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Shopper's Guide to Jeep Wrangler Exterior Trim

Shopper's Guide to Jeep Wrangler Exterior Trim

Jeep was, and still is, the original pioneer of vehicles everywhere, transporting soldiers during World War II and now freeing up the great outdoors to every thrill seeker and adventurer out there. Why not treat yourself and your Jeep with some inexpensive and incredibly stylish exterior trim kits. From sleek and bedazzled chrome fender trims to rugged armored light guards, every detail you add to your Wrangler only serves to make it more pleasing to the eye and adds a greater sense of pride and love you have for your off-roader. That’s why we’re here to help you sort through the multitude of exterior trim kits on the market and show you how to install and maintain your new exterior trim kit.

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Once you've prepared your rig for some off-roading adventures, it's time to further personalize your ride. Items like headlight bezels and chrome add-ons will tie the rest of your build together. Bring out the finer side of your rig with the finer details.

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Why Purchase Jeep Wrangler Exterior Trim?

Sure, exterior trim and body molding may be an ancillary component of your Jeep Wrangler, but they sometimes add the most value. If you’re looking to add a fresh, rugged look to your off-roader and don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars, some stylish and inexpensive trim is the best option for you.

Exterior body molding and trim can also protect your Wrangler’s paint job from kicked up debris on the road. Splash guards protect the rear of your Jeep from mud and rocks.

Bug deflectors prevent stones and small debris from chipping your windshield or hood. Even a center cap guard, license plate delete cover, and headlight trim can protect vulnerable components of your Wrangler from debris and UV rays that cause corrosion.

Even just being able to turn down the windows on a hot, rainy day seems like a plus when you install a pair of window visors on your Jeep. A hood catch kit and reinforced steel hinges relieves the stress of having to replace parts that get stolen from underneath the hood or the trunk of your Jeep.

Here are four reasons why exterior trim is a valuable upgrade:

  • Provides a fresh, stylish, or aggressive look to your Wrangler
  • Adds more value to your Jeep than it actually costs
  • Protects valuable parts from corrosion, dust, and debris
  • No added effort of installation

Jeep Wrangler Body Molding

At ExtremeTerrain, we offer exterior body trim for every exterior component of your car. Our most popular product is our exterior fender trim, which protects your fender from UV rays and debris. Due to their location, fenders are some of the first parts of any vehicle to rust and rot out. Cover any dirt and add proactive protection to your fenders with some chrome or black matte exterior trim.

If you want to transform your off-roader into a tank, then consider an armored exterior trim kit with black diamond patterns that fit on every corner of your Wrangler. A rear tailgate stamp plate is ideal for Jeep Wrangler owners who removed the spare tire from their rear and have to deal with a raised vent.

This is not only potentially vulnerable to damage while off-roading, it just doesn't look good. A rear tailgate stamp plate fits over your existing vent, bolts directly into your tailgate with no drilling, and provides an added layer of protection for your Wrangler. Be sure to remove your stock air flaps before installing.

Thermoplastic rub strips are ideal for any vehicle. They protect your doors and paint job from damage if you hit something while opening your door. All body molding at ExtremeTerrain is also manufactured with UV resistant material so they cover up rust without suffering from it.

Window Trim

One of the most popular exterior trim components on the market is window trim. Window trim is designed to protect your windows from harsh weather conditions, while also accenting the look of the top down Wrangler.

Not only do you get to roll your windows down without being splashed, but they also shield passengers from sunlight at times when the sun is high. Our line of windshield reflectors are made from durable impact resistant or matte acrylic that allow you to enjoy some fresh air in the harshest of conditions.

Light Guards

Light guards protect your front headlights and taillights from dust, debris, and low hanging obstacles that could damage your headlights during off-roading.

You want all the vision you can get from your headlights when you’re driving down a dark and beaten path. Not only are headlight trim kits stylish, but they’re also safe for your Wrangler.

Whether it’s matte black bedazzled headlight trim or euroguard headlight covers, you’ll make a statement to your friends and incoming passengers when you install a headlight trim kit on your Wrangler.

Euroguard and wrap around tail light guards also protect your lights from low-impact collisions and they make your Wrangler look extremely powerful.

Choosing the Right Exterior Trim for your Wrangler

Some enthusiasts choose chrome for its bold adornment while others choose black body molding for its utilitarian and aggressive look. If you’ve recently installed a chrome grille or a chrome tailgate plate, then some exterior trim is just what you need to give your Wrangler the full, stylish look you’re searching for.

When choosing exterior trim for your Wrangler, it's important you pick trim that matches the model and year of your Wrangler. Some will even be sized differently depending on the size of the piece it's being fitted on.

The top priorities to consider when choosing exterior trim include:

  • Trim and Wrangler color
  • Price
  • Function: protection or ornamental?
  • Design: chrome trim, black diamond trim, matte black trim?

Exterior Trim Detailing

To maintain the luster of your trim and prevent it from rusting, you’ll need to regularly clean and detail your trim. It’s suggested you do this about 5-8 times a year, depending on the material.

First, you’ll need to scrub the trim thoroughly with a detail brush and remove any excess dressings around the part. To remove dressings you’ll need wax remover and a microfiber cloth to remove the layer thoroughly. Finally, you’ll need to apply a protectant to the trim to ensure it keeps its appearance and the material stays resilient.

You can also use car wash shampoo to clean trim. Without regular application of the protectant, your trim will deteriorate in appearance fairly quickly. Consider the amount of salt and debris your Wrangler endures on and off roads.

Installing Exterior Trim on Your Wrangler

Before installing exterior trim to your Wrangler, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the area with rubbing alcohol and a solvent. Remove any dirt, wax, bugs, or adhesive substances from the area. Most trims use a double-sided adhesive so you’ll just need to fit it properly and wait for it to dry.

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