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2013 Toyota Tacoma

Without much significant change in terms of drivetrain and power packages since the second generation Tacoma debuted in 2005, the underpinnings of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma could certainly be considered dated. Renowned for its durability, here are a few suggestions to help 2013 Tacoma enthusiasts get better performance from their truck.

Basic Brake Improvements

Getting better braking performance from a 2013 Toyota Tacoma can be as simple as swapping out the OEM front discs and pads with an aftermarket brake pad and rotor kit. Originally equipped with vented, cast iron rotors measuring 275mm (5-lug Tacos) or 318mm (6-lug Tacos), the aftermarket has developed matching brake rotor and pad setups to replace the OEM gear without any modification. Advancement in metallurgic construction of the rotors allows the latest performance rotors to be more durable, less prone to warping and overall better dissipate the heat that is generated whilst braking. To further help the braking ability of your 2013 Tacoma, the pads that are matched to the rotor will be more aggressive than the factory pads. The exact blend of the pad will be dependent on the manufacturer of the rotor/pad combo kit, but generally speaking most are a blend of synthetic and organic materials (carbon-fiber and ceramic, semi-metallic). The result will be shortened braking distances and better repeated braking action (less fade), particularly noticeable when towing. However, due to their more aggressive bite, Tacoma performance brake pads do not last quite as long as the genuine Toyota version.

Better Look, Better Vision

One area the 2013 Tacoma certainly could use improvement on is night time lighting. The OEM headlight setup uses a dual-filament 9003 halogen bulb. By today's standards, halogen bulbs provide next to nothing visibility. Rather, the automotive industry (Toyota too) has moved on from halogen and is equipping most production vehicles with LED projector headlights. Unfortunately, just replacing the old halogen bulb with an LED variant will not work - an entire assembly replacement is needed. Due to the way LEDs diffuse, the stock headlight housing is unable to properly focus the beam. Updating your 2013 Taco with a modern set of headlight assemblies will not only update the front end appearance, but also vastly improve night time visibility too. Further, many Tacoma headlight assemblies are now incorporating daytime running lights, making your Tacoma more visible to others on the road during the day.

Extra Power, Always on Tap

For those 4.0L V6 2013 Tacoma owners that want to significantly increase the power of their engine, the only way to go is with a supercharger. A centrifugal intercooled supercharger running 7-8 psi of boost should add another 100 horsepower to the V6 stock rating of 236. The centrifugal chargers sold for the Tacoma 4.0L run off the crank pulley via a belt and provide a linear boost (and thereby power) as the revs increase. Owners can expect smooth power delivery across the rev range alongside a medium-pitched whistle as the supercharger impeller spools up. Taco owners that want the guesswork gone can opt for a complete kit, which will have all the necessary components to install the supercharger, intercooler and tune the engine. Hardcore enthusiasts that prefer a custom solution can buy the supercharger and bracket, and then work backwards acquiring the necessary fuel injectors, pump, pipe & plumbing, intercooler and then finally a custom tune to tie it all together.

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2013 Toyota Tacoma

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