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The Stage 2 modifications on The Gator build have been unveiled, and they are absolutely drool-worthy! In this video we dive into the upgrades that have taken this Bronco to “Stage 2”.

$100k Bronco Build: The Gator Stage 2

Extreme Terrain Staff

Extreme Terrain Staff

 / Jun 14 2023
$100k Bronco Build: The Gator Stage 2

2023 Ford Bronco Build | Airaid Snorkel, Exhaust & Mishimoto Performance Mods! - STAGE 2

AWE 0FG Cat-Back Exhaust System: Roaring Performance and Refined Style

First up, let's talk about the AWE 0FG Cat-Back Exhaust System. This bad boy not only gives the Bronco a menacing growl but also adds a touch of style to the beast. Crafted with precision using top-notch materials, including 304-grade stainless steel, this exhaust system delivers a deep, powerful tone without being obnoxiously loud. Plus, thanks to AWE's patented 180 Technology, the interior cabin remains surprisingly quiet, allowing you to enjoy the rumble of those Mickey Thompson tires even more.


Mishimoto Twin Baffled Oil Catch Can: Controlling Blow-By for Maximum Turbocharged Potential

Moving under the hood, we've got some incredible performance and functionality upgrades from our friends at Mishimoto. First in line is their twin Baffled Oil Catch Can setup. Now, if you're serious about turbocharging and maximizing your engine's potential, you know how crucial it is to control blow-by. Mishimoto's dual can setup captures all that nasty gunk, preventing it from wreaking havoc on your engine's internals. Not only does it perform flawlessly, but it also blends seamlessly into the engine bay, giving that stock-like appearance we all love.


Mishimoto Aluminum Expansion Tank: Durability and Elegance Under the Hood

Next up, Mishimoto presents us with their Aluminum Expansion Tank. Say goodbye to that unsightly, prone-to-cracking stock coolant expansion tank. Mishimoto's TIG-welded aluminum tank not only offers improved durability but also adds a touch of elegance under the hood. With its wrinkle black finish and a convenient coolant level window, this expansion tank is both a functional and aesthetic upgrade.


Mishimoto Performance Intercooler: Keeping Cool and Boosting Power

But wait, there's more! Mishimoto's Performance Intercooler steals the show with its outstanding performance gains. Designed specifically for the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, this intercooler boasts a 77% increase in core volume and nearly 200% more fin surface area compared to the stock unit. These upgrades translate into better airflow and lower intake temperatures, preventing dreaded heat soak that can sap your Bronco's power. With Mishimoto's intercooler, you can tackle those hot summer trails with confidence, knowing things will stay cool and perform at their best.


Airaid Snorkel: Bold Looks and Function for the Ultimate Adventure

Last but definitely not least, we have the final touch: an Airaid Snorkel. Inspired by the factory snorkel on the Bronco Everglades trim, this aftermarket option from Airaid is an absolute stunner. Justin and Joe courageously drilled into the Bronco's fender to make way for this impressive addition. The Airaid Snorkel not only adds a bold and aggressive look to the Bronco but also ensures a higher point of entry for air to the engine. It's a functional upgrade that perfectly complements the Gator's adventurous spirit.


And there you have it, folks! Stage 2 of the 2023 Ford Bronco build has elevated this off-road marvel to new heights. With the AWE exhaust system, Mishimoto's performance parts, and the Airaid Snorkel, this Bronco is ready to conquer any terrain while turning heads wherever it roams.

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