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1987 - 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Parts & Accessories

With the introduction of the YJ Wrangler generation in 1987 – a generation destined to last until 1995 – Chrysler introduced the concept that might be called a “Jeep for all seasons,” an off-road SUV that could also be used comfortably on-road. Though it followed the CJ fairly closely, keeping the boxy look, standard soft top, and removable doors that make a Jeep what it is, the YJ worked hard to become a street machine, too. Though the leaf spring suspension of the CJ was carried forward into these model years, the YJ Wrangler sported wider springs that helped make the ride a bit less jarring. All models come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission, though many were also made with the optional 3-speed automatic. Body width increased to 66 inches, a full 6-inch jump over the CJ offering better handling and more elbow room inside. Ground clearance at the differential case dropped to 9 inches from the CJ's 10.5 inches, cutting off-road mobility slightly but gaining a lower center of gravity for better handling and safety. These classic Wranglers are well-suited to restoration and boosts with aftermarket parts. ExtremeTerrain sells many useful, premium quality components from modern manufacturers to restore your YJ Wrangler or give it all new functions.