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Royal Purple 5w20 Motor Oil

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Royal Purple 5w20 Motor Oil

Protect Your Investment. The best option and most effective way to ensure long engine life and performance from your Wrangler is with regular oil changes with Royal Purple's motor oil. Royal Purple is a full synthetic oil that contains a patented additive to reduce engine wear and protect your rings, cylinders, and bearings more than any other. It also sticks to your engine's internals after shutdown to protect your engine upon startup.

Superior Performance. Unlike other oils, Royal Purple continues protecting your engine even at high temperatures, making it a great choice for every Jeep. It lubricates better regardless of temperature, ensuring your Wrangler will run right whether you're stuck in a traffic jam or taking on the rigors of the trail. Many Jeep owners even report better throttle response or even horsepower gains with Royal Purple.

Resists Breakdown. Royal Purple is more resistant to breakdown than other oils, meaning you can go longer on an oil change without worrying about engine damage.

Application. This Royal Purple is a 5w20 weight oil. Check your Wrangler's oil cap or owner's manual for the correct weight for your engine.

  • 2.5L needs 4 quarts for a complete oil change
  • 2.4L needs 5 quarts for a complete oil change
  • 4.0L, 3.6L & 3.8L need 6 quarts for a complete oil change