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Jeep Covers, Cab Covers & Emergency Tops for Wrangler

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Jeep Covers, Cab Covers & Emergency Tops for Wrangler

Safeguard your Jeep's interior from rain and other elements while it's parked with our Jeep covers. Many Wrangler owners prefer to drive around without a top or with a minimally protective top such as a bikini top, and this leaves the interior open to the elements. This isn't an issue when the weather is nice, but it can be a problem when the weather turns bad. That's why many owners decide to carry a Jeep cover with them as well. These covers are designed to fit snug and provide complete water protection for the inside of your Wrangler. When selected properly and installed right, a good cover can keep your Jeep dry on the inside until you're ready to drive it around again.

Waterproof Covers for Jeeps

There are so many different Jeep covers to choose from that it can be overwhelming trying to find the option that is right for you. We strongly suggest that you only consider covers designed for the model year of Wrangler you have. As long as you choose the cover carefully so that it matches your Jeep, you should enjoy optimal protection when it's installed. Different Wrangler models are shaped differently, and a cover meant for one model year may not fit another properly. It's also important to learn how different covers compare and to find out how to make the most of your covers with this guide.


As long as you choose the cover so that it fits your Jeep properly, you can enjoy some of these benefits from having it:


  • Rapid weather protection for your Jeep
  • Park your Wrangler outdoors without fear
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Use a minimal Jeep top with confidence


Our rain covers are made from tough materials like polypropylene that are waterproof and tough enough to withstand wind, UV rays, and other harsh elements over time. The covers aren't meant for use while driving around, but they can be installed in position in just a few minutes without an issue. If you're going to put a cover on your ride, you'll get used to the strap-down process and eventually find it quick and easy to go through. Consider how the different covers attach to your Wrangler and try to choose a product that's simple to install while being taut and reliable. Also look at different Jeep doors and accessories to customize your ride. Different covers lockdown in different ways, so keep this in mind before deciding on your final purchase.

Rain Covers for Jeeps

Our Jeep covers are essentially rain covers to keep water off your ride's interior. They aren't meant to be stylish, but there are different colors to choose from. If you want your Jeep to look nice while parked, you can select a color and style that accents your Jeep nicely. We have covers that will cover the entire body of your Wrangler for long-term weather protection and others that just cover the top of your ride to keep water out. You can preserve the lifespan of your Wrangler's paint job with some of these covers as well, and that's another reason to consider getting one. If you park your Jeep outdoors all the time, adding a full cover may preserve the look of your Jeep over time and prevent fading and other issues caused by regular UV exposure. Consider the different covers, how much they actually cover on your Jeep, how they are installed, and the price they come with. These covers are made from a variety of different materials, but they are all water repellant and should be able to keep your Jeep's interior dry.


Think about how you'll be using your Jeep and consider whether you want something with maximum protective coverage or a lightweight option you can pop on and off very rapidly. Also, consider how the cover color will heat up in sunlight if you live in a hot climate. As long as you think about these basic considerations, you should be able to find a Jeep cover that protects your interior nicely. You could also add Jeep seat covers or even more protection for your ride to help prolong the lifespan of your Jeep while customizing it further.


Fitment Includes:

  • Rubicon, Sahara, Sport S, Sport, Unlimited, Islander, Rocky Mountain, Renegade Wranglers

*Please see product pages for any exceptions.