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Adding Flair to Your Tacoma’s Interior with Aftermarket Trim

Adding Flair to Your Tacoma’s Interior with Aftermarket Trim

When it comes to accessorizing your Toyota Tacoma to make it stand out you likely considered modifications to the exterior first. There are a lot of reasons to consider modifying the exterior for both aesthetic and mechanical appeal. However, most of the time you spend with your truck will be from the inside. Think about it; even if your truck looks different on the outside, the interior looks just the same as most other Tacomas. This is why it’s worth spending the time to add to your Tacoma’s appeal by dressing up the interior.

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Spending all of your time in your Tacoma will make you realize there are little odds and ends you want to spruce up, whether they're knobs and bezels or maybe the instrument cluster altogether. Don't forget seat covers and floor mats to keep your interior clean as well.

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Why Dress up your Tacoma’s Interior?

When you’re jumping in and out of your truck and looking at a stock interior with an upgraded exterior, you can start to feel that things are missing. If you want to complete your personal touch on your Toyota Tacoma you will want to spend some time on the interior.

Flowing Feeling: A properly dressed interior will keep you from being submerged in the boring environment of a stock set up. You can add upgrades to nearly every aspect of the interior to make it feel just rugged on the inside as it is on the outside.

What can be Done in the Name of Style?

With Tacoma interior upgrades there will be some that are done purely in the name of style. These modifications will give you no practical advantages. This does not mean that they aren’t worth investing in. These are the upgrades that are going to really identify your personal style.

Dash Overlay Kits: Dash overlays are used to keep the flow of a particular scheme or layout you are looking to achieve. These pieces fit on the factory gauges and can come in various colors.

These can be used to match the color of aftermarket trim selected or the paint color of the exterior of the truck.

Door Inserts/Arm Rest Covers: Door inserts are used to change the pattern and color scheme of the door panels. Just like dash overlay kits, these can be used to match the color scheme of aftermarket trim pieces or even the exterior color of the vehicle.

Speaker Bezels: The factory speakers blend in with the rest of the interior. Aftermarket bezels are essentially trim rings that surround the speakers and can be used to make them stand out. Colors and patterns of choice are available.

Shift Boots: There is a plethora of aftermarket shift boots available on the aftermarket. These can be selected to give the truck a rugged feel or could be used to match the boot to schemes and patterns used in other parts of the vehicle.

Switches, Handles, Knobs: Everything is black when it comes to switches, handles, and knobs. Aftermarket versions of these parts can be purchased that are varied in materials and colors. Chrome is a popular choice as it gives a cool and clean look and is moderately flashy.

Door Sill Plates: Door sill plates offer a layer of protection to the paint on the door sill but are more of an appearance piece. These come in various patterns, with different colors and logos available.

What can be in the Name of Protection?

Adding levels of protection to the interior of your Tacoma usually delivers some level of aesthetic appeal. These mods are used to keep the factory interior safe from stains and tears and also come in various colors and patterns. This is a great way to spend your money because of the combination of practical appeal and personal touches.

Seat Covers: Protecting factory seats is well worth the investment. Aftermarket seat covers always have a variety of color patterns available. Whether they’re of rugged materials, camouflage color patterns, or solid colors, these are a great way to enhance the personal feel of your Tacoma.

Floor Liners: Floor liners don’t offer much when it comes to custom colors or patterns. However, there is no denying that they give the interior a rugged feeling. They also happen to be the best method available for keeping the carpets safe from the mud on your boots while you’re out wheeling.

Keeping Things Organized in Your Tacoma

Although you may have upgraded your Tacoma’s interior to spice things up and keep things safe, clutter will always destroy this progress. There’s no doubt you will have plenty of work supplies and equipment scattered through the interior of your Tacoma.

The goal is to keep it all organized, which adds to the appeal of your Tacoma’s interior. A few of items make this simple for your Toyota Tacoma.

Rear Seat Organizers: For larger cargo that won’t fit in glove boxes or center consoles you will want to use a rear seat organizer. These units fit underneath the rear seat and offer an additional compartment for you to keep your stuff in.

Glovebox/Center Console Organizers: Smaller stuff can become cluttered in the glove box and center console. The last thing you want to do is pop them open only to see a mess hidden away from an immaculate interior. Organizers and dividers are available for these units which will help you keep even more things inside, stored nice and neatly.

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