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Jeep Wrangler Steering Stabilizers Explained

XT Staff

XT Staff

 / Jun 17 2019

A steering stabilizer goes well with popular Wrangler modifications like lift kits and large, mud slinging tires. If you're looking to build a capable off-road rig, a steering stabilizer is a good item to add to your list.

2002 TJ with a Dual Steering Stabilizer Setup

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Prevent the dreaded death wobble and replace your stock steering components with premium products from the leading manufacturers in the Jeep Wrangler aftermarket.

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How Does a Steering Stabilizer Work?

Jeep steering stabilizers operate on the same principle as shock absorbers, the main difference being the system it effects. Shock absorbers are designed to help your suspension absorb impacts and improve ride quality. Steering stabilizers are designed to reduce feedback to the steering wheel from bumps and absorb vibrations that may occur on Wranglers that have been outfitted with larger tires. The stock tires that come on your Jeep from the factory are probably either street tires or basic all-terrain tires, aftermarket off-road tires tend to have big knobby tread to provide better traction on rocks, mud, and dirt. Some of these tires have more layers on both the sidewalls and tread to help protect against sharp rocks.

Wrangler Steering Stabilizers Misconceptions

One common misconception that people have about steering stabilizers is that if your Wrangler has a shimmy or experiences death wobble installing a steering stabilizer will fix it. This is completely false, installing a steering stabilizer will only help hide the issue. The only way to actually fix a shimmy or death wobble is to find and replace the suspension component that is causing the issue. Without one of these stabilizers, the vibrations from your steering components and the road would reverberate through the entire system. This vibration can cause various steering components like ball joints, tie rod ends, and your drag link to prematurely wear out.

Upgrading your Wranglers Steering Stabilizer

Wranglers come with a steering stabilizer equipped that is designed to function with the stock steering and suspension angles. If you were to install a lift kit, larger tires or some other form of modification you may reduce the effectiveness of the stabilizer. After a new bumper, winch, lift kit or larger tires are installed it is suggested that your steering stabilizer setup is reevaluated. You should do this because adding new components like bumpers or larger tires will increase vehicle weight which can cause added strain and possibly a change in angle of your suspension. These things will make it difficult for the stock steering stabilizer to do its job. If your steering stabilizer no longer feels like it is effective after several modifications it may be practical to install a more powerful version or a second stabilizer.

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