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Off-Roading Near Yellowstone National Park

Off-Roading Near Yellowstone National Park

Lower Yellowstone Falls closeup. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.

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  1. Off-Roading Near Yellowstone National Park

The use of ATV’s or off-roading vehicles is prohibited inside Yellowstone National Park, but there are plenty of authorized trails in the surrounding towns that allow access to roads surrounding the park. By utilizing these approved trails you will still be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and see parts of the park from the outside that many visitors never see. If you aren’t able to bring along your own ATV or 4×4 there are many companies in the surrounding area that will be happy to rent you some off-roading equipment.

Because of the Federal laws put in place to protect our national parks, many off-road enthusiasts have found fulfilling and adventure filled trails in the states surrounding the park. There are many enjoyable trails and parks in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Before exploring in any of these states it is important that you become familiar with the approved trails and know the boundaries of the area where you will be off-roading.

If you are unfamiliar with the area where you would like to go off-roading many equipment rental locations will have guides that are familiar with the area and know the regulations of that particular state or town. If you would prefer to travel without a guide ask the store for a map of approved off-roading locations that will allow the type of vehicle you will be using. Not all trails allow all types of vehicles, it is important that you become familiar with any limits regarding the area you will be in.

Since you will be exploring in unfamiliar territory you should always inform someone outside of your party where you will be off-roading and when you plan on returning. This will help them if they need to report your last known location if you happen not to return home on the day specified.

The area surrounding Yellowstone National Park is full of beautiful scenery many of which can only be seen from the vantage point of an off-road trail. If possible everyone should view the scenery of the areas surrounding Yellowstone, it will be an experience that will be hard to forget.