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ICI Magnum RT Series Front Bumper (18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL)

Item J123327-JL
ExtremeTerrain no longer carries the ICI Magnum RT Series Front Bumper (18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL). Please check out Jeep Front Bumpers for an updated selection.
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    Review & Installation Video

    Hey guys, so today I'm here with the ICI Magnum RT Series Front Bumper fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So, this is gonna be for the JL owner who's looking for a compact stubby front bumper that's high quality in design and that's going to hold up for a long time and add a lot of form and function to the front of their rig. So, this is gonna come with a number of different benefits. First off, the compact design, which I really like out of this front bumper. This is gonna allow a lot of room on the side for larger wheels and tires and better approach angles off-road, but it's also going to look very sleek and aggressive mounted up to the front of our JL. Now, this is also gonna come with a number of different standard features that you would see out of aftermarket front bumper, including a winch cradle and recovery points, the option to swap over your factory fog lights, and this is also gonna come up with a bull bar up top. What I really like about this is the fact that it's compact like the stubby front bumper and it's very sleek. It also comes out a little bit farther, so this is gonna hit anything before your front bumper will, giving you some extra protection and some heavy-duty feel to the front end of your rig. Now, what I also really like about this in comparison to a lot of other options on our page is the fact that this is gonna come with a skid plate. So, this is not only for the JL owner who's looking for a heavy-duty front bumper, they're looking for a little bit of under protection as well. So, the JL has the frame that hangs a little bit lower and is exposed once you put on an aftermarket front bumper. And that skid plate underneath is gonna cover that up, create a very clean look and also offer you some heavy-duty protection if you're crawling or you're doing anything off-road. So, as far as price goes is gonna be roughly $650 and for all of that, I think that this is a very fair price and an average price when you take a look at all the bumpers across the board. So, if you're shopping around for front bumpers and you're looking at some less expensive options, you'll probably see that it's not gonna come with as many bells and whistles as this one does like the ability to swap over your factory fog lights or the Included skid plate. You'll probably see a little bit more of a basic approach to the design, which is nothing bad. However, this is going to be very unique and add a different and aggressive look to the front end of your Wrangler. I really like that this goes along with the grille body lines, and overall it's a unique design, but it's still gonna look very good mounted up to the front of the JL. Now, on the other hand, more expensive choices are usually just gonna be a little bit bigger. So, they may be for mid-width or full-width front bumper options. And they'll probably come with more bells and whistles, including maybe that skid plate that's included in this package, or they may include light bars and so on. So, overall, I think this is a really good choice for somebody who's looking for something compact, something that's a high-quality design, you can even see it down to the welds, and something that's gonna add a lot of form and function to the front of their rig. So, install is gonna be a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, it may take you about two hours to get this bolted up. There's a little bit more going on to this front bumper than some of the other more average options. However, it's nothing you can't get done in your driveway with some basic hand tools. So speaking of the install, let's jump into that now. The tools that I used for my install were an impact wrench, a trim removal tool, flathead screwdriver, a 3/8-inch drive ratchet, quarter-inch drive ratchet, a 3-inch extension, a 15-millimeter and 13-millimeter open-ended or box wrench, an 18-millimeter, 17-millimeter, 13-millimeter, 8-millimeter and 7-millimeter deep socket. A 7/32-inch Allen socket, a 16-millimeter, 13-millimeter and 9-millimeter shallow socket. So, the first step to taking off our front bumper is to remove the upper splash guard. I'm gonna remove it with a flathead screwdriver and it's only held in by a couple of pushpins.So, I'm going to start with the pop clips on the frame rail. These are the only ones that you really need to remove. However, I find it easier to move around once the whole splash guard is removed. You can also use a trim removal tool to take these clips out. However, I find that a flathead screwdriver is a little bit easier since there are a couple indents on either side of the pop clip. So, this clip was giving me a little bit of trouble, so I'm gonna switch to a trim removal tool, then back to my flathead screwdriver. After all eight clips are out, we can go ahead and remove the actual splash guard. So, now we can remove our lower splash guard, now there are gonna be two 8-millimeter bolts on either side of the back of the splash guard. So, I'm gonna use an 8-millimeter deep socket in order to remove those. So, the front of our splash guard is held in by eight clips, I'm gonna use a trim removal tool in order to get those out. So, there is gonna be a little indent that you can stick your tool in and then just wedge the tool behind it and it'll pop out the clip, then we can just repeat that process all the way down. You also wanna make sure that the splash guard is supported a little bit just to make sure it's not falling on you when you're trying to take out these clips. After that last one is out we can lower down our splash shield and get it out of the way. So, our next step is to remove our skid plate that's behind the splash guard and I'm gonna use a 16-millimeter socket and my impact wrench to take out the two bolts on either side. So, next, we have to remove the two nuts on either side of each frame bone that are holding on to the stud that is holding on our front bumper. Now, I'm gonna be using an 18-millimeter deep socket and my impact wrench to remove these outer two nuts. In the inside of the frame horn, you're going to have two studs as well. So, I'm gonna use an 18-millimeter socket on a hand ratchet just because I can't fit my impact gun in here and we can go ahead and remove those. And we can do the same thing on the other side. So, after we have the bolts removed, we wanna make sure that the main wiring harness connector is disconnected before we go ahead and remove our bumper. So, all you have to do is push down on the clip and it'll release, then we can take off our bumper. It may get stuck, but all you have to do is just try to pull back evenly and then we can remove bumper. So, before we go ahead and install our new ICI Magnum front bumper, I did want to tell you guys a little bit more about it, especially in comparison to the factory setup. Now, right off the bat, you can tell that it is a lot smaller, this is gonna be a stubby front bumper in comparison to the full-width or standard width that your factory one provides. But this is going to allow a lot of room on the side for larger wheels and tires. This is also going to help your approach angles off-road, give you a lot of room to work with. Now even though it is a lot smaller, this is also going to be way more durable than the factory setup. So, your factory front bumper is gonna be a plastic bumper cover and then it's gonna have a steel crash bar behind it. However, this is gonna be made of a heavy-duty cold-rolled carbon steel plating, so this is gonna hold up a lot better on the trail. So, if you do take a hit on any obstacles, this is going to [inaudible 00:09:26] a lot better than that plastic bumper cover would on your factory front bumper. So, this is gonna come with a number of different standard features including the blue bar or the stinger mounted up on top. That's gonna add a little bit of protection to your grille but it's also going to come with a couple of different holes inside the actual bull bar that will allow you some light mounting options. So, that's gonna allow any light bar or any excessive cube lighting to be mounted up, which I think is a great option because the factory front bumper doesn't really give you that choice. Now, moving on to the recovery aspects of this front bumper you get two 1-inch thick welded D-ring mounts on either side. That's gonna be better as a recovery point, it's gonna be stronger and more efficient and safer than the factory tow hooks which are open. So, speaking of recovery, you're also getting a winch cradle on there that is going to hold a standard winch, a 10 by 4 and a half bolt pattern, and you do get the option to swap over your factory fog lights. So, I really like to see that you can swap over the factory fog lights, a lot of different stubby front bumpers will not allow you to swap over the factory fog lights or they won't have lighting integrated in the design because it is a lot smaller in nature. But you are able to swap them over and ICI Magnum does include the brackets for the LED package as well as the halogen package, so you are accommodated for that either way. Overall, I think this is a high-quality front bumper, it's got a lot of detail in the design down to the welds and the fine details. So, enough about these two side by side, let's go mount up our new one. So, because we have to swap over our factory fog lights, we do need to remove them and also remove the main fog light wiring harness, it's integrated into our front bumper. So, how we're gonna do that, we're going to take off the two end caps here to expose our fog lights. We're gonna go ahead and remove the fog lights. And then we're gonna take the plastic piece off the front of our bumper and that's going to expose the wiring harness underneath. We'll remove it with a trim removal tool and then we can fully swap it into our new front bumper. So, first off, we have to take off these end caps, so you're gonna need a flathead screwdriver. So, you're gonna have a series of pop clips around each of these caps. And just like our upper splash shield we're gonna go ahead and remove them with a flathead screwdriver. So, once we expose the fog light we can push down that clip, release the wiring harness. Then we can take a 7-millimeter socket, I have one on my impact wrench, and remove the four bolts that are holding the fog light in. After those are out, we can remove our fog light and put it to the side. And we can do the same thing on the other side. So, what we can do next is separate the front plastic piece from the main piece so we can expose that harness. So, I have a 7-millimeter socket, we have to remove every single 7-millimeter screw that's holding these two pieces together. So, I'm gonna start around the front and the back here. Then we can move to the other side. So, after you remove the 24 screws that are holding this thing together, what we can do is flip it upside down and start to remove this front plastic piece. The most difficult thing about removing this is just clearing the tow hook, so you need to pull up from the back and push down in the front. But once that is separated, we can put this piece aside and you'll see that the wiring harness is actually integrated into the middle of the bumper. So, what we can do now is take our trim removal tool and take out the multiple clips or the series of clips that are holding this wiring harness in. You're also gonna have a couple on the front but we'll flip this over in a minute to get those. All right, so once the back is free, what we can do is flip this on its face. Then, we can just remove the couple on either side, thread that through, and now our wiring harness is free and ready to be installed on our new bumper. So, our next step is to install our fog lights on to our fog light mounts. Now ICI Magnum does provide hardware in the kit in order to do this, however, I found that that hardware did not fit through the holes in our fog light for the factory hardware. So, since we can't use the factory hardware, I did have to outsource some hardware, but all you really need for this is flat washers, maybe a lock washer if you're looking to keep them in there for a very long time, and I also have bolts and nuts. So, what we're gonna do is mount this into our bracket here. And then we're gonna take a bolt and a flat washer, put that through the front and then secure it down on the other side with another flat washer and a nut. I wanna get all of these in to start and then we can go ahead and tighten them down at the end.All right, so once they're all secured what we can do is tighten down that hardware, I'm gonna use based on my hardware a 9-millimeter socket and a flathead screwdriver. They don't have to be super tight, you don't need to tighten them down enough to damage that plastic on the back of your fog light housing. But once the lights are mounted up and tightened down what we can do next is mount them up to our front bumper using our hardware. So, now we can mount up our fog light bracket to the existing bracket that's on our front bumper. Now, I am gonna use the provided bolt, flat washers and lock washer and the nut to go ahead and do that. So, once the fog light's positioned where you need it to be, what you can do is actually move it back a little bit if you want to keep them recessed and protected. And then we can go ahead to tighten that down with a 13-millimeter wrench and socket. All right, once that's in position, what we can do is do the same thing on the other side.So, our next step is to install these stud plates on our bumpers, so this can be attached to our frame horns on our Wrangler. So, all you have to do is just slide this behind this plate here and you can slide these into place. It works a little bit better if you put them in at an angle and then straighten them out. And then we can take these plastic retainers and that's gonna make sure that these studs stay in place. So, you will be able to get little side by side wiggle, but they're not going to fall out when we actually mount this up. Now, we can mount our front bumper up to our Wrangler. So, at this point, I would recommend to grab a friend because this is a pretty heavy stubby front bumper, and you wanna make sure that all the studs are lining up. When you and your friend are mounting it on, you can secure one nut and washer and lock washer down on either side. And then we can go ahead and install the rest of our hardware. What I'm going to do is actually tighten this up so it pulls the front bumper in against the frame horn a little bit, and then we can secure the rest of our hardware down. All right, so once this side is tightened down, what we can do is grab our hardware so it's gonna be the flat washer, lock washer, and the nut and we can secure down the rest of the studs. So, after all of our hardware is secured down to the studs, what we can do is go back and tighten everything up with a 17-millimeter socket. So, our next step is to install our skid plate, however, we have to install our brackets first. You are going to get a welded bolt plate or a welded step plate and we're gonna insert that in the bottom frame horn and make sure that that is threaded through the side. And then we can grab our bracket that's going to attach to the bottom of our skid plate and hold it in place. Then we can attach our provided hardware which is the flat washer, the lock washer and the nut. Now, because there is a little bit of wiggle room in this bracket, I'm not gonna tighten them down all the way, I want to get our skid plate up in the place so we can bolt it into place and then we're gonna go ahead and tighten everything down. So, our next step is actually to mount up out our skid plate. So, what we can do now is mount up our skid plate into place, making sure that the skid plate is inside the bumper. So, there's gonna be a welded nut on the other side of the skid plate, so this will just thread into place. We're gonna be using our button head bolts. So, what I'm gonna do is snug those bolts up and then we can attach the back part to our bracket and then tighten everything up. So, next we're going to install the same style bolt that we installed up at the top, but through our skid plate into our bracket that we attached to our frame horn. So, you're gonna get two flat washers, lock washer, and a nut. And go ahead and thread that on. And I used the 7/32-inch Allen socket up at the front as well. But once that is tightened, what we can do is tighten down the bracket to the frame using a 13-millimeter deep socket. So, then we can do the same thing on the other side.So, after everything is tightened down our last step to this process is just to attach our wiring harness. Now, this is the factory wiring harness, so it's gonna be installed the same exact way. So, what we can do is actually thread this underneath our winch cradle and you can clean up some of the slack with some zip ties. So, then we can connect the other fog light and then the main part of our harness over on the side and then clean up all of our wiring. So, that's gonna wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe and for more videos and products like this, always keep it right here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Specs & Installation


    • Stubby Width Front Bumper
    • Heavy Duty Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Plate Construction
    • Premium Three Stage Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
    • Fully Integrated Winch Cradle
    • 1 Inch Thick High Strength D-Ring Mounts
    • OE Size Fog Light Housings
    • Mounts for Optional Auxiliary LED Light Bars
    • Bolt-on Installation
    • Limited Manufactures Warranty
    • Fits 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Models


    Angular Styling. ICI's Magnum RT Series Front Bumper will add exciting angular styling to your 2018-2020 JL Wrangler. Designed with the off-roader in mind, this Stubby Bumper features an integrated winch cradle that is capable of supporting a 12,500 lb. winch. Additional features include an integrated grille guard bar and two high strength, 1 inch thick D-Ring mounts. Loaded with all these great features, this Magnum RT Series Front Bumper is ideal for adventurous off road use.

    Light The Night. The ICI Magnum RT Series Front Bumper is ideal for night-time trail runners, as it features two OE sized fog light mounting points that allow you to easily swap over your JL Wrangler's OEM factory Halogen or LED fog lights. The bar has mounting points which can accommodate a number of different lighting combinations including a 20-inch dual row light bar.

    Carbon Steel Construction. ICI manufactures their Magnum RT Series Front Bumper to precise tolerances from 1/8 inch thick cold rolled carbon steel plating with 1/4 inch mounting brackets for superior strength and durability. ICI then completes the entire Bumper in a 3 stage finish where it is eco-dipped, primed and finished in a high-grade matte black powder coating for long lasting corrosion resistance.

    Direct Bolt-On Installation. ICI designed their Magnum RT Series Front Bumper to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the original stock bumper reusing the factory hardware and mounting points. There is no cutting or modifications required for a clean straight forward installation. Installation can be completed in about 2 hours with just basic hand tools and the help of a good friend.

    Limited Warranty. To ensure the highest quality of their materials and craftsmanship, ICI backs their Bumpers with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 1 year limited warranty on the finish. Some exclusions may apply, please see manufacturer's warranty for details.

    Application. This ICI Magnum RT Series Front Bumper is specifically designed for use on 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL models.

    Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.


    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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    3.2 out of 5 overall rating from 4 customers

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    • October 22, 2019

      2 2018 Rubicon - Freak31 Installation Time: Full Day

      Fit up issues

      Bumper is of good quality for the price until the install and line up of skid plate, was very disappointing, holes didn’t line up had to ream them also bolts where jamming in welded nuts , not impressed

      Helpful (0)
    • October 03, 2019

      1 2018 Wrangler - ChristianG

      Bad packaging

      The packaging was very insufficient for how heavy this bumper is. All the corners and protruding parts came damaged. Some rust already

      Helpful (0)
    • November 12, 2018

      5 2018 Rubicon - MarkJ

      Love The Look!

      This is an excellent addition for your ICI Magnum sidesteps to thoroughly complete the "Magnum" style!

      Helpful (9)
    • August 07, 2018

      5 2018 Rubicon - JesseS Installation Time: Afternoon

      Great bumper with Great lines!!!

      This bumper was delivered in less than 48 hrs after purchasing, and the install was very easy. Took longer to uninstall the factory plastic bumper, and the wiring harness to connnect the 2 OEM LED fog lights. Bumper is very well built, sturdy, and the lines matching the grill are excellent! No akward space from the front of the grill to where the bumper starts. Also, it fit the smittybilt x20 10K winch with plenty of room!!! This bumper is a little on the pricey side but like so many other things, you get what you pay for!

      Helpful (10)

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