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10 Essential Jeep Wrangler Survival Modifications

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Table of Contents
  1. Roll Cage
  2. Lift Kit
  3. Gun Rack
  4. Winch
  5. Shovel
  6. Hard Tops
  7. Light Bar
  8. Front Grille Guard
  9. Snorkel
  10. Tires

Do you think your Jeep Wrangler has the right mods to survive some crazy situation such as getting stranded in the deep in the wilderness, the apocalypse or even the end of civilization?  We have all daydreamed at some point about a crazy scenario where we are forced to become a survivalist and rely on our beloved Jeeps to ensure our safety. We decided to compile a list of the top 10 must-have mods for being a survivalist and roughing it on your own with just your jeep.

10 - Roll Cage

When you are forced to hack it on your own in the wild there is a high chance that you will roll over at some point, which is exactly why you need a roll cage. A roll cage will make sure that when you flip your jeep everything stays together and you can continue your journey.

9 - Lift Kit

The high ground is good in pretty much any situation. What high spot is better than in your Jeep? None. When prepping your Jeep be sure you add a lift kit to your list. From 1 inch to several inches, a lift kit will help you during the apocalypse by providing you a high vantage point and plenty of ground clearance.

8 - Gun Rack

Depending upon the survival scenario, weapons and ammo are almost always must. Whether it is for protecting yourself or securing your next meal, a gun can really come in handy. Being that you will also be carrying food, people and other supplies, you had better have a gun rack to keep everything organized. A gun rack will help keep your weapons from getting dirty and give you quick access for when you need it most.

7 - Winch

Being stuck on the trail stinks, but being stuck when it’s the end of days is even worse. Picking up a high-quality electric winch will help you get unstuck quickly. Plus, with its steel cable, it is rugged enough to withstand all sorts of abuse and could have multiple uses.

6 - Shovel

This may seem pretty self-explanatory, but carrying a shovel is a must. From using it as a weapon to digging yourself out, a shovel is a versatile tool. Just make sure you get one with sharp serrated edges to help with cutting through tree roots.

5 - Hard Tops

As great as it is to cruise around with the top off of your Jeep, it is not ideal for a survivalist situation. Having the top open or even just relying on the canvas material is not good enough to keep you safe when the end of society is on the horizon, which is why a Hard Top for your Wrangler is one of the most essential modifications.

4 - Light Bar

In whatever situation you may find your self, fighting for survival, you can safely assume the power will be knocked out. No power equals no lights and creates a really dark landscape. Driving around in the dark is not a good idea with danger lurking in the shadows. Adding a light bar to your doomsday preparation is a must. These lights can make illuminate entire swaths of the landscape and prevent any unnecessary surprises.

3 - Front Grille Guard

There is no saying what type of destruction you may come across, which means you will likely be off-roading over all sorts of obstacles. One way to handle this destruction is to use your Jeep as a plow. However, plowing through this mess will cause damage to the front of your Jeep and, if you sustain enough damage, could damage your engine components leaving you stranded. A great solution to this problem is a front grille guard. These tough guards will double as a plow and protect the engine bay.

2 - Snorkel

When trying to escape from the city you will want to keep all options open like wading through streams. The Jeep Wrangler can go through some streams already, yet for higher rivers, you will flood out your engine. Adding a snorkel protects the engine and allows you to escape without worry.

1 - Tires

Tires are one of the main components of your Jeep as they keep you going through all sorts of terrain. When it comes to surviving, a good set of tires is the best way to ensure that you stay mobile through any condition or climate, ensuring your survival.