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How to Install AFE Momentum GT Pro DRY S Stage-2 Intake System on your Jeep Wrangler

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 8mm, 10mm and 7/16" nut driver
  • 1/4" driver
  • 10mm deep socket
Extreme Terrain
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Instruction Manual

• Please read the entire instruction manual before proceeding.
• Ensure all components listed are present.
• If you are missing any of the components, call customer support at 951-493-7100.
• Ensure you have all necessary tools before proceeding.
• Do not attempt to work on your vehicle when the engine is hot.
• Disconnect the negative battery terminal before proceeding.​

Refer to Figure A for Steps 1-6
Step 1: Disconnect the temp sensor wire. Slide the red tab back then push down on the release lever (Be careful not to break the connector) 1 .
Step 2: Loosen the clamp at the throttle body and air filter housing using an 8mm nut driver or socket. Remove the OE intake tube 2 .
Step 3: Disconnect the Crank Case Vent (CCV) hose at the back of the OE air box 3 .
Step 4: To remove the OE air box, pull the box straight up. Leave OE rubber grommets in place.
Step 5: Remove the M6 bolt that secures the intake housing mounting bracket to the inner fender well (Save the bolt as it will be reused) 4 .
Step 6: Carefully, remove the temp sensor from the OE intake tube by pulling and twisting straight out (Do not bend from side to side while removing the sensor).

Refer to Figure B for Steps 7-9
Step 7: Slip the larger T-bolt clamp (03-50352) onto the aFe housing but do not tighten yet.
Step 8: Insert the Momentum filter into the housing and tighten T-Bolt clamp using your 10mm deep socket 5 .
Step 9: Insert the housing assembly into the vehicle as shown and guide the lower housing pins into the OE rubber grommets.

Refer to Figure C for Steps 10-12
Step 10: Place the medium T-bolt clamp (03-50291) over the filter as shown. Do not tighten at this time 6 .
Step 11: Slip the small T-bolt clamp (03-50320) over the smaller end of the provided reducer hump coupling but do not tighten. Slip both over the throttle body as shown. Tighten small T-bolt clamp at this time 7 .
Step 12: Slide the last small T-bolt clamp over the other end of the coupling as shown. Do not tighten yet 8 .

Refer to Figure D for Steps 13-14
Step 13: Insert the provided rubber grommet into the new aFe intake tube.
Step 14: Holding the rubber grommet from the inside, twist and insert the temp sensor into the grommet. Do not bend from side to side when installing the sensor. Using a little lubricant on the inside of the rubber grommet may be helpful when performing this.

Refer to Figure E for Step 15
Step 15: Insert the aFe tube into the filter as shown. Next rotate the other end of the tube lining it up with the throttle body and insert into the coupling you have previously installed.

Refer to Figure F for Steps 16-20

Step 16: Tighten medium T-Bolt clamp over tube 9 .
Step 17: Tighten small T-bolt clamp at this time 10 .
Step 18: Reinstall CCV hose in location shown 11
Step 19: Reinstall the M6 bolt you removed in step 5 through the mounting tab on the housing at this time 12 .
Step 20: Reconnect the wire harness, the temp sensor and slide the red clip forward 13 .
Step 21: Re-check all your work.