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2005 TJ - $6,000 Build Sweeps Winner – May 2017

2005 TJ - $6,000 Build Sweeps Winner – May 2017


Ed and James’s Sweepstakes Story

“I’m the lucky guy who won the ExtremeTerrain $6,000 Build Sweepstakes.  I discovered the sweepstakes last winter when my nephew James suggested that he would like some Jeep accessories for his TJ as a Christmas present. He had a modest shopping list. I figured it couldn’t hurt to enter the sweepstakes.

Months later, in early May, I received an email telling me that I had won, and instructing me to return an email with a W-9 tax form, which included my Social Security Number.  Warning bells went off; this feels like a scam.  I decided to contact ExtremeTerrain directly through the phone number on their website, just in case this was a phishing scam.  Lucky me, it was real.

I have owned several Jeeps in the past, however, I do not currently own a Jeep, and so my next concern was if ExtremeTerrain would allow me to use the prize to upgrade my nephew’s Jeep. My nephew James owns the 2005 TJ. My brother and sister have also owned Jeeps.  We love our Jeeps in my family! Six thousand dollars is a lot of 

money, but we discovered just how quickly it could be spent as we built our shopping list. 

We met the team from ExtremeTerrain for the first time at the Jeeps at the Farm off-road event in Yardley, PA.  It was fun being surrounded by so many Jeep fans.  Jake, XT’s Social Media Community Coordinator, gave us a new bit of information about the sweepstakes; we also had an additional allowance of $2,000 that would be used towards labor for the build. The ideas for the project grew as we checked out the other Jeeps throughout the day and knowing that we had more money available to spend on parts.  The day was capped off by another revelation from Jake. ExtremeTerrain offered to do the Jeep build and put it all on a video. Wow!” – Ed

The Build

“My first Jeep was a 2000 TJ that had seen some abuse before me and it was always in need of repairs. Eventually the frame on that jeep had gotten to a point where the repairs were going to cost almost what I paid for it in the first place. Wanting to stay with a wrangler, I found a stock 2005 TJ in great shape and I could work on building it up over time.  It was already set up with 32 inch tires but no lift. This looked good but both on and off road there was a lot of rubbing between the tire and various parts of the jeep.” – James


Since Ed and James were right in our backyard, we decided to bring them in and do the entire install here at our shop! James picked out a great list of parts to add to his TJ including a new lift kit, wheels and tires, flat fenders, armor, and some other essentials. 

Life After The Build

“Fast forward to July, and I am at the Raush Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, PA, waiting with my nephew James to see his upgraded Jeep for the first time.  The YouTube video can describe our reactions to the upgrades better than I can here and it will also show you what winning a sweepstakes can do to improve a Jeep built a dozen years ago.  Now that I’ve spent so much time thinking and talking about Jeeps, I once again have the Jeep bug.  I am trying to get some relief from that bug by entering ExtremeTerrain’s newest sweepstakes for a chance to win two customized 2018 Jeep JL Wranglers.” – Ed

“I’m super happy with the way the Jeep build turned out. As far as my favorite parts of the build, it’s hard to choose. I’d have to say it’s the 

Rough Country 2.5 in. X-Series Suspension Kit and spice colored Bestop Trektop NX. I love the way suspension rides both on and off the trails. I also like the contrast of the spice top and black body and how it makes my jeep stand out. With the Smittybilt Gen2 X2O 10,000 lb. Winch and the ARB High Output Air Compressor I can be more self- reliant on the trails.

I’m really thankful to my uncle for sharing the prize with me and to ExtremeTerrain and the crew for the opportunity to have them do the build and for the entire experience, from picking out the parts, to filming and exploring the trails with them.”  – James

“I want to thank everyone at ExtremeTerrain for all that they have done for my nephews and me.  Everyone from Jake who was my first contact, to Ryan, XT Spokesman, who put two very nervous participants in the video at ease during the filming, to the video crew, to the Wrangler Enthusiasts that I spoke to on the telephone, and especially to the technicians who I never spoke to or met, but did an outstanding job on the 2005 Jeep TJ Build.” - Ed

2005 TJ - $6,000 Build Sweeps Winner – May 2017

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