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Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Exhaust System with Polished Tips; Side Exit (20-23 3.6L Jeep Gladiator JT)

Item JG1333
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. I'm Eric with ExtremeTerrain. And as you just saw and heard, we are checking out the Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Exhaust System with Polished Tips and a Side Exit for all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. And after taking it for our road tests there, I would rate this exhaust about a four out of five on our loudness meter. Out of all the exhausts we've checked out for the Gladiator, this is one of the noisier ones. But I don't mean to sound negative about that because really when you talk about Flowmaster and exhaust notes, those really go hand-in-hand with high quality. And that really comes from the Super 44 muffler that's included with this kit. Not only are you getting a more aggressive exhaust note, but you're also getting a more rich exhaust note, a better quality exhaust note overall.Now, this kit from Flowmaster is really ideal for the Gladiator owner out there who not only wants that rich exhaust note, but they also want a more dressed-up appearance to go along with it. Now, speaking of dressed-up appearance, what really brings that to the table are these polished stainless steel tips. Now, the overall kit is made from high-quality stainless steel, and out here at the polished tip, they use top-of-the-line 304-grade stainless, and that's gonna give it long life against weathering and corrosion and keep up that appearance which is so important for years to come.So, while this kit might be for someone who is looking for appearance over function, you do get a lot of function with this kit. And as I said before, not only are you getting that rich exhaust note that Flowmaster is known for, but you're getting a much freer flowing exhaust that's gonna help you create a little bit more power and better throttle response from your engine. And that mainly comes from the fact that your factory exhaust has three sound-deadening devices built into the exhaust system, whereas this Flowmaster kit only has one, so it's gonna be less restrictive and it's gonna allow the engine to get its exhaust gasses out a lot more freely.Overall, this kit is currently priced around $700. That's pretty middle of the road considering what you're getting here in terms of the upgrade and appearance and function. There are exhausts out there that are a lot more expensive, but to me, loudness isn't everything. You wanna hear a certain richness and kind of a burble, if I was really gonna describe it, that you wanna hear in the exhaust. It kind of gives it a higher quality to that exhaust note.As far as the installation goes, guys, I'm giving this a very solid two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. And the main reason is that you're gonna have to take a couple of extra steps if you wanna get your factory exhaust out in one piece because it is one piece from all the way up near the transfer case all the way to the back. It's one solid piece. And if you wanna preserve that factory exhaust, you are going to have to get your Jeep lifted significantly. You probably could achieve that with a floor jack and jack stands at home, but you're also going to have to drop your spare tire and remove the heat shield that protects your tire from the exhaust in order to wiggle your factory exhaust out. And we're gonna show you how to do that because this isn't a permanent installation on our Gladiator, so we needed to preserve our exhaust.The other thing that makes this installation a little bit more difficult is the fact that we are going from a single pipe to a split Y-pipe for that dual exhaust feature that this kit has. And so you're gonna have a little bit of additional piping and a bracket we're gonna have to mount on the frame rail, but overall, nothing too challenging. I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it. Budget about two hours of your time to get the job done from start to finish. So, let's go ahead, take a look at the tools, and get started with the installation.All right, guys. Tools we're gonna use for this install, I recommend wearing a pair of gloves and eye protection working with exhausts, sometimes have sharp edges, plus we're gonna be using some penetrating oil we're spraying around, so eye protection is a good thing. Electric impact wrench, an extension, a hand socket wrench, a swivel socket, 10, 13, 15, and 18-millimeter sockets, and some penetrating oil.Okay, guys. First step, obviously, is we're gonna have to remove our factory exhaust. Now, we have our Gladiator up on a lift to give you guys some better angles to show you exactly what we're doing underneath the Jeep. And the way we're gonna do this is gonna preserve our factory exhaust. If you don't care about your factory exhaust, it might be easier just to cut it off, but we are gonna show you how to get this off while preserving the piping. So, let's go ahead and get started.All right, guys. First thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna remove the skid plate here and that's so we can drop the front end of the exhaust down. That'll make it a little bit easier to kind of work its way out. The factory exhaust is basically one piece from the Y-pipe all the way back to the tailpipe. So, what we're first gonna do is we have a 13-mil bolt or a nut right here we're gonna remove, and then we have 4 18-millimeter bolts here, and then 2 up front here that we're gonna remove, and that'll let us get the skid plate down. And like I said, guys, that one we just did was a 13-millimeter and the next 4 are all gonna be 18-millimeter sockets you're gonna need.All right, guys. Now, before I do the front two, make sure you're supporting it with your hand because once you loosen these, the skid plate is gonna wanna drop on you. All right, guys. Now, from this point back is what we're gonna be removing. So, this clamp here, we're gonna loosen. You're gonna need a 13-mil socket for this ball clamp. Now, unlike a regular flat clamp, these ball clamps have a kind of a curved edge that kind of cup around the end of the flange here. So, you have to loosen it quite a bit in order to slide this out eventually. So, we have that pretty good loose, so we're gonna move to the next step.All right, guys. Now we're gonna pull back on this lock tab. This is just kind of to prevent the clamp from sliding at all. So, just get a screwdriver in there. All right, guys. Now we're right near the tailpipe, and this is the rearmost hanger. We're gonna remove this bracket because it is the one bracket that is pointing in an opposite direction from the other hangers further forward on the exhaust. I'm gonna use a 13-mil socket on these 2 bolts as well. Now I got it loosened. I'm just using a deep well socket with my hand to get the bolt out. All right, guys. Now just to get it out of our way, we're gonna pull this hanger off. We're gonna have to pull it out a little bit and rotate it down. There's this little tab right here that hooks into the frame rail, so you need to get it away from there. You should be able to just pull this out like that.All right, guys. Now go ahead and assemble a tool that comes with your Jeep. We're going to lower our spare tire, get that out of the way, and then also remove the spare tire guard to finish getting out our exhaust pipe. Now, this tool basically goes into a plastic sleeve that's behind the bumper here. Once you get that in, you can't twist it by hand, then you know you're on the... It's kind of like a bolt back in there that the end of this tool goes on and we're gonna use this just like a socket wrench. And then the lug wrench here has a square opening in it. Put that in the end here. All right. With a bunch of slack, let out, guys. You don't wanna drop it all the way to the ground. Like, you wanna be able to get a hand underneath your tire. Lift your tire up. And there's a black bracket the tire rests on. Slide it up the cable and get it through the lug hole.All right, guys. Now to remove the heat shield that protects our spare tire, you're gonna have five bolts. They're all 10-millimeter. There's three up here that are gonna be very hard if not impossible for you guys to see on camera here, but we're gonna take those three out first. All right. Then we have the last two right here. Again, 10-millimeter.All right, guys. Now, at this step, we only have two hangers that are holding our exhaust pipe up and they are both pointing towards the front, which means with the help of my friend back here, we're gonna slide the entire pipe backwards out of these two hangers and then drop it down and actually pull it forward to clear the rear axle.All right, guys. Now we have our factory exhaust off the Gladiator. I want to put it here on the floor and do a quick side-by-side comparison. Now, obviously, what stands out, I think, really about this American Thunder kit from Flowmaster is the polished tips. It's really gonna dress up the rear end of your Gladiator if this is the kind of look you're going for. Other than that, really what stands out, too, I think, is the fact that it's a dual exhaust, so it's gonna be a little bit more involved of an installation as opposed to the uninstall and removal of the factory kit here.Now, as far as sound quality goes and a more aggressive exhaust note, now, clearly that's gonna come from the fact that you have this Flowmaster muffler on here, and just one of them, compared to three sound-deadening devices that are attached to the exhaust system on your factory Jeep Gladiator setup. So, that said, let's go ahead. We'll get started. We're gonna work from front to back and we'll get this thing mounted up on our Gladiator.All right, guys. So, like I said before, we're gonna start it towards the front and work our way towards the back. So, go ahead and grab the real long pipe out of your kit. We're gonna reuse the's called a ball clamp, and that's mainly because it's kind of rounded, and it's going to basically snug up the fitting from the front end of this pipe to the factory pipe coming out from the engine. So, let's go ahead and get this on, and we're gonna slide it in the hanger here first, and bring it forward until we have overlap. Basically, the factory pipe will fit into the widened mouth of the front end of our Flowmaster pipe.All right, guys. So, we now have the clamp oriented here. So, the bolt head is kind of facing down, making it easier to get a tool on there. And you'll need a 13-mil socket to tighten this up. All right. We want it snugged up so that the pipe can't slide forward or back, but we don't want it so tight that we can't twist the pipe. We wanna be able to adjust it as we work our way towards the back.All right, guys. Now we're gonna fit up our Flowmaster muffler next and make sure you have it oriented properly. The word "Inlet" is stamped on the side that has the opening here that's kind of centered on the muffler. That means it's going to face your engine. And then this end here that's kind of offset from the center is going to be pointing out towards the back of your Jeep. And you also want this oriented towards the drive shaft. So, you'll see how we set it up here in just a second. Make sure you get your clamp started on there first.All right, guys. Now go ahead and grab the Y-pipe, and we're gonna snug it into the back. Make sure you have a clamp started on the outlet side of your muffler and have your hanger pointed towards the front. Get that lined up, and we're gonna bring the muffler up to meet it.All right, guys. Now we're gonna remove these two bolts right here using a 13-mil socket. And eventually, we are going to mount this bracket here. That's gonna give us a new hanger point sandwiched between this bracket and the frame rail. We're using our factory bolts. But we're gonna get to this bracket in a second. So, for right now, we're just gonna prep this for the rest of the install by removing these bolts. All right. So, this is the section of pipe we're gonna fit up next. Now using this bracket, you're gonna wanna get it started on the hanger. And it's pretty snug. It shouldn't fall off after you get it on there. And now we're gonna fit up towards the rest of the pipe.All right, guys. Now, I already have the clamp started on here. So go ahead and fit this pipe on. As you're sliding it on, keep an eye up here to this bracket. Eventually, we're gonna slide it up against the frame rail. Just make sure we have this on far enough.All right, guys. Now this clamp here that's the new hanger for our exhaust, sandwich that underneath the bracket here that's holding the wiring harness for your Jeep. All right, guys. Now we have the driver's side exit pipe here. Go ahead and get a clamp started up here. All right. We're gonna leave that loose for now. We have to reinstall the factory hanger back here. All right, guys. Now go ahead and grab your factory hanger clamp here that goes on the frame rail. Slide it onto the hanger first. Once you get those started, we can go ahead and tighten those down. These are 13-millimeters.All right, guys. Now we have everything on but the tips. We're gonna go ahead and go back to the front here. We're back up here where the Flowmaster kit meets the factory pipe. And we're gonna start tightening all the brackets down from front to back. And again, this one here is a 13-millimeter. All right. Now the clamp here on our muffler is a 15-millimeter. All right, guys. Now we'll tighten these up. If you remember, these are 13-millimeter.All right. All we have left, guys, is we're gonna mount our exhaust tips on. And you have a bolt up here. You're gonna need a 10-millimeter tool on both sides. All right. Now, go ahead and replace your spare tire heat shield. All right, guys. Now you're probably not gonna be able to see this on camera because of the tight space, but go ahead and grab the other bolt here. Get this lined up, then the two nuts on the studs up here. Now with the pipe in our way, guys, you might need an extension on your 10-millimeter socket to tighten this one up, as well as a swivel socket.All right, guys. Now we're gonna replace our factory skid plate. Once you have them all started, go ahead and tighten them up using an 18-mil socket. And lastly, we have a 13-mil nut right here. All right, guys. Now we have the tire back underneath, our spare tire, that is, and we have the clamp for our hoist all set up, we can go ahead and crank it back up into place.All right, guys. That wraps up this review and install of this Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Exhaust System with Polished Tips and a Side Exit for all 2020 and later Jeep Gladiators. And, of course, for all things Gladiator, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Produces a Bold, Aggressive Exhaust Sound
      • Enhances Exhaust Flow for Improved Performance
      • Super 44 Performance Muffler
      • Includes a Y-Pipe
      • Crafted Using Premium Stainless Steel, 2.50-Inch Mandrel-Bent Tubing
      • Comes With 3.50-Inch, Polished Stainless Steel Tips
      • Dual Side Exit
      • Bolt-On Installation
      • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
      • Made in the USA
      • Fits All 2020-2023 3.6L Jeep Gladiator JT Models


      Powerful Aggressive Growl. Boost your Gladiator’s engine power with an aggressive exhaust sound by replacing your factory exhaust system with the Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Side Exit Exhaust System with Polished Tips. This kit features resonant tuning chambers that innovatively produce moderate interior sound with overall improved quality and control.

      Optimum Performance. The super 44 performance muffler offers superior capabilities in scavenging and refocusing of the exhaust gases. Its Power Chamber and Delta Flow technologies innovatively regulate precise phase shifts to maximize power gains. Moreover, the resulting increase in horsepower and torque provide the Jeep with a significantly improved overall vehicle dynamics, both on and off the road.

      High-Quality Construction. Flowmaster equipped its American Thunder Exhaust System with long-lasting durability. It is constructed from high-strength, stainless steel with mandrel-bent tubing. The fierce exterior is further reinforced with the exhaust tips, suitably made from 304 stainless steel and polished finish. Additionally, this entire exhaust system is engineered to handle harsh driving conditions, including the constant attacks from the corrosive exhaust gases and thermal stress from catalytic activities.

      Bolt-On Installation. This exhaust system installs directly into the factory mounting points of your vehicle. It includes all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation process that requires the use of simple hand tools with moderate mechanical skills.

      Application. The Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Exhaust System with Polished Tips; Side Exit is intended for use on all 2020-2023 3.6L Jeep Gladiator JT models.



      Flowmaster 817913

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Muffler Assembly
      • (1) Inlet Pipe
      • (1) Y-Pipe
      • (1) Driver Side Exit Pipe
      • (1) Passenger Side Exit Pipe
      • (2) Exhaust Tips
      • (2) Three-Inch Band Clamps
      • (2) 2.50-Inch Band Clamps
      • Installation Hardware

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