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What Front Bumper Accessories are Available for My Wrangler?

What Front Bumper Accessories are Available for My Wrangler?

Not all bumpers are created equally. Whatever you have installed on your Wrangler may not have the look or features you need, but fortunately you can fix that. Whether you have a stock or an aftermarket bumper on the front of your Wrangler, you can give it some extra functionality with some bolt on accessories.

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Bumper accessories like the bull bar toughen up the look of your Wrangler while also protecting the original bumper.

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 Winches - The Number One Recommended Mod

When it comes to improving your Wrangler’s off-road ability, installing a winch is bolt on mod that can make a huge difference. If you do any wheeling in your Jeep you should consider installing a winch, not only can it keep you from getting stuck on a trail but you can also use it to pull out any of your friends. Many bumpers come with a winch mounting surface and if you would like to be able to install one on the stock bumper there are winch plates designed to let you do just that.

Lighting - Piercing Fog and the Deep Dark

Things like fog lights and driving lamps can be a great addition to your Wrangler that provides a practical improvement to your nighttime visibility. Several different bumpers come with fog lights pre-installed. However if your bumper doesn't, you can easily add on conventional halogen fog lights or even a set of LEDs. For driving lamps you can go with halogen, LED, or HID in whatever configuration you want. Many aftermarket bumpers come with light tabs to give you a place to bolt on your new lights, and if you are still rocking the factory bumper you can bolt it on using any brackets that may come with the lights.

Halogen Lights Mounted on a Wrangler Bumper

Tow Hooks - Self-Recovery Made Easier

If you need to pull someone out of the mud or you yourself need some help, a tow hook on the front bumper can be a great thing to have. On the factory bumper for YJs and TJs tow hooks can be installed in minutes by using the top bolts that hold on the bumper, this provides a good place for the hook to tie into the frame without the need to drill extra holes. On some aftermarket bumpers you may not need to install tow hooks if it has D-rings which are a better choice over tow hooks.

D-Rings - Safety First!

Often found on Jeep bumpers designed for winches, D-rings provide a safe and secure way to connect everything from a snatch strap to a winch cable to the front of your Jeep. With tow hooks you run the risk of your cable or strap slipping out, making for a dangerous situation for those nearby.  With a D-ring this is avoided thanks its design which prevents the strap from being removed until the pin is unscrewed.

Wrangler D-Ring Shackles

Modular Upgrades - Bumper End Caps

If want a combination of features or looks then you may enjoy modular upgrades for bumpers. For aftermarket bumpers like the Rugged Ridge XHD, you are able to start with a tough main bumper that can be expanded with several different modular bolt-ons. These bolt-ons include things like stingers, brush guards, hoops, and end caps with built in storage compartments. Modular upgrades are not only an option for aftermarket bumpers, if you are looking to simply add onto your stock bumper you can find things like bull bars, stingers, brush guards and more. The great thing about modular bumpers and accessories is that it allows you to get the look and functions that you want out of it.

Camera Mounts - Recording Your Adventures

For those wanting to share their off-roading adventures a camera can be secured to the bumper in order to provide an up close and personal view of your Wrangler diving head first into the trail. While you can mount a camera just about anywhere, you may have your own reason for wanting one on your bumper.

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