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How to Install AFE Mach Force XP Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust w/ 18 in. Muffler (07-17 Wrangler JK) on your Jeep Wrangler

Installation Time

1 hours

Extreme Terrain
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Caution: Allow time for your vehicle to cool down prior to installation. When working on or under your vehicle proceed with caution. Exhaust systems reach high temperatures and may cause serious burns. Wear protective safety equipment; eye goggles and gloves to ensure a safe installation. aFe recommends professional installation on our products. 

Step 1: (Read Instructions prior to installation). It may be helpful to lubricate all the factory isolation rubber mounts,  before taking off stock exhaust and also before installing aFe exhaust. Always use a Jack or Stand to support  muffler when installing or uninstalling any exhaust system.  

Step 2: Begin by removing your stock exhaust from the rear of your truck working your way forward. Take caution not  to damage the factory isolation mounts as they will be reused  

Step 3: For faster installation spread the pieces of the exhaust alongside of your vehicle, according to the  diagram shown. It is recommended to not fully tighten any of the clamps until the entire system  has been fully installed.  

Step 4: Start by Bolting on the hanger bracket (05-46163) into position on Figure A.  First, place the bolt-on plate (05-46177). On the top side of the cross member then align  the hanger bracket and the (x2) bolts provided, before tightening down.  

NOTE: The Hanger bracket is bolted down on the cross member where the (EVAP) canister is located. Figure A  

Step 5: Place a 2.5" band clamp over the muffler assembly. Slip tube over the rear side of stock Y-Pipe. Using  the factory isolation mount, slip the hangers from hanger bracket and muffler assembly into place.  (4 Door models must install extension pipe first)  

Step 6: Place a 2.5" band clamp over the rear side of muffler assembly. Then slide over-axle pipe into muffler and  slip hangers into rubber isolation mounts.  

Step 7: Straighten all exhaust components and begin to tighten down all clamps beginning at the front and ending at  the rear.  

Step 8: Recheck all work done for tightness. Remove vehicle from jack stands.  

Step 9: Congratulations your exhaust is now complete and ready for daily use! It is recommended to re-tighten all  clamps after 50-100 miles.  

Note: It is normal for the aFe Power Cat-back exhaust to emit smoke for the first few minutes upon initial start-up. 

• aFe recommends that the tailpipe be at least 1/2"-1" away from any body panels to avoid heat related body damage Tighten and secure.