for fast installation.

      With 1-Year Limited Warranty. This in-dash system is backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty from Alpine Electronics. It includes coverage that starts on the date of purchase and will cover defects in materials and workmanship only.

      Application. This Alpine 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle Mechless System is designed to fit all 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models.

      Fitment: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

      Alpine i209-WRA

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      • (1) Alpine I209-WRA 9-Inch In-Dash System
      • (1) Dash Fitted Kit
      • (1) Main Harness
      • (1) Accessory Controller Harness
      • (1) Multi-Camera Controller Harness

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